Member of the The Libertarian Party Starts a Petition for Voiding a Decision of the National Committee Regarding Convention Floor Fees

There has been much discussion on this site and elsewhere about the floor fee for the upcoming national convention of the Libertarian Party. There is a low-end offering for $94.00, which includes only the ability to attend business meetings. The next level costs $295, assuming it’s purchased early enough (or it will be $395.00). You can find the information about the packages offered here.

There was a vote as to whether to make the floor fee optional on the afternoon of March 11, 2012, at the quarterly Libertarian National Committee meeting being held in Orlando, Florida. It was voted down. As a result, Mr. Brad Ploeger has started a petition to ask the judicial committee to rule on this fee.

The petition can be found here.

87 thoughts on “Member of the The Libertarian Party Starts a Petition for Voiding a Decision of the National Committee Regarding Convention Floor Fees

  1. Steven Wilson

    What exactly is your objective?

    Are you willing to boycott the convention?

    Are you willing to hold a parallel convention somewhere else and promote it as the “REAL” LP national convention?

    If the LNC ignored the JC and the rules for Oregon and Nevada, the petition is like toilet paper to them.

    In dealing with this LNC, I wish you good luck.

  2. paulie

    We’ll deal with the JC first.

    If the JC rules against the LNC and the LNC ignores the JC, I’m sure there will be additional steps, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    It’s very unfortunate that the LNC voted the wrong way on this. Again, see Shane Cory’s comments referenced above.

  3. George Phillies

    @4 You really don’t get it.

    In the Oregon matter, in the end the LNC did obey the Judicial Committee.

    The reasonable expectation, while they complain a great deal, is that they will do what the Judicial Committee says.

    I suppose it is possible that they would manage to bar the legitimate Oregon Party form the convention floor, disobey JC rulings that might of course even be in their favor, etc., but then there would be consequences. However, the precedent is that after much groaning and moaning they will comply with their own bylaws. That ‘s what’s happened in the past.

  4. Stephen VanDyke

    The LP is out of step with the economic reality of the majority of its membership at this point.

    I’d love to see the statistics on national convention attendance along with attendance costs for … just the past decade.

    And fer chrissake, it’s 2012 and they still don’t have a clue how to sell passes to watch and participate online? We’re supposed to be the party full of technology enthusiasts disrupting the political system, not copying the grand and illustriously decadent mistakes made by parties of yore.

    /tired of watching them lose Gen-YZ mindshare to Anonysuperfluous

  5. nemo

    Reposting in this thread because I lost track of which one was live. Sorry…

    Hey guys. I’ve read all the threads on this subject.
    Clearly there isn’t too much I can personally do at this point.

    Well, there is one thing. I’ve contacted them to cancel my $20 a month sustaining membership.
    I’ll reinstate it in 5 months assuming I feel somewhat optimistic about the party.

    I also intend to sponsor other libertarians who show up at the convention.

    My finances are not huge, but I can probably do a few.

    I will extend my cancellation to 5 months per person I sponsor.

    If anyone would like a guarantee of this offer ahead of time, if that will swing your decision, let me know.

    You might find the whole cancellation thing petty, but I am kind of irritated. Sorry.

  6. Wes Wagner


    I think it is brilliant! Economic boycott is one of the most noble forms of protest.

  7. Sane LP Member

    What is your plan to cover the expenses if the $94 floor fee is removed? I assume it will be removed from everyone’s fees. The lp web site says the $94 is built into every package. What is the plan to cover the costs? Would the LNC have to cut out all the workshops and speakers, as they nearly did in St. Louis? Would they have to charge even more to the higher priced packages to cover those that don’t have to pay the minimum? What would happen? If my numbers are right, the $94 times 700 people would equal a huge loss of revenue. Just asking.

