Jon Huntsman and Evan Bayh Rumored to Run for Americans Elect Nomination

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News is currently reporting on a rumor, which he received from an Americans Elect insider, that Jon Huntsman and Evan Bayh will form a presidential ticket to run with the American Elect ticket. IPR has confirmed this rumor with a source from inside the former Jon Huntsman campaign.

According to a source within Americans Elect, Jon Huntsman will seek the Americans Elect presidential nomination, and Evan Bayh is willing to be his running mate. Huntsman was Governor of Utah 2004-2008. Bayh was Indiana Governor 1988-1996, and U.S. Senator 1998-2010. Huntsman and Bayh have not told Americans Elect leaders that they will seek the nomination.

Americans Elect is expecting to be on all fifty state ballots in November and they hold their nominating primary through an “online caucus” on their website.

10 thoughts on “Jon Huntsman and Evan Bayh Rumored to Run for Americans Elect Nomination

  1. George Phillies

    Huntsman – Bayh

    Never have people invested so much (in AE, a very expensive effort) for so little return.

    If AE runs those two, they will get what they disturb, namely characterless non-recognition.

    One might propose that if AE runs those two they were created to discredit third party centralism.

  2. George Phillies

    Barr only defended Gingrich, a man who at least has a brain.

    Root’s headline is a defense of Limbaugh, a ranting yokel who is his won parody.

    That’s what you get when you nominate a Republican carpetbagger and his chosen #2 man.

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    It might not be exciting–but this ticket would win votes in the center, have money at its disposal, and be on all fifty state ballots.

  4. Bruuno

    Bayh is a colossal embarrassment. If they want someone who doesn’t come across as a self righteous and totally self serving candidate they better look elsewhere.

  5. Bob

    Iā€™d be thrilled if Huntsman gets in. Romney is too mechanical and will be out-debated by Obama. Huntsman has conviction, courage, charisma and a unique combination of governance, private sector experience and foreign policy credentials. Go Jon!

  6. Chris Stegman

    I like Jon Huntsman because he is a moderate but what this country really needs is someone to challenge BOTH MAJOR PARTIES. Rocky Anderson would be my top choice for that reason alone. Since he would have to pick someone from another party, I’d favor Buddy Roehmer because both Anderson and Roehmer understand how corrupted by big money our electoral and governance system is and want to change that. It’s a fundamental change approach on many key issues rathing than a ‘let’s bring both sides together in a kumbaya’ approach which will NEVER WORK. We need someone who will act in the public interest, not the interests of Wall Street and the banksters who have ruined our economy for the vast majority of the people. We are the 99% folks, not the 1% folks.

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