Wayne Root: Why are All the Leftist Politicians Who Hate the Rich…So Filthy Rich?

As published at Townhall.com.

Have you ever noticed how almost all the leftist politicians who hate and want to punish the rich with draconian tax increases…are filthy rich themselves? Confusing, isn’t it?

Actually, once you know the truth it’s really quite easy to understand.

Take France’s new Socialist President Francois Holland. He never stops talking about his dislike and disgust for the rich. He is almost more obsessed with hate for the rich than Obama is. Yet it turns out Holland is…drumroll please…

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8 thoughts on “Wayne Root: Why are All the Leftist Politicians Who Hate the Rich…So Filthy Rich?

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    I’ve been waiting for someone to point out the oobvious here, because I’m really trying not to rag on Wayne all the time, but I just have to ask this question.

    “Wayne says: Bill and Hillary Clinton hate the rich. They left the White House broke and owing millions in legal fees. After quickly capitalizing with books, speeches and foundations they turned zero into an $80,000,000 fortune in a few short years. I’ve never heard of a job like that.”

    Uh, doesn’t Wayne make his living with books and speeches?

  2. paulie

    I don’t poke around in his finances, but I’ve been given to understand that it is a major part of his income.

    Without having read the whole thing I am guessing that his point was that they quickly went from negative millions to positive $80m with much of that coming from books and speeches.

    I am guessing it was not that he hadn’t heard of making a living with books and speeches, which would be silly even if it is not a substantial part of his own income.

  3. just saying

    The point is who is paying these ex-Presidents huge speaking fees… is it back pay for services rendered?
    Hhalliburton annual dinner? Federal Reserve Chattaqua retreat?

  4. Brian Holtz

    I doubt that much of Root’s income comes from books or speeches. Root surely doesn’t get the 5-figure or 6-figure speaking fees that are showered upon ex-Presidents. I assume that most of Root’s income still comes from his oddsmaking ventures.

    Contrary to what is implied by Root’s detractors, the amount he earns per hour from his political activism is probably quite low — and perhaps even negative when considered as an opportunity cost on his other ventures.

  5. Mark Hilgenberg

    This just feeds into the left/right stereotype by saying the left are bad and the right are good. It could have been a great educational tool for the right regarding the proper use of government and their current hypocrisy, this would bring out those who feel stuck in the GOP but feel they have no alternative.. It could have helped to change the perceptions on the left regarding Libertarians also.

    While some people do “hate” the rich, a lot of them just feel the system is rigged, which it is. Had this gone in a direction of pointing out that many of the hated rich are rich due to government privileges and protections they work hard to receive, it would change the dynamic of the article, bringing in people from all sides.

    I would be happy to work with Wayne to help him craft an article that appeals to the vast majority of disenfranchised republicans, Democrats and Independents.

  6. paulie


    I think I’ve seen Wayne say he does a lot of motivational speaking, not just political. I doubt he does that for free or little charge, but maybe he does.

    It all ties in together and the political/media political analyst career is long term. I totally get that and see nothing wrong with it.

    Does it cost him money in the short run? Quite possibly.




    The Clintons do not hate rich people. Hillary comes from a fairly well off background; Bill does not, but had people with money and influence help him out since a young age. I was a guest of theirs at the Governor’s Mansion when Bill was Governor. They were surrounded by rich people all the time and seemed to be doing pretty well themselves although maybe they didn’t actually own a lot of the things they were given. As far as their activities with the DLC they were aimed in large part to steer the Democratic Party in a corporatist direction. Their presidency made the rich quite a bit richer, and they have been collecting nice compensation for it ever since – not from poor people, for the most part.

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