  8. nemo

    “Sane” I don’t feel I have to go over this again, because it has been rehashed repeatedly on the other threads. I urge you to reread them regarding points about the actual economic utility of this.
    But you know, whatever. I’ve paid for a package every year, I’ll do so again. I do enjoy going to workshops and such. But if they can’t afford to do this, then don’t hold the convention in Vegas.
    Find a cheap hotel in some mid-western city with a decent sized convention hall.
    Their inability to plan financially does not justify their actions.
    And, I don’t really feel there’s much point in going over this with you, since you posted in all the other threads, so you must have read all this already.
    I don’t enjoy much this sort of pointless back and forth in internet forums. If they are going to ignore the membership, I’ll take action in my own way.
    You’re entitled to your opinion, and me, mine.
    I came close to giving up on the party after Barr anyway. That was already hard.

  9. nemo

    BTW, I keep buying that package even though most of the time I just end up on the floor voting on stuff hour after hour.

    Some year I should actually try to get to more of those.

  10. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    I can’t understand how someone who can’t afford less than one Benjy can afford to travel to Vegas and pay the hotel bill. I mean geez Cleve and Louise it is built in to many members bi-yearly vacation. You gotta be there to play the game, or CHANGE the rules for the future. If you aren’t there how can you change the rules for ’14 and beyond?

    The convention could cut down on speaker fees by allowing candidates 20 minutes speeches with 10 to 20 minutes of Q & A. That could be as enjoyable as listening to someone drone on and on about something you aren’t concerned about!

    The LP is about to nominate it’s most qualified POTUS candidate in history. Don’t let a few bucks stop you from being apart of it !

    Here’s a GREAT idea ! Quit SMOKING Cigs, you will live longer and will save more than the fee by convention time.

    Gary “IRONMAN” Johnson 2012: The Athlete’s Guide to Good Government –

    Help Gary Spead the Message of Peace! Donate to the Campaign Today! Thanks!

  11. paulie

    T-Rex @15

    Many people will be sharing rides and rooms with multiple people and may be staying in cheap motels, crashing with friends (a few even live there), even sleeping in cars in some cases.

    $94 on top of all the other costs may be make or break for some people.

  12. matt cholko

    For me (and I suspect many others) it isn’t that $94 is make or break, its the principle of having to pay to vote on the business of a group that we have paid (in both time and money, in most cases) to be a part of.

  13. Michael H. Wilson

    matt @ 19. The principle for me is the poor planning I see month after month coming from the LNC that has been going on for a number of years and this convention is a perfect example of that. I cannot and will not place the blame on Ruth. It started some time ago.

  14. Steven Wilson

    When a firm starts losing customers they must raise prices to cover lost income. A fee is to cover the lost membership dues.

    The LP is not above basic macro games of commerce.

    The LP is now crap. If you raise the price for crap, most intelligent people won’t pay for crap.

  15. Michael H. Wilson

    Steve I have to disagree. When a firm starts losing customers they better ask themselves one question. WHY?

    That comes first and then move to fix those areas that are deficient.

  16. Steve M

    nemo I am with you. I used to give the LNC $250 a year. But the internal bickering and the nasty politics and the really bad administration of the party lead me to throwing up my hands and cut them off.

    I have asked…. if you don’t trust this organization to be forth right and transparent in the running of the party would you trust them to run a government of a country with a 14 trillion dollar economy?

  17. Steve M

    Read the Headlines…. Libertarian Party Proves it to be the Free Market Party by Selling itself to the highest bidder.

    Why put that lower limit at $100. If we raise that to say $25,000 then a very small few could completely control a political party with absolutely zero activists. Thus no party at all.


  18. Steve M

    Read the Headlines…. Libertarian Party Proves itself to be the party of no Principles… after selling itself to the highest bidder and demonstrating that running a party based upon freedom through closed door executive sessions it finds itself with no assets.

    Zero Assets, No Principles, And For Sale to the Highest Bidder?

  19. Snarky yet Productive


    I’m going to spend all my waking moments writing letters, passing around petitions, protesting this fee, talking to my fellow LPer’s, joining facebook discussions, and passing resolutions at my state convention until this terrible injustice is stopped.

