Cheri Honkala: Occupy Homes! – A Sheriff to Protect People Over Banks

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Last February Cheri Honkala held a press conference announcing that she planned to run for Sheriff of Philadelphia with the Green Party. It was quite unconventional that a formerly homeless single mother who has been arrested over 200 times in the past 25 years for her anti-poverty work would seek the office of Sheriff however this move was almost inevitable.

Housing has been at the center of Cheri’s work since she and her nine year old son Mark had to take over an abandoned HUD property in the middle of winter in order to keep from freezing. Today millions of families are living on that same edge.

Philadelphia has been listed as America’s poorest big city and has one of the highest hunger rates in the country. Most people realize that this system has failed yet they still remain on the fence about doing anything about it. The Cheri Honkala for Sheriff of Philadelphia campaign is forcing people off that fence. The interests of the banks, developers, and speculators are in direct opposition with the needs and values of the vast majority of people. We must now decide which we will support.

We have only two weeks left to make history. Cheri Honkala could really win. Voter dissatisfaction with politics and business as usual is at a high. People are ready for change, which is why they support the Occupy Movements. Cheri Honkala is the only true Occupy Candidate. When she’s elected she will effectively support thousands of struggling families to occupy their own homes and that’s something we should all be excited about!

We really need your help these last two weeks. I know you are all very busy and strapped for cash but we really need you to find a way to help Cheri’s campaign before it’s over.

Let’s be honest. Things are getting worse and our economy is being held up by bigger and bigger credit bubbles that keep exploding in our face. We shouldn’t let pass this incredible opportunity to do something real and tangible about it. Please make a financial contribution and ask people you know to visit Cheri’s websitehung and donate. One person who is living out of their car donated $40 to the campaign because they get it. Give what you can and volunteer what you can. Help us cover the polls on November 8th.

Let’s keep families in their homes this winter.

Thank you for your support. We have already made a difference.

In Love,
Jason Bosch
Chief of Staff office: 215-923-3747
Cheri Honkala for Sheriff
“Keeping Families in Their Homes”


Thursday, Oct. 27th @ 8PM
Free Concert featuring Open Mike Eagle, J Natural, Has-Lo and Curly Castro (718 Market St.)

Sunday, Oct. 30th @ 2PM
Party/Fundraiser Hosted by the Green Party of Philadelphia (718 Market St.)

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd @ 7PM
Voices from Families in Foreclosure (718 Market St)

Tuesday, Nov. 8th
Election Day – A New Sheriff’s in Town!
also Jason’s Birthday;~)

4 thoughts on “Cheri Honkala: Occupy Homes! – A Sheriff to Protect People Over Banks

  1. David Snieckus

    In keeping with the spirit of the changes that are going on in Society today, i.e. Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston …why not Occupy your own Home?


    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, as you may very well know, we have a private, monopolistic, toxic, predatory monetary system that has corrupted many politicians, various appointed Civil Servants, officers in the Military Industrial Complex, executives in Multinational Corporations, including Bankers and their not-to-be-trusted Appraisers, Lawyers, Brokers and Real estate Agents.

    One of the most predatory frauds is illegal foreclosure.

    From my research into foreclosures, I found that the banks have traditionally loaned credit/money they didn’t have and collected 2.5 times the value of the loan over 30 years and were regulated by the Glass-Seagall Act of 1933. That bill was to hold banks accountable and prevent them from gambling with depositor’s money so that the banks could NOT trade their assets on Wall Street.

    That all changed in 1999 with the repeal of the Glass-Seagall Act and the introduction of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. This bill allowed banks to package securities. They could take a mortgage loan’s note (a future intangible payment stream) and change it unlawfully, (failing to comply with the terms contained within the note), into stock to be sold on Wall Street. So instead of waiting the customary 30 years to get 2.5 times the value of the loan, they got 1.05 to 1.5 times their money immediately be selling mortgage backed securities.

    Investors investing in stock bought the lender’s securitized loans and, voila, no more bank-owned loans!

    Since 1999 the banks knew these loans were destined for Wall Street, so they slacked off on their strict lending underwriting. Just about anyone who could sign a note was given a loan.

    Since these loans were irreversibly changed into stock, the homeowner’s original loan no longer exists as an enforceable contract in court! (Notice the decline in foreclosure applications in the news.) According to Vince Khan, the author of Foreclosure Defense Guidebook, “Once a loan is closed, it quickly gets put into a PSA (Pooling and Service Agreement. This is then registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as a REMIC Trust ( Real estate Mortgage Investment Conduit)… Once this REMIC if formed, it gets converted into a security that is traded on Wall Street…Your loan is now owned by thousands of shareholders all over the world.”…He adds, “furthermore, the state of the loan is changed. YOUR LOAN HAS BEEN CONVERTED INTO STOCK…..Once a loan has been securitized, it forever loses its security, i.e, the Deed of trust or the ability for the bank to foreclose on your home.”

    “A loan is what’s called a negotiable instrument. There are laws governing negotiable instruments called the Uniform Commercial Code. Specifically, the right for a bank to enforce and foreclose on a property is subject to the claimant being a real party of interest. For the party to be a creditor of a negotiable instrument there needs to be a proper chain of endorsement from the original lender to the party wishing to enforce the note. If the loan has been sold, then the bank can no longer claim they are a real party of interest.

    A negotiable instrument can only be in one of two states when it undergoes securitization, not both at the same time. It can either be a loan (and treated and governed as such) or a stock (and treated and governed as such.) Once it is traded as a stock, it is forever a stock. It is treated as stock and regulated by the SEC as a stock.”

    In conclusion: No bank can foreclose! Any attempt to foreclose is FRAUDULENT because in court neither the bank nor the investors are the real and beneficial party of interest! To attempt to foreclose without standing is FRAUD on the court! (Note the current drop in foreclosures!)

    Finally, according to various progressive economists, banks cost household nearly $20 trillion in wealth by causing bubbles and bursting them. Now, banking executives, mortgage servicers, appraisers, broker companies, and law firms have perpetuated a fraud (knowingly or unknowingly) and have gained substantially from the foreclosure scam.

    With that in mind, I petition you to send a great message to the bankers who have lied to you, the American people, and committed fraud on your country and its courts; courts that should be courts of law, not courts of men.

    WHAT TO DO? Declare for yourself your home free and clear of any fraud! A free home that you can occupy with NO MORE mortgage payments!

    Remember: You have created the credit the bank lent you, and you created the value in your home by living there and taking care of it—Don’t let the banksters steal YOUR HOME from under you with their unlawful fraudulent practices.

    David Snieckus
    Newton, MA 02466
    Six things I found out:

    1. You may already OWN your own home!
    2. The bank NEVER gave you any “consideration” (actual $ Money) for the loan.
    3. The loan may likely have been changed into stock and sold on Wall Street.
    4. Investors bought these securitized loans as “stock”.
    5. The loan is GONE when it is securitized! Also…..
    6. Electronic Negotiable Instruments are not legal for foreclosures.
    – see 15 U.S.C. chapter 96, Subchapter 1 sections: 7001- 7003

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