Jim Burns Added to LP.org Listing of Presidential Candidates

Jim Burns has been added to the list of 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidates at LP.org, the first new name to be added back to the site under the current rules:

Seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party exclusively
Dues-paying member of the National Libertarian Party
Campaign website is current with contact information
Obtained the approval of at least five members of the 18-member Libertarian National Committee.

A previous rule, requiring candidates to file with the FEC, prevented Burns from being listed, since he does not plan to raise or spend enough money to file with the FEC.

The other candidates listed remain Roger Gary, RJ Harris, Gary Johnson, Carl Person, Bill Still and Lee Wrights.

For background see

LP.org Presidential Candidate Listing Requirements Revised Again

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Sloan: Who Are the Five?

For more information about these candidates as well as some of the unlisted ones see my latest update here.

5 thoughts on “Jim Burns Added to LP.org Listing of Presidential Candidates

  1. 24/7 the T-Rex of Talk Radio

    Burns/Holtz 2012 ! Now you’re TALKING !! Sometimes in the coarse of human affairs ye must GET ON the BUS, before the BUS GETS ON ye !!!

    “We now have it within our ability to bring peace, prosperity, and progress to the people of our planet. This is possible because of the power behind one word: Libertarianism.” ~ Jim Burns,

    Libertarianism is Revolution 2. ~ Jim Burns in 2012

    I cannot help but to say that we do not have free and fair elections. Democrat and Republican politicians have made the rules and they have stacked the deck in their favor and against us. This makes me want to pull the one hair from the top of my head! ~ Jim Burns

    We convinced the Attorney General to allow Nevadan’s to register “Libertarian.” Not entirely by chance, I was the very first registered Libertarian in the state of Nevada. ~ Jim Burns in 2012

    I have twice been Chairman on the LPN, twice Clark County (Las Vegas) Chairman, Southern Regional Representative of the LPN Executive Committee, and twice as At-Large Representative of the LPN Executive Committee. I have been a delegate to four national LP conventions, and in 1979, I was a member of the National Platform Committee. I am a life member of the National LP. ~ Jim Burns

    What libertarians want people of good will to know is that, except for scale, there is no moral difference between a local thug and a Washington bureaucrat: No matter who does it, to initiate force, threaten to initiate force, or engage in fraud, is a crime. ~ Jim Burns in 2012

    With libertarianism, we shall take the next step on the road to peace, prosperity, and progress for ourselves and the people of the planet. ~ Jim Burns

    …if people are allowed to live as they choose so long as they do not violate the equal rights of others, the results are free trade which brings peace, free markets which brings prosperity, and freedom of thought and action which brings progress. ~ Jim Burns in 2012

    “If you want to know if a particular rule, regulation, order, control, bill, or law is libertarian ask yourself two questions:

    1. Does a particular rule, regulation, order, control, bill, or law require someone to act in a way they don’t want to?

    2. On the other hand, does it prohibit someone from acting in a way they do want to even though that act doesn’t violate the rights of others?

    If that rule, regulation, order, control, bill, or law does either, thus violating our rights — in line with my libertarian compass, I will “Just say NO!”~ Jim Burns

    “The government of the United States must have a foreign policy that, to paraphrase George Washington, has “peaceful relations with all nations and entangling alliances with none.” ~ Jim Burns in 2012

    “Most non-libertarians do not know that the government of the United States must get out of the internal affairs of other nations. If Americans are concerned about the evil taking place in other nations (and they should be), let them take what action they deem appropriate — as long as it does not violate the rights of others — and let them do this at their own risk and for their own benefit. The Libertarian Party and its candidates are the only ones who would implement this sane foreign policy.” ~ Jim Burns in 2012

  2. News Hound


    Vote: Should the Libertarian Party list presidential candidates at its web site?
    posted by Staff on Feb 07, 2012

    Dear fellow Libertarians,
    Members of the Libertarian National Committee have been debating whether or not to list presidential candidates at our web site, and if we do, whether to qualify those who are posted.
    There are good arguments for all sides.
    Examples of reasons for listing Libertarian presidential candidates:

    To inform members and, in particular, delegates who must choose our nominee.
    To inform the media and the general voting public, some of whom will vote in primaries.
    To offset the lack of institutional and media support for Libertarian Party candidates.

    Examples of reasons not to list presidential candidates:

    To screen out candidates who are not dedicated to advancing our libertarian agenda, or who actually oppose it.
    To exclude individuals who appear to be disingenuously using the LP.
    To disqualify candidates who are running for the nomination of more than one party.
    To avoid publicizing candidates whose presentation is viewed by most Libertarians as embarrassing or inappropriate for a presidential candidate and who could reflect badly on the party.

    Many Libertarian National Committee members have struggled with the right approach to balancing these issues. Despite several attempts to come up with objective criteria, no ideal approach has yet been found. Some argue that the disclaimer now posted at LP.org is sufficient to demonstrate that listed candidates do not necessarily meet with the approval of the party and its members. (Note that candidates can still run for the Presidential nomination whether or not they are listed.)

    An LNC motion to decide whether to entirely remove the list of candidates is currently pending.
    What’s your view? Vote today on how you think this delicate matter should be handled.
    In Liberty,
    Carla Howell
    Executive Director
    Libertarian National Committee
    P.S. If you have not already done so, please join the Libertarian Party. We are the only political party with a mission to give voters a choice for much less Big Government, much lower taxes, and much lower government spending. You can also renew your membership. Or, you can make a contribution separate from membership.


  3. News Hound



    Feb 07, 2012

    Should the Libertarian Party list presidential candidates at its web site?

    Yes. List every Libertarian presidential candidate that we know of without qualification.
    21% (91 votes)

    Limited: List every candidate who is a dues-paying member of the LP and has a functioning web site.
    25% (108 votes)

    Limited: List every candidate who meets the above criteria, plus meets the approval of at least 5 LNC members.
    15% (66 votes)

    Limited: List every candidate who meets the criteria and is not disqualified by at least 12 (2/3rds) of LNC members.
    16% (70 votes)

    Limited: List every candidate who petitions LP members and gets at least 100 to approve their being listed.
    13% (57 votes)

    Use other limits, or do something else: Go to our Facebook page and post your ideas!
    3% (14 votes)

    No. Candidates should generate their own publicity and makes themselves known to LP members.
    6% (27 votes)

    Total votes: 433

  4. Jose C.

    Jim Burns sounds the most Libertarian to me. He also articulates the Libertarian vision or brand better than any of the candidates seeking the nomination. If this was all that was required he would (should) get the nomination . . . by a landslide.

  5. paulie Post author

    Latest email from Burns:

    The National Committee May Change Their Minds Again

    Dear Paul,

    173 words one minute approximate reading time

    In my last e-mail, I told you that the National LP had changed their policy about who to list on the LP Website as people seeking the LP nomination for President. One of the requirements was to file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). They changed their minds (thank God) about filing with the jack booted thugs of the FEC. They added a new hurtle, 5 members of the National Committee needed to approve. I overcame that obstacle and my name and link are now on the LP Website.

    It appears that they are not done changing the rules. At http://www.lp.org on the first page under:
    FEB 7
    Vote: Should the Libertarian Party list presidential candidates at its web site?

    If you click below or there, there is a letter of explanation by Executive Director, Carla Howell, of the National Committee:


    I hope you will take the time to vote to allow all names, of those who seek it, to be placed on the LP website. The disclaimer is clear:



    Jim Burns
    PO Box 1139
    Beatty, NV 89003
    PS: I have not used these links before, if they do not work please let me know. Thanks

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