    I can’t think of a more productive use of my time (except maybe simply going out and earning $94).

  20. Thomas L. Knapp


    “I can’t think of a more productive use of my time (except maybe simply going out and earning $94).”

    If you went out and earned $94, why would you give that $94 to an organization that was so irresponsible with the $25 annual dues you’ve already paid it (plus any other contributions) that it failed to budget for the main activity its bylaws require it to engage in, and which is therefore now trying to jack the price up on you by 400% after the fact?

  21. Robert Capozzi

    Throwing this out there:

    Why not make this floor fee refundable? If the convention generates net income, refund the floor fee.

  22. Robert Capozzi

    …as the short-term palliative. Long term, the bylaws should address this.

  23. paulie

    if you don’t trust this organization to be forth right and transparent in the running of the party would you trust them to run a government of a country with a 14 trillion dollar economy?

    As opposed to whom, as far as running the country goes?

    Democrats and Republicans? Oh wait….

  24. paulie

    I can’t think of a more productive use of my time (except maybe simply going out and earning $94).

    Well, yeah, I have to admit that right now $94 is not a huge amount to me. I have had times, including fairly recently, when it was a bigger deal. The question is how much will it be next time, or the time after that, or ten years from now? I can see proposals in the works to set the minimum party dues at $1,000 a year, allocate convention voting not by one vote per person but by one vote per X dollars, and so on.

    The LNCC already has 1k/year minimum, who’s to say the LNC isn’t next?

  25. paulie

    Why not make this floor fee refundable? If the convention generates net income, refund the floor fee.

    Did you follow my link to Shane Cory’s comments from the old thread?

  26. Steven Wilson

    It doesn’t work that way for any firm I have ever contracted with. The knee jerk response here is the same thing. You pursue profits at all times or you should not be in business. Unless of course you are in expansion mode, and ONLY then do you expect market share loss or instability for the duration of growth pattern.

    The market clearing price marks your goal whether you admit to it or not. That is how the market gets to harmony.

    I think Tom Knapp brings up a valid point. If a firm misuses its earnings for whatever reason, investors ask for a change in the board members. You don’t recess back into macro 101 because others are watching you.

    Game Scenario

    Let say that a customer pays entry into a movie theater for a set movie pre-existing. One price for one movie ticket for a set movie. We call this ticket 1.

    Then the customer enters the specific theater room wherein the movie is being shown. If that particular movie room requires a seat fee (ticket 2), what is the utility of the original purchase of the ticket 1?

    Would you leave?
    Would you offer to stand the entire time of the movie?

    Why not combine the two prices into one and allow payment at the door?

    Payment scheduling is a marketing ploy similar to impulse buying at the checkout.

    The LP can’t run a business so they cook the book. Just imagine the Libertarian Party issued shares like a business firm on the stock market.

    With perfect information currently, would the share price be increasing or decreasing?

  27. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Didn’t the LNC give $50,000 last year to one candidate that had no chance of winning? There is the money they should’ve used on the convention paid out of contributions and dues but what they should have done was obtain corporate sponsors. We are, after all, the LP. Not the Occupy Movement or the Socialist Party.

  28. Robert Capozzi

    32 p, not closely. If I gather, he sez 08 generated net income. Whether it does in 12 remains to be seen. Given where things stand, it appears some mistakes have been made, apparently site selection and imposing a floor fee.

    I throw a palliative out there with no investment in whether it works. That’s for others to decide.

  29. paulie

    Shane’s initial comment in that thread (there were several followups)

    Maybe you’ve already done it but I think you guys should actually be debating whether the floor fee or subsidy is actually necessary.

    To do that — if you can do it — just get your hands on the financial data from the 2008 convention and I’m willing to bet a few donation dollars that it was indeed profitable without the floor fee.

    In 2006, we had about at $20k loss but you have to take into account the little things like the LNC’s vote to hire a $30k+ planner.

