NY LP Holds Presidential Straw Poll, Johnson Wins Easily

The Libertarian Party of New York recently held a straw poll vote for the Presidential nomination contest. Four candidates competed in the straw poll–Gary Johnson, R. Lee Wrights, Jim Burns, and Carl Person. Gary Johnson won the contest easily.

Gary Johnson, R. Lee Wrights, Jim Burns and Carl Person, all who are candidates seeking the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination in 2012, addressed the 41 voting delegates who were in attendance.

The results of the Libertarian Party of New York Presidential Straw Poll were as follows:

Gary Johnson – 26 votes (63.41%)
R. Lee Wrights – 11 votes (26.83%)
Jim Burns – 3 votes (7.32%)
Carl Person – 1 vote (2.44%)

Sam Sloan attended the convention and had hoped to be involved as a candidate in the straw poll, but was not involved.

39 thoughts on “NY LP Holds Presidential Straw Poll, Johnson Wins Easily

  1. Mark Axinn

    There were approximately 80 people in attendance at the LPNY Convention. Only 41 chose to participate in the straw poll.

    Needless to say, it was a wonderful day for all involved with terrific speakers (Dan Halloran, Carla Howell), a fantastic folksinger (Tatiana Moroz) and the four legitimate candidates in a spirited debate.

    My thanks to all who were there.

  2. Mark Axinn

    Here I am correcting my own conment.

    Bill Still, another legitimate candidate for President, was not present but he did join us in January.

  3. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    @1 Ah! Kinda like that Ron Paul one that keeps the dimwits donating to a long lost effort hey !? I hope not!

    Give up yet ?

    Gary Johnson shows up and makes his case and a solid majority (who bother to vote) votes for him 90 plus % of the time. Anyone really doubt who the LP nom will be ? Don’t be mad, be glad you will have a qualified candidate leading the ticket this year ! Let’s start working locally to make the LP a majority near each of us !

    Help FIND the LIBERTARIANS in your area WITH the QUIZ ACROSS AMERICA: http://www.lp.org/blogs/staff/quiz-across-america-door-hangers-5-per-100

    Gary Johnson on the Department of Education – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfh_dB2tpJs&feature=related

    Gary Johnson 2012 “Tolerance is American” – http://www.youtube.com/user/govgaryjohnson?feature=BF#p/u/18/WCu3lZMvFcs

    Gary Johnson 2012: Cup of Liberty – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYeFDWeBr9A

  4. paulie

    No need to worry, Sloan has a delegate strategy.

    What is it?

    Bill Still, another legitimate candidate for President, was not present but he did join us in January.

    I’ve been told he has dropped out.

  5. JT

    These results are from a tiny sample size so I’m not saying they’ll match the results of the national convention. But I still think that Person & Burns (as well as other candidates except for Wrights) have insignificant support & should just drop out. How many rounds of voting at the national convention will Libertarians have to endure to weed out all the candidates who won’t garner more than 10 percent of the vote?

    I don’t remember if other state conventions have held straw polls, but it’s the end of April already. If a candidate for the nomination hasn’t received more than 1 out of 10 attendee votes at any of them, it’s time to pack it up.

  6. JT

    Paulie: “My guess is one round…maybe two…not more.”

    How is that possible? The voting system used at the convention drops only the lowest candidate in each round, doesn’t it?

  7. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    JT -everyone under 5% and/or last in the first round is eliminated. Most important 50% plus 1 vote WINS on the first or any ballot ! This won’t go past the first round. There aren’t enough trouble making sour grapes even in this Party to make this go past one ballot. If I’m wrong and it does go past round one I will be shocked at such foolishness! Gary Johnson could be Prez tomorrow and would do a good job as President VETO !!!

    Romney left office after one term disliked by a majority of his state’s citizens. The one’s who knew him best hated him. Why should any sane person vote for him as POTUS? Romney is a WORSE candidate than both of the creepys Dole or McCain.

    Be a WINNER, vote for Gary Johnson in Vegas !

  8. Thomas L. Knapp

    I concur with Paulie that it will probably be one or two ballots.

    Why it might go two ballots:

    The straw poll results are probably skewed some in Johnson’s favor versus the national convention, to the extent that those devoted to another candidate might be more likely to be national convention delegates. That’s my guess anyway, and what might manage to push it to two ballots.

    Two ballots would be better than one for both the party and the candidate, to be honest. It would generate a little more publicity for Johnson, and it would give party members an out when and if he goes out there with a contra-LP message (“yeah, we almost didn’t nominate him because of that”).

  9. paulie

    T-Rex is correct.

    No matter how many candidates, the first ballot with 50% plus one vote wins. That could be the first ballot or the tenth. Up until then the lowest vote total candidate gets dropped on each round.

  10. Robert Capozzi

    10 tk: Two ballots …would generate a little more publicity for Johnson…

    me: Other than more C-Span coverage, I’m not seeing it. Please expand.

  11. JT

    T-Rex: “Most important 50% plus 1 vote WINS on the first or any ballot ! This won’t go past the first round.”

    I overlooked that. One or two ballots tops.

