Tea Party activist launches Libertarian campaign in D.C.

The sitting D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton will not be facing a GOP opponent. Bruce Majors, a known Tea Party activist is in the process of gathering enough signatures to be the Libertarian challenger.

“We have a city’s that’s essentially a one-party state, and [Norton] is part of that one party,” he said. “She is part of the party that overlooks its own corrupt members. She is part of the system that turns a blind eye” toward official corruption.

Majors also has another motive: Get enough votes to earn major-party status for the Libertarian Party. If he can get on the ballot and win 7,500 votes, that means the Libertarians can hold their own primary in 2014. And their candidates can collect a few dozen nominating signatures to get on the ballot rather than the 3,000 Majors now has to collect.

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