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Tim Iacono: The Nascent Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Rise of the American Independents

Tim Iacono writes (excerpts):

Should the OWS effort turn into a real movement that maintains political power outside of the current two-party system, then there is real reason to hope for a better future though, like the Tea Party movement was hijacked by the Republican party two years ago, the odds are very high that OWS will eventually succumb to the will of the Democratic Party and, gradually, be diverted from what should be a central focus – that the unholy nexus of Wall Street and Washington must be end.


Those that the GOP has left to challenge President Obama are Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry, which leaves the door wide open for an independent candidate that, given the right circumstances, could become the first President of the United States not affiliated with a major political party since George Washington.

We’re still more than a year away from the 2012 election and there is a real potential for the OWS protest to develop into something that the Tea Party could not and, given the different demographics of the two groups, one can remain hopeful that, not only will a viable OWS-backed independent candidate for president emerge, but that Congressional races will also be affected, as was the case in 2010 when a new wave of elected officials were voted in to shake up the status quo in Washington, D.C.


It’s not clear to me that either existing [major] party understands the magnitude of the challenges that the nation faces, but it would appear that the OWS crowd does and, given that almost 10 percent of the population is now unemployed, there are lots more of them than there would otherwise be to do something about it.


If all goes well, OWS will turn into a much needed political force operating independently of our current, dysfunctional two-party system and, based on recent public opinion polls where the job approval ratings for Congress have reached record lows, it shouldn’t take much for independent-minded Republicans and Democrats to make the switch.

Independents are already the fastest growing political group (or non-group as it were), however, they’ve lacked the organization to do anything with their political power.

Hopefully, that will change with the help of what OWS has started.

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  1. Ron Paul Ron Paul October 10, 2011

    It sure would be nice if ya mentioned me, since I am the sworn enemy of the banking cartel their private federal reserve and all of their corporatist malfeasance.

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