Nevada Independent American Party files Virgil Goode for President

Nevada Independent American Party State Chairman John Wagner filed the forms to put Virgil Goode on the ballot in that state. The Independent American Party is the state affiliate of the national Constitution Party.

Virgil Goode was a member of Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus when he served in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was chosen as the Independent American Party’s presidential candidate at the National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee in April, 2012.

The Independent American Party also filed the names of the Party’s presidential electors in order to vote in the Electoral College.

Party Chairman John Wagner stated that “Now the people of Nevada have a real choice for President, not just the twin party candidates that offer us more of the same.”

Read the rest at USA News First: Independent American Party Files Virgil Goode for President in Nevada

Virgil Goode is a former Congressman from Virginia’s 5th district. He is one of the only members of the House to serve as a Democrat, Independent, and Republican. Virgil Goode is running for President as the Constitution Party nominee.

36 thoughts on “Nevada Independent American Party files Virgil Goode for President

  1. Austin Battenberg Post author

    Is this the same party in California that was affiliated with Alan Keyes? Does this mean that Virgil Goode WILL get on the ballot in California now?

  2. JD

    No this is affiliated directly with the Constituion Party and bears the same name as another small party prominent in the mountain states. The party in California is the American Independent Party. They are slightly more hardcore than the CP and it is hard to get them to endorse a CP candidate.

  3. Austin Battenberg Post author

    Virgil Goode is right in between Alan Keyes and Chuck Baldwin. So maybe the California American Independent Party will put him on the ballot.

  4. Self inflicted ............ Lake

    in this life time, on this planet ?????????????

    GREAT distaste for CP nationally and IAP in Nevada.

    Besides, there is currently a California Constitution Party.

    Twisted Chiropractic nut case Doctor Donald J. Grundmann and his fifty or so kool aid sipping minons.

  5. JD

    What is so sad is that with all the dislike of the CP amongst the conservative parties the CP is the only one of the FEC big 5 that has any sort of policy toward immigration reform. I wish this were enough of a rallying point but it is not.

  6. Hugh Mann

    Yes, it’s really sad when shared bigotry is not enough to bring people together.

  7. JD

    Before you call me a bigot again realize that my fiance is an immigrant. She is from Japan and came here legally. She also is opposed to unlawful immigration. My great grandfather was also a lawful immigrant from Germany. Three of the people that attend my small church are lawful immigrants originally from Portugal who came here from Brazil. I also patronize two stores owned and operated by lawful immigrants from China and Korea. I’ll stop there and give you time to apologize.

  8. paulie

    So if the problem with “illegal” immigration is that it is “illegal,” then the problem is solved by making it legal, right?

  9. JD

    Yes but only if those becoming legal are obligated to follow the rules. I personally believe that immigration is good for the country. If I did have one caveat I would prefer we try to ensure that those coming to the coutry are either exceptional in their accomplishments, intelligence, or they simply wish to become students or entrepreneurs. We honestly do not have a booming economy to justify importation of surplus blue collar labor. In the event that we have a serious labor shortage or a surplus of good jobs then importation of labor would also be good for the country. An America with universal employment and 500,000,000 law abiding lawful residents should be everyone’s long term goal.

  10. JD

    One thing that has even been advanced by left wing groups like SD-USA is the possibility of having those in the US illegally pay a fine in order to obtain legal status. This is certainly more humane than either forced or self deportation.

  11. JD

    Austin, I vehemently disagree with your opinion but I fully support your right to that opinion. I refuse to begin any discussion with an insult as number 6 did. U know with the ultra-capitalist rhetoric of some Libertarians and Objectivist it is conceivable that our border could be sold to a private concern. That concern could then build a barrier of some sort and then simply charge admission to anyone entering. Maybe they could even sell concessions. I simply believe that borders have meaning, that integrity of the state means something. Without borders why have a government? Without a government why vote? Why democracy?

  12. Austin Battenberg Post author

    I believe in property rights, and believe that the individual is more important then the state. If a person comes across and wants to work, and someone is willing to employ them, then all the more power to the free-market.

