Pundit: Palin, Napolitano, and Perry Should Form Their Own Party

Bernie Quigley comments on what he thinks would be a formidable and workable third party over at The Pundit’s Blog at The Hill.

Ron Paul has brought a sea change in American politics. Without Paul there is no Tea Party of substance. It is merely a populist howl without vision or direction and we have heard it all before. But Paul brought substance: states’ rights, constitutional government and sound money. Ideas which hadn’t been broached in either party this past century. These ideas have been amplified by Texas Gov. Rick Perry in his important book, Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington, and on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s pioneering show on constitutional law, “Freedom Watch.” The Judge is, as he calls himself on occasion, the “night watchman” — an angel devoutly guarding our freedom as we sleep. That his show actually ran on prime time every night of the week for the past couple of years is tribute to the changes occurring in America. But for the moment, those times have stalled.

The article ends up suggesting a third party called The Federalist Party should be formed by Judge Napolitano, Governor Rick Perry, and Governor Sarah Palin.

10 thoughts on “Pundit: Palin, Napolitano, and Perry Should Form Their Own Party

  1. Cynical in New York

    I think putting neocon chickenhawks Palin and Perry together with Judge Napolitano is an insult to Napolitano. Napolitano is against all forms of thugerment, Palin and Perry only care about liberal thugerment, conservative thugerment is a-ok in their books.

  2. Losty

    Great Idea.. Palin/Perry..

    Bachmann for Sec. of Education
    Herman Cain for FDA
    Stephen Colbert for FCC Chair, (When you think of Herman Cain, think of Stephen Colbert..

    Kind of like every time you think of Willard Romney, Think George W. Bush.

  3. Root Sucks

    This is ridiculous. The party would stand for nothing. Palin, Perry, and Napolitano are incredibly ideologically dissimilar.

  4. Austin Battenberg

    The problem with the name of the “Federalist Party” is that the Federalists of our founding were like conservatives today: Big central government advocates, who wanted to be independent from Great Britain but wanted to have a government just like it.

    And like expressed by others, I love Judge Napolitano, but I highly doubt he would ever want to be affiliated with those jokers.

  5. Greg

    Considering Judge Nap would kiss the butt of every wannabee tyrant who came on his show, I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to say he would team up with Palin and Perry.

  6. Losty

    Root Sucks @5:

    You’re right, it would stand for nothing..

    But, Have you seen the Republican Nominee lately?

    And, that ticket would take votes from the Republican Nominee… (Maybe the Americans Elect line?) Forcing the Republican Nominee to go to the etch-a-sketch more than the 1-3 times/day he has been.

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