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Mountain Party’s Baber takes part in WV Governor’s Debate

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

West Virginia Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Bob Henry Baber participated in a 3-way televised debate on September 7th with his Democratic and Republican opponents. Baber is running in a special election for WV Governor to be held October 4th. WBOY ABC-12 reported on the debate:

Baber, though, said it’s government’s job to protect the entire state, “not just one industry.” … “If we had a real EPA we’d never have started down this road of mountaintop mining,” said Baber, a former Richwood mayor and former chairman of the Mountain Party who now works as the major gifts officer at Glenville State College. “Mountaintop mining is vile. It’s wrong, but we’re tied to it for the time being.”

Baber said the state needs to encourage new, greener technologies. “Those who have gotten the most have given the least, and it’s dragging down the whole state,” Baber added.

Read the entire article with more quotes from Baber and his opponents at ABC WBOY-12.

IPR note: The Mountain Party is the Green Party affiliate in West Virginia.

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  1. Ted Brown Ted Brown September 12, 2011

    As a former West Virginian, I took a bit of interest in this election. First of all, this is the first time in West Virginia history that a governor left office before his term expired. That’s right, no deaths or resignations from the 1860s until Joe Manchin won the Byrd Senate seat. The state doesn’t have a Lt. Governor and doesn’t appear to have a line of fixed succession. In every other state (I believe), there is a list of officials who succeed when the governor leaves. In WV, the State Senate president (a legislator) became acting governor, and then a special election was needed.

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