    That being said, I completely want to dismantle the welfare state so that the immigrants who come over and abuse the system won’t be able to do that anymore, but I personally believe that hard working immigrants far outnumber the lazy ones. It takes a lot of time and work to cross the border, legally or illegally. People who take everything they own, and move to a place that speaks a different language and has a different culture, WANT the freedoms we enjoy (or enjoyed since we are quickly becoming a police state)

    In a truly free society, what little government we would have would be small and local and would be limited to administering a justice system and protect the public with a police force. If a citizen or non-citizen comes onto my private property, then we have a problem. Until then, getting more workers means we as a society become more prosperous. The last thing we want to do is have people leaving the country.

    Nationalism does not equal patriotism.

  13. Austin Battenberg Post author

    And your last questions are perfect. We shouldn’t have democracy. We SHOULD have a Republic. It’s the rule of law, where all individuals, citizens and non-citizens, regular people and government officials, must all be held under the same standards.

    For me, the whole idea of chanting “USA, USA, USA” is kind of pointless since I oppose the corrupt government bureaucrats who try to force the people to live life how the government wants by forcing you to buy healthcare and preventing you from being able to smoke pot.

    Just because we vote for representation does not mean that 51% can vote the rights away of the other 49%.

  14. JD

    Democracy is the mechanism by which the Republic works. So why vote? Why have democracy as a mechanism if there is no state? I am not a chanter either. I place faith and family before fatherland. So why private healthcare but not private police and fire? Why shouldnt individuals pay per 911 call? Why shouldnt I pay when I need a fire put out? Is the right to smoke pot honestly more important than a person’s right to live without medically induced bankruptcy and homelessness? In case you cant tell I am fervantly anti-Libertarian, despite the fact that my brother is a Libertarian, but I am also non-right wing. I am a Communitarian or Progressive-Conservative. I do agree with your welfare statement just you and I disagree on what constitutes welfare.
    I am in favor of gutting the federal budget. For instance we can cut 60% of our military budget and still spend more than China and Russia combined.
    Your last statement sets a dangerous precident that could lead to a state of semi-anarchy and then worse. Picture gridlock created not by blocks of corporate party hacks but suspensive power being held by every individual in and out of government. Take the ancient Polish Librum veto and give that power to everyone. We would set policy in the way the Religious Society of Friends does. This leads to glacial decision making and inactivity. The Quakers get by on basic Communitarian unity, Americans do not. In the gap of inactivity would step power. This power can be in the guise of an individual, junta, or corporate concern. In the end limitless liberty will lead to the death of essential liberty. That will then be the death nell for our experiment in democratic-republicanism. So in essence if you enjoy our discussion I advise you to adopt something other than Libertarianism as a political philosophy.

  15. JD

    I must say that while I enjoy the conversation I believe we have lost track of what began the whole thing. Any rational human being can see that belief in a secure border has no inherent connection to bigotry or xenophobia.

  16. Austin Battenberg

    @15 “So why private healthcare but not private police and fire?”

    Actually, I am not opposed to private police and fire. But those decisions are best left to local communities to decide for themselves, not state governments, and CERTAINLY not national governments.

    For me, since I am a believer in a free society, that society should allow people to come and go as they please. We now need passports to go to Canada and Mexico, and the legal immigration line hardly moves at all, so who can blame the poor immigrant who wants to make a better life for him and his family by crossing illegally.

    While I have my own personal beliefs on immigration, it is actually much MUCH lower on the importance scale then other issues like our foreign policy, economic policy, and drug policy.

    And yes, drug policy IS important because it creates a black market which creates crime. If you read any history on the prohibition of alcohol, you will know that it just doesn’t work, and the innocent people whose lives are lost, or put into prison because of this silly war, and the families that suffer through the consequences, then you should agree it is a policy that needs to be changed.

    Governments should be local, and preferably voluntary. The individuals of that community can gather together to make decisions for their own town, city, county, etc., and adopt laws that work for them.

    @16 While I am in favor of opening up the borders, I do not think that those who are in favor of strong borders are automatically a bigot or a xenophobe. That was a comment by someone else who clearly has his own bigotry.