    In 2004, the organizer (Nancy) says the convention was in the black although a former LNC treasurer disputes that. I’ll side with Nancy because she’s more attractive than Mark.

    Getting a hold of the 2008 data would probably be the most helpful as it took place under a grandfathered model to comply with the FEC.

    Those debating this issue should probably be familiar with this convention corp model that’s setup and how profits from previous conventions are supposed to be carried over to the next. Due to this situation, which allows sponsors to legally offset costs of events not taking place in the business hall, any convention profits cannot go back to the LNC.

    That begs the question, if the 2008 convention was profitable, will those funds be used to offset costs of the 2010 convention?

    If yes, then we either have a situation where certain folks are using the floor fee issue as a political tool, or there’s something else going on.

    That’s for you guys to find out.

  30. paulie

    Shane @ 167 (excerpt)

    BTW, I’m not opposed to a floor fee but I am opposed to using it as a tool to suppress so-called “radical” turnout if that is indeed what is happening.

    From our past number-crunching, we found that free-riders were not a significant cost factor. If that’s changed due to the increased cost of air and the credential’s committees volunteer time, just let me know.

    Otherwise, why not let the delegates vote on the matter while in convention?

  31. Robert Capozzi

    P, what’s your point? I think a floor fee is not a good idea, and it’s an especially bad idea if it’s (unstated) intent is to exclude turnout.

    I have no problem with the convention being a fundraiser, and in general it sounds like a good idea.

    If it’s impractical to reverse this bad decision, a refund might take some of the sting out of the bad decision…that’s where I’m coming from.

    Then again, I don’t have your negotiating skills! 😉 Extraordinary things can happen, but generally I’m one for taking what I can get when I can get it, not holding out for the bluebird, since most of the time, holding out for the extraordinary doesn’t meet the more immediate needs.

  32. Hugh Mann

    It seems that Shane was saying that “free riders” are an insignificant cost and that the real reason for the floor fees was keeping out the “undersirables.”

    Given that he tended to line up with the Barr side of the LP it is an interesting perspective.

  33. John Jay Myers

    We need to pass a bylaw that forces the LNC to do Roll Call votes, where we know who voted for what on any vote that matters.
    Obviously not votes to adjourn, but wherever major decisions are made we need a record of who votes what way.
    When I went to DC to fill the void left by David Nolan (A man who backed me for the seat), there was no roll call vote to find out who voted which way. This is ridiculous.

    These types of records on votes like this one (I actually don’t know if there is a record of who supported these fees and who didn’t) but given their track record of not having roll call votes, we need to demand them.

  34. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    JJM @ 41: I agree that we need to know who voted for what. Didn’t we elect them to represent us? How do I know who’s doing that properly without knowing how each person votes?

    This seems like a big “Duh!” to me!

  35. Stewart Flood


    I agree.

    The ByLaws require a roll call vote if any member of the committee requests one.

    I asked for a roll call vote on Saturday and my request was refused.

  36. Thomas L. Knapp


    Actually, the bylaws require a vote on all “substantive motions” (what RONR calls “main motions”), and at member request on amendments.

  37. George Phillies


    That refusal could be proposed to invalidate the claim that the motion was passed.

    Thank you for your honesty, and I hope you had a safe trip home.

  38. Daniel Wiener

    A roll-call vote WAS taken on the motion to reverse the $94 floor fee, as well as on an amendment to that motion. The record of how the LNC members voted will be published in the minutes of the Orlando meeting. Stuart may be mis-remembering what happened.

  39. Wes Wagner

    DW @46

    I tend to agree with your memory of the event… I seem to recall that there was a live report at the time of how the voting was going, which would not have been possible without a roll-call.

  40. Steven Wilson

    @44, 41

    I was under the impression that “a call to division” could be used when a small number of board members present would take the individual vote. This would allow each vote to be linked to the voter.

    Also, ” a rise to call a privilege” could force each vote to be acknowledged by name if it made you feel better or personal comfort.