  12. Steve

    Sam Sloan actually did get one straw poll vote at the Iowa convention. This was after the former LP candidate for New York City mayor (his name escapes me at the moment) mentioned that when he lived in NY, they thought so highly of Sloan that they booted him from the party. So its safe to say that Sloan vote was from someone wanting to be an iconoclast but more creative than NOTA.

  13. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 17

    That candidate was probably Joseph Dobrian, who moved to Iowa from New York City.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp


    10 tk: Two ballots …would generate a little more publicity for Johnson…

    me: Other than more C-Span coverage, I’m not seeing it. Please expand.

    In 2008, I saw several news stories and a whole bunch of non-LP blog posts featuring the story that it had taken Bob Barr six ballots to win the nomination.

    The tone of most of them was “how cool is it that the big guy actually gets challenged and has to prove himself instead of just dropping by to pick up the crown?”

    Some of them also went into minor depth on the differences between the LP’s platform/history and Barr’s positions.

  15. Thomas L. Knapp

    Paulie @ 14,

    “I’m guessing Johnson would much rather win on the first ballot.”

    Me too, especially if he’s already qualified for that welfare check so that he can pay his GOP primary bills. Once he gets that done, I’ll be surprised if we see much of him before he endorses Romney in late October or early November.

  16. Steve M

    “Me too, especially if he’s already qualified for that welfare check so that he can pay his GOP primary bills. Once he gets that done, I’ll be surprised if we see much of him before he endorses Romney in late October or early November.”

    Care to put a bet on that happening?

  17. Steven Berson

    @ 20 – Thomas, it seems you haven’t been paying much attention to what the Gary Johnson campaign has been doing at all. First off – from my understanding GJ has in fact qualified for Federal matching funds – and is line to get something close to $300,000 – which would pay down the reported as of 3/31/12 $150,000 debt and put the campaign well in the black by about the same amount at the time of the Convention. So – yeah – he got the welfare check – but if you think he would ever endorse Romney then you are serious either uninformed or completely out of your skull.

    Next – he’s been campaigning way harder for the LP nomination than any of the other candidates – including Wrights – with continuous appearances at nearly all of the State Conventions, at private fund raisers nationwide, at a number of general “liberty” or “tea party” events, for media big and small (lots of radio, articles for local and national newspapers, lots of online media and blogs; TV spots on MSNBC, FOX, GBTV, Current TV; good web and social media presence, very regular “online Town Halls”) and I seriously can’t imagine him slowing down this if he gets the nomination – if anything I think he’ll go harder. Whatever you think about him – he is in fact a very determined competitor – and regardless of what you think about him – I’d say he undoubtedly is very committed to campaigning very hard after the Convention if he gets the nomination.

  18. Steve M

    Sure George…. I never really expect a return on my Libertarian Donations so a bet with odds in which the loser makes a contribution towards the campaign efforts of a candidate seems to me to be a win win. So if you or if Thomas would like to recommend some reasonable odds and to whose campaign the donations go. I am game.

  19. George Whitfield

    Hi Steve at #26. I was just hinting to Thomas that I don’t think Gary Johnson is going to later withdraw and endorse Romney. If Thomas still wants to bet, then the Gary Johnson campaign or the LP would be good places for the winnings to go!

  20. Matt Cholko

    I’d say 10:1 that Johnson doesn’t endorse Romney, donations to the LPUS, or the bet winner’s state or local affiliate, or something like that.

  21. Steve M

    #27 George Whitflied… My challenge was towards Thomas L Knapp and if Dr George Phillies want’s in to him as well.

    I do agree that the bets would be towards donations for political parties or towards political candidates during this election cycle.

    As a disclaimer, I fully support Dr George Phillies candidacy for the position of treasurer of the Libertarian Party.

  22. Thane Eichenauer

    I can see some reasons to vote for Gary Johnson on any given day. I find it very difficult to see any reason to vote for Obama on any day even on days where I focus on Gary Johnson’s faults.

  23. Tom Blanton

    If you check out the creepy Virgil Goode video posted on IPR, it makes Gary Johnson look pretty good.

    What’s really scary is that Goode could probably find support in the LP. I’m sure he would make it into the libertarian quadrant of the Brian Holtz test. He could be the shiny silver bullet after Root goes back to the GOP.

    How’s that for a nightmare?

  24. Thomas L. Knapp

    Steve M @21,

    No, I wouldn’t bet on Johnson endorsing Romney at the last minute, even at 10 to 1. I was just being mean.

    I’m not sure if I’d bet on how energetic his post-nomination campaign will be. My guess is “not especially,” but that’s just a guess.

  25. George Phillies

    @29 I was not at all interested in making that bet on either side; I was just curious if either of you was offering odds.

    And please do drop by my hospitality suite, open all four evenings.

  26. George Phillies

    To that I shall add that I am running for party Treasurer. If X is our nominee, I would expect we will use appropriate party funds to support X. I can name at least one past LNC which noted that the Presidential campaign had quit running TV ads, and spent a lot of money running ads that the Presidential campaign had made available but had stopped running.

    Appropriate party funds? That somewhat depends on what the members give us, now doesn’t it?

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