Robert Milnes: Open Letter to the Libertarian Party

Robert Milnes was a regular visitor to IPR for a while.  Due to his propensity to turn every thread into a discussion of his plan, PLAS (Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy), he lost commenting privileges here.  However, he comes up in conversation sometimes and I know many here would like to know what he’s up to.  I received this letter this morning in my email, and I remembered that I’d received a similar letter to the Green Party a couple weeks ago.  I corresponded with Mr. Milnes for permission to post both of his letters here.  They follow:

Open Letter to the Libertarian Party 6-19-2012

As you know the Libertarian Party held its convention recently. A new Libertarian National Committee has been voted in. Those familiar with the LP know that it is more like the old LNC was voted out. It was dominated by a rightist cabal. It is unclear whether the new LNC is more libertarian-more radical-than the previous one. So far it seems that it is.
Unfortunately the previous LNC was able to accomplish a last dirty trick. It did not endorse the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy (PLAS) and successfully put in place its republican lite executive ticket before getting voted out. This sucessfully ties up the ticket and all that establishment threatening ballot access.
However, it is possible to undo that dirty trick. If the new LNC is as radical as it may be. Simply pass a resolution that endorses PLAS. Then the repubican lite ticket is inconsistent with a PLAS ticket which would be a man progressive president/woman libertarian vice president-a so called fusion or coalition or unity ticket. It would have to be removed and replaced. This would be no quick and simple task.
But it could be done. And should be.
Likewise, the Green party is about to hold its convention . Their ballot access will also be wasted by not endorsing PLAS. They also will have politics as usual and nominate a ticket that will lose.
The Boston Tea party is evidently in very poor condition and not capable of much of anything.
The only other winning possible ticket according to PLAS would be an Independent fusion ticket with enough ballot access as Nader had in 2008. Evidently no such ticket is in the making including mine.
PLAS is running out of possibilities and time. That means the third parties and independents will have once again squandered their chances to sweep out the democrats and republicans.
Supporters of PLAS should try for the Libertarian party to remove its losing ticket and try to get the Green party to nominate a PLAS ticket.
I will try to attend the Green convention. I recommend the libertarians send a contingent to the Green convention. Richard Winger,said to be a libertarian, has informed me that he will be there.
Things are not looking good for PLAS in 2012, the Centennial of Teddy Roosevelt’s near victory in 1912. I recommend that anyone who would like to try to sweep out the democrats and republicans speak up as loudly as possible now. Otherwise prepare for all third parties and independents to lose-again-and we will be stuck with another four years at least of reactionary rule.



Here is his prior letter to the Greens:

June 4, 2012

Open Letter to the Green Party

To whom it may concern,                           Please forward.
The Green party convention is July 12-15 at the University of Baltimore.
Historically, no third party or independent ticket has won in the U.S. for at least the past 100 years.
Clearly and certainly, unless something extraordinary, virtually unprecedented occurs, the Green party executive ticket will lose.
Do you agree or do you deny this?
Over the past several years I have completed and named a Strategy for the Green and Libertarian parties to possibly win. To sweep out the democrats and republicans.
I call it The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy.(PLAS).
It may very well be that something, virtually unprecedented thing to occur.
DESPITE the Green party?
I have been advocating PLAS and publicizing it for years.
My websites have been up for years.
What is going on here?
These 2 parties and almost all their candidates nearly always lose. They always have. They evidently always will. Yet these 2 parties and all their candidates have no curiousity about a Strategy that just might win? & no interest in trying something different for a change that just might win?
Again I ask, what is going on here? Are you all insane?
Now, I am not insane. I am going to try to attend your convention. I ask any and all supporters of PLAS to also attend. Maybe, somehow, the delegates can be pursuaded to try a sane Strategy for a change. Maybe they will adopt a sane resolution to endorse PLAS.
In which your two top candidates are women i.e. not consistent with a m/f progressive libertarian fusion ticket, a vital element to PLAS.
Also, where are you going to get the woman libertarian for this ticket? I do not know. I myself have failed to find such a candidate because evidently the libertarians are just as insane, just as obstinate, as the Greens/progressives.
The Libertarian party has already thrown away their opportunity to endorse PLAS and nominate a fusion ticket at their convention in May in Las Vegas. They nominated a losing non-PLAS republican lite ticket.
I will present myself as available for the nomination. I will try to bring a woman libertarian with me who is available for the vp nomination. However I am not able to guarantee that-far from it. Should the delegates endorse PLAS and chose a candidate other than me, I would assume that candidate would want/need me as a Special Advisor. I would be available for that.
There is much more at stake here than your fool party. Or the fool Libertarian party.
The destiny of mankind is at stake. As the U.S. goes, so goes the world. The warmongering reactionary government of  the democrats and republicans will support the warmongering reactionary governments around the world. The dictators, monarchs, theocrats and counterrevolutionaries. It will not support a progressive government; quite the contrary.
Is mankind always destined to vote for warmongering governments? Or have them installed without voting?
I personally do not care about your party rules and bylaws. I care about winning the election. Elections have consequences. I care about seeing PLAS endorsed and given a fair try. I hope to see enough people who support PLAS show up to pursuade the delegates to endorse PLAS.
PLAS should be te first item on the agenda and the top urgent priority.
My life, as I would like it to be, is at stake.
I do not want my life to be as just another wasted painful life, surrounded by other wasted lives, with way too much pain and unhappiness and conflict.
I want health and happiness and peace and prosperity for myself and everyone else
I want to see PLAS tried and succeed.
I want the democrats and republicans swept out of office.
I want to live to see the beginning of the end of these awful governments.
And I’m getting old.
You may learn more about Robert Milnes and his PLAS at his website:

12 thoughts on “Robert Milnes: Open Letter to the Libertarian Party

  1. give-me-liberty

    So this nut lost his commenting privileges…

    When does James Ogle lose his?

  2. NewFederalist

    “When does James Ogle lose his?”

    He already has quite some time ago.

  3. Steven Wilson

    For the sake of comedic relief, I always imagined a Milnes Candidacy as a hybrid of a Hee Haw episode and the Motorhome Diaries.

    Buck Owens as VP of SOL.


  4. paulie


    Just caught up on my reading there for the first time in quite a while.

    Funny/sad that Milnes thinks I was trying to discredit him on the Briscoe story when in fact I gave him credit for good detective work.

    I guess having a paranoid mindset is good for catching deception like that, but bad for seeing conspiracies and underhandedness where they don’t exist.

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