    And to amend a motion cannot be a reversal of a motion, right? If the LNC wants there votes hidden and they set that rule prior to the meeting or set it as a rule for the meeting, once voted on in majority, the motion is carried and settled. It belongs to the meeting members and not the petitioner of the motion.

  41. Stewart Flood



    My comment was in response to Mr Myers’ comment and was not related to the vote over the minimum package requirement.

    I was discussing the vote on Saturday to appoint someone to a not-yet-vacant seat on the LNC. My memory is quite clear. I asked for a roll call vote and was told that we would be voting by secret ballot.

  42. Daniel Wiener

    Stewart, I think everyone assumed you were talking about the vote on the floor fee, as did I.

    Yes, you did request a roll call vote on filling the vacancy. My recollection is that Bill Redpath moved to hold the vote by secret ballot, and Mark Hinkle ruled his motion out of order on the grounds that it was a substantive motion. Alicia Mattson opined that it was unclear whether elections fell in that category as opposed to (for example) motions to affect the budget, and that there were arguments either way. Someone challenged the ruling of the Chair, which was subsequently over-turned on a roll call vote (I voted to sustain the ruling of the Chair). Redpath’s motion then passed, and we held a secret ballot.

  43. Stewart Flood

    Which I believe violated our ByLaws. This was an appointment, not an election.

  44. Erik Viker

    Looking at the dubious wisdom of the $94 convention registration package from a different angle. . .

    The ideal solution for most opponents of the current fee structure is of course to make business meetings free of charge. It’s what we do in the Pennsylvania LP. But alternately, what added value items beyond business meetings would make a $94 package acceptable to you? One breakout session per day? A lunch lecture and two workshops during the convention? Something else? This is not a rhetorical question.

  45. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    EV @ 53: I wrote to Ruth Bennett to get an idea of what the break-out sessions would be; she forwarded the email to someone, but I haven’t heard back. I would love to post an article about it here, before we all register.

  46. Obviousman

    Toss out the LNC. They are completely incompetent.

    If the Bylaws don’t say the LNC can do something, they can’t do it.

    If the Bylaws don’t say a member can’t do something, they can do it.

    It’s really that simple, so simple that the dolts on the LNC don’t Understand The Obvious: Operating Rules of an organization, be they Bylaws, a Constitution, or any other type of Charter, define the organization structure, and limited processes and powers. They key word is “limited,” not “unlimited.”

    Else why have Bylaws at all? Let’s just have the LNC be a bunch of dictatorial dolts just like the major parties.

    Is the LP the Party of Principle, or the Party of Principal? With the Pay-To-Play Floor Fees, it’s the latter.

  47. George Phillies

    @56 It is possible for state people to do assays based on their national records. Several states have I think done so. The current 233 signers are not quite enough yet.

  48. nemo

    So. I was quite serious about covering the fee for those unable to pay for it themselves (assuming the LNC is upheld on this).

    From comments in other threads about carpooling and such, I was under the impression there are people for whom that $94 pretty much breaks the bank for them given the costs of getting there and the hotel.

    Obviously I’d prefer it if you were planning to be there on opening day to vote on this issue immediately.
    We could meet at registration to work things out.

    But oddly, no comments. Either people here are able to afford it, or they are just shy.

  49. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Nemo @ 61: I think people are waiting to see if the Judicial Committee finds the fees against the by-laws. There has been a petition submitted, and hopefully we can get a ballpark date of when we’ll know.

  50. Paulie

    @63 You are correct. People who don’t buy lunches, breakfasts and dinners should not be forced to help buy them for those who do.

  51. Chuck Moulton

    Rich Vanier wrote (@63):


    Maybe I should be angry that some people like to repeat words or phrases over and over again rather than reading what others write or applying basic logic, but really I just feel sad for them. I can’t imagine how difficult or unrewarding life would be if I never used my brain.

    For those who want to catch up, I sent out this summary of my position to the state chairs list after reading a parade of rants about how expensive the venue is and TINSTAAFL and freeloaders.

    Pardon my French below… I’m just really getting tired of this.

