Letter From Oregon’s Secretary of State

Here is the letter issued by the Oregon Secretary of State regarding yesterday’s court proceedings.  This is being discussed on the thread called Press Release: Oregon Secretary of State Issues Ruling in Favor of Reeves Group of LPO Officers

Letter from Secretary of State (P0279202)

2 thoughts on “Letter From Oregon’s Secretary of State

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I’m not sure this deserves its own thread, but I don’t know how to post the pdf file as a comment. If someone knows how to do that, you’re welcome to, and I can delete this article.

  2. paulie

    Jill, I don’t think you should take the article down since you already put it up, but for future reference the way to just link to it is

    1)Uploaded as an IPR media file in dashboard

    2) View it

    3) Copy the URL of the media file

    4) Post that URL in an IPR comment

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