Bob Kiss Won’t Run For Re-Election As Mayor, Might Run for State Senate

Bob Kiss is the outgoing Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and one of the most well-known elected officials and members of the Progressive Party of Vermont. Kiss is reportedly not going to seek another term as Mayor of Burlington according to this article:

Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss will not seek re-election to a third term.The progressive mayor of Vermont’s largest city announced Wednesday morning in a radio appearance on WVMT that the decision was a “personal one.”Kiss is widely linked to ongoing financial problems plaguing the taxpayer-owned Burlington Telecom utility and a structural deficit in the city’s pension funds.But Kiss, 64, said he sees his six years in office as a “success story” – he says he still enjoys the job every day, and pointed to numerous national accolades Burlington continues to receive for its quality of life.”I’ve done the work, but it’s time to go on to do other things,” said Kiss. A former state representative, Kiss left open the possibility of another run for the Legislature.

The big news does not seem to be his refusal to run for his current office–but speculation over what office he might run for next. He reportedly told a local reporter:

“I’d be interested in a Senate race: there’s potential there. It’s premature to make an announcement like that. I enjoyed the deliberations in the House. It’s a pretty satisfying process, deliberating and making recommendations over legislation that addresses real issues that serve the people of Burlington and Vermont. I could see trying to make a run again.”

That doesn’t sound like an elected official who is going to stop running for office by any stretch of the imagination. The Progressive Party of Vermont is arguably one of the strongest state-level third parties in the nation and has repeatedly elected members of the party to state legislatures, though a member of the party has never been elected to the State Senate solely on the Progressive Party line.


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