Mississippi Libertarians: E-Verify Should Be Abolished

From the Website of the Mississippi LP:

Remember the good ol’ days when businesses could conduct their business the best way they saw fit. Remember back when job openings were the property of the job creators? Yeah, those were the good ol’ days when private property rights were a little more respected by the government and the neighborhood busy-bodies. That was back when employment wasn’t used as a tool to control people under the threat of force and employment contracts were between two voluntary participants.

So-called limited government Republicans and their nanny-state cohorts have ensured that those days are long gone in America and in Mississippi. Now job creators and job seekers have to use e-verify (PDF), a federal database containing the information of people who are eligible to work in the US. Although, I’m not exactly sure how forcing job seekers and job creators to submit and verify their personal and employment record into a federal database falls under the guise of limited government conservatism.

But really, …really, it’s not all that different from the good ol’ days, I suppose, and the Federal database will most likely have all the information on you anyway.

All an employer will have to do is verify the photo of the employee, enter the form I-9 (PDF) data into the e-verify database correctly so that it matches up with the Social Security and/or the Homeland Security databases, and watch out for the tentative non-confirmations (TNC). Employers will learn about TNC’s in the USCIS e-verify seminar they’ll attend so they can determine who is and isn’t “authorized” to work in the US.

Shoot-heck, TNC’s can happen for all kind’s of reasons employers will learn about. The employment seekers could be using a name that doesn’t match up with the Social Security and/or Homeland Security databases, or the government could have made an error somewhere on your record, or the employment seeker might just have a weird name. But if any of this happens, the government wants employers to know that potential employees have rights, under the threat of fines and penalties against the employer of course.

A Simple Tentative Non-Confirmation Scenario:

“Will I be fired?” Not yet employment seeker. Let’s go over the government’s TNC notice they sent us for you. Then you can either contest the TNC or not. If you choose not to contest it then yes, you’ll have to take a hike so I can move on to the next employment seeker. If you choose to contest it, then I’ll print you out a referral letter for you to do something or’nother within 8 days of receiving your TNC notice. Then it depends on whether it was an SSA or a DHS TNC. You’ll have to contact whichever one issued the TNC notice – probably so you can give them all the information they need to update your “information”. If it’s a SSA TNC notice, you’ll have to go to the SSA field office. If it’s a DHS TNC notice, you’ll have to call the toll free phone number.

And I’ll keep checking for any updates on your TNC status in the e-verify database until this issue is resolved cause I can’t legally hire you, fire you, train you, put you on administrative leave, or anything else until the database says so. E-verify will let me know if you’re authorized to work for me or not. Oh don’t worry, I only run a business here so I can wait on filling this job opening and training a new employee until the database either authorizes you or denies you. And really, I have plenty of free time to help you with all of this limited government Republican do-gooder job creation and illegal immigration policing stuff. Hang on while I put my customers on hold while we sort this out… mmmKay job seeker? And whatever happens, just remember that the way I use E-verify opens me up for a lawsuit, by you.

All sarcasm aside, job creators own the job openings they create just as they own the equipment their business relies on. Asking the State and Federal governments to regulate the voluntary relationships of private businesses and private job seekers is a perversion of private property rights and the right earn a living. It’s not a limited government position. E-verify ought to be abolished.

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