    1. The idea that practical finances can trump the bylaws is utter bullshit. This is especially true since the financial mess was conveniently created by the very people who favor the floor fee they seek to fix their mess.

    2. The idea that delegates paying a share of the room costs is the only legitimate way to finance a convention is utter bullshit. There are a litany of other possibilities, which have been explored ad nauseum.

    3. The idea that delegates not paying a share of the room costs is morally wrong is utter bullshit. Weddings guests aren’t expected to pay for weddings. Interns aren’t expected to pay their employers’ rent. Delegates conduct business for the benefit of the entire membership, not for their own benefit.

  52. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    DWP @ 70: Yes, he should!

    I find Mr. Moulton to articulate things here on IPR quite well. He’s also very fair and seems to think things through before spouting off (unlike-uh-hem–me).

    Chuck, are your ears burning yet???

  53. paulie

    I guess I should scroll up but I’ve been working and had about a dozen drinks after so I don’t feel like it.

    Did nemo provide contact info and how many would be delegates would nemo cover the floor fee for?

  54. matt cholko

    Moutlon is the newly elected Chairman of the LPVA, and is busy with school/teaching…..

    I believe those are the reasons he is giving for not running for an LNC position at this time. I think he has told me that he will likely run for an LNC position in the future though.

  55. paulie

    I hope there will be candidates with the same approach Chuck takes, even if he doesn’t have time for it himself.

  56. nemo

    I was hoping someone would provide *me* with contact info.

    And as for how many, well, I’m trying to figure that out.
    I *had* been considering the Gold package before this flap, but if they are going to be this way, I figure
    I should save my money to cut down on disenfranchisement.
    I figure if I get the minimum package so I can still vote, I could cover 5 others.

    Obviously I’d prefer they show up, as noted, that first day so we can vote down this nonsense, but hey, I’ll just
    settle for “willing to be active participant”

  57. nemo

    er… s/before this/if it wasn’t for this/
    Gold was more just to get to hang out with friends.

    BTW, is it just me, or have package rates really spiked?
    I don’t remember them being this high at any of the other conventions, going back to 2000, election year or non.

  58. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    nemo @ 76: Yes, the rates have really spiked. I personally haven’t seen the value between the different levels. I don’t see that a few breakout sessions are worth the $201 difference between the
    TNSTAAFL and bronze levels, and, as of yet, haven’t received a response to the LNC for a breaksown of what they’ll be, which I had hoped to post here.

  59. Jose C

    @61 and everyone:

    What is the strategy? I will be at the convention and I will not pay the floor fee. I just got stiffed for a $120 floor fee for the California convention (three weeks ago). Once a year is enough!

    We should meet before registration starts and plan how we are going to defeat the floor fee. What happens when we defeat the floor fee to those who registered in advance and paid the floor fee? Do they get a refund? We need a bylaws proposal to ensure this does not happen again. We should set up a system so that only delegates at convention can authorize a floor fee.

    Others and I have worked very hard and put in much effort over the years. I have been a candidate for public office, I have had doors slammed in my face as I attempted to get signatures to get someone on the ballot, I have been involved in ant-war rallies, gotten up early in the morning to turn in nomination papers to help someone get on the ballot, I have served as an officer of the state Party, . . . I have done all this and more. Many of us such as Starchild, George Phillies, Gail Lightfoot, Jean Taborsky, and Bonnie Flickenger have put in much effort and given much to the Libertarian Party. Put a dollar value on those activities and it is clear we are not free loaders on welfare looking for a handout.

    What makes me so angry is that we are having to deal with this issue. We have a country to save, we have states to save (California is one of the worst states as it relates to prosperity) , and if you look at the broader Libertarian political movement we have other countries to save (there is a Libertarian Party in Canada and a Libertarian Party in Russia). What do we do? We get angry and do what is necessary to reform and change the Libertarian Party so we can focus on saving our country, states, and the world!