    I enjoy the conversation too JD. I actually don’t talk about my views on immigration that much.

  17. JD

    Excellent discussion Austin. You are a person of conviction. While I will not be voting for him I do hope Gary Johnson gets in the debates, he is a good man, by far the best of the top 3. I think Libertarianism is good for the debate over policy. While the LP and Libertarianism in general has quite a jump on my prefered philosophy, Communitarianism, we can hope for a day when those are the two main political opponents. No Liberal, Conservative, Communist, or Capitalist debates. Just small government-tarianism! haha!

  18. R. D. Holland

    What are the chances of Goode getting on the ballot in North Carolina? I’ve heard rumors…. And I thought he was already on the ballot in Nevada?

  19. paulie

    For NC I would say virtually none.

    Nevada was not exactly a surprise so some sources may have reported it as a done deal earlier; this just makes it official.

  20. JD

    I cant say for North Carolina. I can tell you that Indiana is pretty much impossible. We require more than 32,000 signatures. The 10,000 required in Virginia is possible with volunteers but 32,000+ is gonna take some paid staffers.

  21. Lake, forwarding / presenting California AIP Update

    We need to recruit more members for our AIP CA Executive Committee to fill vacancies which’ll bring us up to a full 58 member body.

    Each member also needs to pick a State for which they will take the responsibility of locating an initial contact person to be the seed of a State Party affiliate of the revived AIP USA.

    Of course any way we can get a person or an existing and compatible State Party affiliate, we’ll go for it.

    The AIP USA will also work on Bylaws and a national platform proposal before our first Presidential nominating Convention of the revived AIP USA .

    This Formative Convention of our revived AIP USA will also have the side-effect of postponing the organizational meeting date for County Central Committees (by the Executive Committee of the County Committee says the Election Code) until one set 1 to 30 days after July 10, 2010.

    The Counties have no duty to call such meetings any more, but we’ll notify them anyway.

    Whoever is elected County Chairman has 5 days to notify their County Elections official.

    Markham Robinson, Executive Committee Chairman [state AIP]

    Post Script: Apologies to Gerald and Grace Hill who now have a new email for not getting the access information to them for the last meeting.

    I got their new email at the last minute and it just slipped my mind. My bad.

    And this meeting notice is seven days ahead too. An improvement!

  22. Lake, forwarding / presenting

    More ‘national talk’ from the California PFP, but then they are always [merely] talkin bout sometin …..

    “The 2012 State Convention, which will nominate the Peace and Freedom candidates for President and Vice President, will be held in Los Angeles on August 4 and 5.

    There will also be a public presidential campaign event on Friday evening, August 3. “

  23. JD

    Thanks for the info Lake. The AIP was once very close to becoming a national force, it will be interesting to see if they try it again.

  24. JD

    I believe that they would probably compete with the CP. The original party was not that far to the right. George Wallace beleived that their was a difference between his segregation views and outright racism. He was actually pretty liberal when it came to social programs. He was even able to garner wide support from the black community in Alabama later in his career. The AIP went far right pretty early and I think they will continue to be.

  25. paulie

    I’m just wondering what an effort to take AIP national again would offer that the CP does not already offer.

  26. JD

    That I dont know. I am conservative but not as conservative as either of those parties. The AIP may have more baggage with the perception of racism still lingering from ’68. I also have my doubts about the AIP and non-intervention. Keyes was clearly a neo-con so I cant tell. He may have been a protest choice or he could have represented their true feelings.

  27. R. D. Holland

    Is it accurate that NC even requires 500 signatures to qualify as a write-in candidate?

  28. Arthene

    why wasn’t Virgil Goode IAP a participant @ the Presidential Debates? Only Obama Dem & Romney Rep were @ the debates.
    What are Goode political record qualifications & platform?

  29. paulie

    He wasn’t at the Omni-Robomba joint appearance because they don’t invite people other than Democrats, Republicans and billionaires. He was at the second Democracy Now! debate and will be at the Free and Equal debate on 10/23. For his record and qualifications see his website, wikipedia, google, IPR archives search, etc.

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