Johnson Polls 7% in Colorado

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian nominee for President in 2012 and the former two-term governor of New Mexico. He has been included in many polls that have been conducted by Public Policy Polling and the latest is no different.

There hasn’t been a single poll out of Colorado this year that’s shown Mitt Romney ahead of Barack Obama. Tuesday’s Public Policy Polling poll is no exception: Obama leads Romney in a head-to-head matchup by 49 percent to 42 percent.

But add libertarian Gary Johnson to the mix and the numbers are slightly different: Obama leads 47-39, with 7 percent going to Johnson, according to the PPP poll.

At that level of support, if Johnson qualifies for the ballot, he could end up having a significant impact in a three-way matchup — not only in Colorado but across the Mountain West, where he figures to run strongest.

Libertarian presidential candidates typically struggle to win even 1 percent of the vote in the critical electoral bloc of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. But Johnson isn’t a typical libertarian nominee. He’s a former two-term New Mexico governor with a greater familiarity with elections and campaigning.

Johnson has recently made campaign appearances in Colorado and endorsed the state’s marijuana legalization measure.

4 thoughts on “Johnson Polls 7% in Colorado

  1. Steve M

    So where should Gary be seeking votes? Colorado seems like as good a spot as any!

  2. Mike Jones

    I agree. CO, NM, NV, UT, WY, AZ, MT, ID….Also, anywhere local libertarian candidates are running, anywhere with a good event like Pride, anywhere where the media will put him on the air, anywhere with good initiatives on the ballot – and several of those at once wherever possible.

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