Video of Virgil Goode’s Appearance on Washington Journal

Virgil Goode is a former U.S. Congressman from Virginia and the current Constitution Party presidential nominee. Last Sunday morning he appeared on C-SPANs Washington Journal, where he was interviewed by the host and responded to many queries from callers. Video has now been posted here.

Goode was critical of the influence of money on politics. He reiterated that he will not accept PAC money or donations of more than $200. He did acknowledge that he has transferred monies from his Congressional account and is looking to invest “some personal money” too.

The former Representative spoke about ballot access generally, about his campaign’s ballot access, and about the situation with California very vaguely–adding that he hoped he would be on the ballot in California, but that that was “an uphill climb”, the result of which will be known in about two months.

Goode also spoke briefly about Americans Elect. He commended them for offering American voters another choice, but was critical of what he says is an invasive registration process. The entire interview lasts forty two minutes.

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