  60. Thomas L. Knapp

    Jill @78,

    Please don’t accept the TANSTAAFL/TINSTAAFL/TNSTAAFL usage.

    Delegates coming to the convention at their own expense to do the work of the party aren’t seeking a “free lunch.”

    The pro-floor-fee faction is seeking a “subsidized lunch.” They want to stay in a luxury hotel and attend entertainment events. but they don’t want to bear the full costs of those things, so they’re trying to shift part of the costs to others.

  61. Michael H. Wilson

    RE Tom @ 81. The real sad thing to me is that the money spent will be going to the hotel and for meals instead of to the party and for campaigns, but I guess Libertarians have a lot of disposable income.

    I assume someone studied that because why else would they be making these kinds of decisions?

  62. Jose C

    I assume someone studied that because why else would they be making these kinds of decisions?

    Who knows why they make these types of decisions. Seven years ago in California the convention floor fee was originally $25. Then it went up to $35. Now it is at $120. And the attendance (The number of delegates) has dropped from about 110+ to about 75.

    And yet, to the party leaders things are great.

  63. Robert Capozzi

    82 mhw, while I think the floor fee is a mistake, it’s not clear that nice hotel rates are substitutes for higher contributions. Luxury goods generally generate higher margins as a percentage and certainly in absolute dollars.

  64. CA US Senate candidate

    I could use financial help to go to the LP Convention and I am not too shy to ask.
    if anyone here cares to help me financially, I have Pay Pal on my web site –

    This year I had to pay a $3,445.24 Filing Fee just to get one statewide candidate on the Primary Ballot in case we overturn our new Top Two Open Primary and my name moves to the Nov Ballot. Other activists in CA provided $2,326. I thought that support merited dipping into my own meager funds to place a Libertarian on the ballot this year.

    Now, I am thinking I cannot justify borrowing money for a trip to Vegas when I am not even granted an opportunity to speak to the C-Span cameras to let voters in CA know they have a Libertarian choice on their ballots.

    Been there, fought that battle and lost when the LP met in CA when – again – I was the only statewide candidate on the CA ballot but there was no time for me to speak to the C-Span cameras.

    The LP cares little for its activists!

    We spend out own money volunteering locally, running partisan campaigns and the LP’s answer is who is going to run for local office? – non partisan politics is not why political parties exist regardless of how politicians get the start on a career in politics. We are opposed to career politicians so why would we want to go down that path?

    I have refused to pay a floor fee and have the accounts for several LPC conventions to prove the contract with the hosting hotel does not require a floor fee to make a small profit. The LP was wiser when it did provide a benefit for paying a small fee as a Delegate only back when this issue first became an issue. The Delegate’s were more willing to pay a fee when it meant they had a fancy binder instead of just their copy of the Bylaws and Platform. maybe this ‘fee’ is being presented incorrectly. What do you get besides the right to vote and can you opt out of the ‘packet’ the ‘fee’ provides?

    Anyway, if anyone here cares to help me financially, I have Pay Pal on my web site –

  65. CA US Senate candidate

    I just looked at the LP Con. prices. They state the buyers of the Pkgs are not paying for the TANNSTAFLs which tells me each venue – Dining rooms, small meeting rooms, main speaker rooms [if not the dining rooms] and the convention hall are being billed and paid for without consideration of room nights booked or meals served which is how hotel contracts are generally written.

    My question is this: Is the LP willing to show us the hotel contract and give us a breakdown of the prices of each room/venue/meal and explain that the number of room night booked and meals served does not enter into the cost of the convention hall at all therefore a price has to be attached to the use of the hall and – don’t foget this – exactly how many delegates must attend and pay the $94 to cover the cost of the convention hall to the exclusion of all other events scheduled to take place during the convention?

  66. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Ail @ 85 and 86: I would really love to post an article here describing the value in activities for each package (such as what the break0ut sessions will be, and who is speaking), but as of yet have not received any info. If anyone can help get the info for me (maybe friends with Ruth Bennett?), please help if you can and email me @

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