Three Philadelphia Greens file ballot access petitions, including one not endorsed by the local party


Candidates seeking the Green imprimatur must attend monthly membership meetings and present their platforms. The members then vote on whether the candidates can carry the banner.

For the November election, the party has given its blessing to Cheri Honkala for sheriff and Richie Antipuna for city commissioner.

The third Green candidate, Brian Rudnick, is running for Council in the Eighth District without an endorsement.

Rudnick, a lawyer, librarian, and activist, is registered to vote as a Green, and he ran with the party’s backing in 2007. He was going to run a write-in campaign in the fall, but he decided a few weeks ago to get on the ballot officially after the Greens showed little enthusiasm for his write-in effort.

“After they sort of dissed my campaign, I put on my website, ‘Rudnick goes rogue,’ ” he said. “That really offended people.”

Carol McLean, the Green Party membership secretary, said Rudnick circumvented the nominating process.

“I think we’re going to have to take a look at this situation and decide what we’re going to do,” she said.

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