Charles R. Heisinger Jr. Running for President

Mr. Heisinger passed this on to me on Facebook. Mr. Heisinger also pursued the Americans Elect nomination. This appears to be an appeal for his Votocracy candidacy.
It’s not about the DEMS or GOP or any other party. It’s not about black or white or any other race. It’s not about any religion. It’s about keeping America up and above all those things that will pull her down. It’s about America and keeping America strong, so we can have the Freedom, Liberties, and the Unalienable rights that we were born to have. It’s time to elect a Constitutionalist to clean t…his mess up that the previous Presidents have made. It’s time for the people to take their Country back and restore America to its former glory. It’s time to elect me, Charles R Heisinger Jr to fix this mess and to get us back on the path of our glory days. I will defend our great Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Let’s make our Founding Fathers proud.

It’s time to get your friends involved to support me. Send them the links enclosed. Tell them to click on both the “Like” and “Support” buttons. Share this post or make your own posts. Any tech issues, me, my Campaign manager; Julia Spncer , or Admin; Cindy Greiwe would be more than happy to help with any tech issues.

Right now I am the front runner for this path I have taken to get me on the ticket in November. It would be nice to increase the lead. I am taking nothing for granted. So please get your friends involved!!

Thanks for your time!!

Correction: This post originally stated that Mr. Heisinger sought the Constitution Party nomination. According to Mr. Heisinger he never sought the CP nomination, although he is a  “paid Constitution Party member.”

8 thoughts on “Charles R. Heisinger Jr. Running for President

  1. Mike Jones

    What is “votocracy”? Is that like Americans Elect without money or ballot acess?

  2. Cody Quirk

    AE is not going to run a prez. candidate this year; he’s wasting his time.

  3. Indy

    Yeah, he’s not running for that anymore, but something called Votocracy which sounds like a cross between a broke version of AE and the US Parliament.

  4. Miro

    Votocracy was a facebook application introduced somewhere between Unity08 and AE by a fellow who I believe used to work for Microsoft.
    The concept was essentially the same as AE except you mobilized your facebook friends to become your supporters and entered into the same primary-esque type deal that AE eventually used.
    It lacks the money and support of influential people that AE had, and as a result, serious users need to contribute 99 dollars to become eligible, but it promised those who succeeded with it’s nomination support, press, and advertising. Nothing was ever mentioned about ballot access though, so I assume that was something they never put too much thought in.

    One thing they did do different though was open themselves up to lower ballot races. So much so that people even running for a local town committee seats can apparently use Votocracy to organize their campaign.

  5. Paulie

    In other words, basically like Americans Elect but without the money, ballot access and top down manipulation.

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