Rep. Chris Pearson, Vermont Progressive Party: ‘I’m Pro Occupation’

Posted at Progressive Party Blog:

What the devil is going on on Wall Street these days? And how on earth are Wall Street protests popping up in Burlington, Asheville, Boston, St. Louis; in hundreds of cities in the US? The media certainly couldn’t tell you why it’s happening. They are befuddled by the lack of a clear agenda or concrete demands. There is no single dictator that needs removing so fitting it into a traditional news story is tough.

People who dismiss the occupation for these reasons are missing a simple fact: people are angry. We’re pissed that the future is going on a credit card. We’re tired of endless wars. We’re pissed that wealth is more and more concentrated at the top. People are repeatedly being told a college degree is essential while college tuition is pushed further and further out of reach. Meanwhile our ecological systems are in crisis mode. It’s frustrating.

And, we’re outraged that our political system in Washington seems completely unable to address the problem.

I wonder how long pundits thought the middle-class would put up with the on-going decimation? Did they really think Obama’s election was the resolution of our frustration? As George Carlin said in 2005 of Americas ruling structure, “They own this f**king place. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.” How true.

Which is where the “We are the 99%” slogan popular in the occupation comes from. The richest 1% control so much of our nation’s wealth it is having a devastating impact on the rest of us: 17% unemployment, stagnating wages as the cost of living grows, weaker benefits, on and on it goes.

Still perplexed? Consider this graph:

Income Growth

The reality here has a lot to do with the frustration. And here’s a big part of the reason we got into this mess:

CEO Pay Discrepency

I hope the folks spending their days encamped near Wall Street will keep at it. It’s going to take some time for many Americans to decide if they’re part of the 99% or not. But I think people will come around. Guts and hearts everywhere know something is askew. Let’s hope people will be motivated enough to spring to action, the nation needs us engaged.

Anyone interested in getting involved locally should click here.

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