Latest Voter Registration Numbers For California

The latest report on registration by party in California is out and the winners are: Independents, unqualified parties, the Constitution Party of California, the Peace & Freedom Party, and the American Independent Party. All of those groups made gains, however small. The Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, and Americans Elect all declined.

Democrats declined from 43.63% to 43.49%. Republicans declined from 30.36% to 30.31%. The American Independent Party increased from 2.52% to 2.53%. The Green Party declined from .654% to .648%. The Libertarian Party declined from .548% to .547%. The Peace & Freedom Party increased from .347% to .349%. Americans Elect has such small registration, percentages are meaningless, but it went from 3,165 registrants to 3,104. The Constitution Party went from 121 registrants to 234 registrants. Independent voters went from 21.24% to 21.31%. Members of other parties (all of them unqualified) went from .68% to .81%

Thanks to Richard Winger for the analysis.

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  1. Lake


    First Amendment Coalition is pleased to announce that Editor in Chief Evan Hansen has been elected President of FAC’s board of directors. He takes over from John Raess, San Francisco Bureau Chief for the Associated Press, who had served as President of the Board since 2010.

    Carol Melamed, media attorney and former counsel to the Washington Post, has been Carol Melamed, Media Attorneyelected Vice President of the FAC board of directors. She and Hansen will serve two-year terms as officers of the board.

    Richard Gingras, head of news products for GoogleFAC is also delighted to announce that Richard Gingras, of Google, has joined the board. Gingras, recently named head of news products for Google, has spent nearly 30 years in online publishing, software development and new media. Prior to joining Google, Gingras was CEO of Salon Media Group which operates the news site

  2. Lake, forwarding / presenting Libertarian Political News

    Rocky Anderson [from Los Angeles ?????] Wins [California] Peace & Freedom Party Presidential Primary
    June 5th, 2012

    On June 5, the Peace & Freedom Party held a presidential primary / [swim suit contest].

    The results: Rocky Anderson 42.8%; Stewart Alexander 29.2%; Stephen Durham 28.0%. The Peace & Freedom Party presidential primary is not binding.

    The party will choose its presidential nominee in an August convention.

    Anderson is also the Justice Party presidential nominee. Alexander is also the Socialist Party presidential nominee. Durham is also the Freedom Socialist Party presidential nominee.

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