OK Libertarians Continue To Fight For Ballot Access

The Edmond Sun, a local Oklahoma paper, covers the efforts of Libertarians in the state to become recognized as a political party.

Oklahoma Libertarians want their party recognized by the state and represented on the ballot in political primary elections, one local Libertarian leader said.

Oklahoma is the only state recognizing only the Democrat and Republican parties on the ballot without an “unfair” effort required by a third party, said Aletha Lingo, president of the Edmond Libertarian Party. Democrats and Republicans don’t have to collect signatures for ballot representation.

“It’s insane, unfair and to me unconstitutional and ridiculous that we have to go to other Libertarians outside the state to raise money to get on this ballot one time,” Lingo said.

Read the full article, which provides detail on the difficult process to attain recognition, here. The article links to the party’s website, but it is a Facebook group with 16 members and no updates since July 2010.

One thought on “OK Libertarians Continue To Fight For Ballot Access

  1. Kleptocracy and You

    I watched “My Cousin Vinny” over the weekend for the fourth or fifth time. I enjoy it each time and highly recommend it for anyone needing a smile (or a BIG belly laugh!!!). It gives me some hope for a better tomorrow. Alabama executed a young man recently who had tested under 90 IQ. It received NO national media to my knowledge. Think if you were on trail for your life and you were actually innocent of the crime as these two boys in the movie. A scary thought in a state with the death penalty !

    Back to the current thread, OK and ballot access. After the stuttering public defender gets though questioning the eyewitness man who used reading glasses in the movie, he says to his client Rosenstein as he returned to the defense table, “he was a tough one”. Well Oklahoma is a tough one for ballot access. Over 45,000 valid sigs from what I understand. FASCISM in practice in regard to ballot access in the “LAND of the FREE”. Unbelievable! I wish them well in this mammoth undertaking.

    The article has a photo of Harris and states he IS seeking the LP nomination for POTUS. It would be a bummer if Harris should get the nom for P or VP and the LP not even be on the ballot in his home state. Perhaps he will use his platform to help gain the ballot access ! That would be nice!

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

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