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Darcy Richardson has done it again. This time he takes us backstage for a look at the Prohibition Party in its heyday—when crowds of 10,000 people would attend rallies for their presidential candidates. This short book revolves around the 1932 election, just before  the 21st Amendment was passed. Darcy details how the Prohibitionists actually had a couple of candidates officially nominated; the final one who hit the campaign trail was, in the author’s words, someone who “looked like he needed a drink.” Please dismiss from your minds all the silly talk about “negative campaigns” in recent years because “A Toast to Glory: The Prohibition Party Flirts With Greatness” shows you how low political harangues can go—and how much fun electioneering used to be when parties offered candidates who got in the arena bare-fisted.

Darcy Richardson’s next book will be a comprehensive history of the Libertarian Party, in time for its 40th anniversary, and is due out in late December. He is still writing his multi-volume history of third parties, “Others,” four of which have been published to date.

~Peter Gemma

24 thoughts on “New book about Prohibition Party

  1. Peter Gemma Post author

    Forgot this: it’s a fast read, so put two beers on ice next to your favorite reading chair.

  2. Peter Gemma Post author

    sadly yes – I’d like to have it in the Richardson section of my library, but the Kindle thingy looks odd on the book shelf.

  3. Peter Gemma Post author

    It’s really monograph size, and I suspect it’ll be part of a larger work on the Prohibition Party or maybe 3rd parties in the 30s.

  4. Mike Theodore

    One day I’m going to have a Richardson section on my bookshelf as well. I can’t wait for the December book!

  5. Richard Winger

    Thanks to IPR for making us aware of these new books. Darcy himself would never say that 1932 was the “heydey” of the Prohibition Party. The really strong years for the Prohibition Party were the years 1882-1916, years when the party elected people to Congress, state legislatures, and changed the outcome of two presidential elections, 1884 and 1916.

  6. Trent Hill

    I’v got a Darcy section. Several of the Others books, plus a book about the 1968 election. Im quite proud and hope to have all of them soon.

  7. d

    I’m looking forward to seeing what DR publishes about the Eugene McCarthy campaign in 1976. There really is virtually nothing out there in that campaign that I can find, though the subject seems highly interesting and McCarthy’s vote total was relatively high as American third parties go. I’d be grateful if any of you know of a good source of information on this independent campaign in 1976.

  8. NewFederalist

    Richard @8… didn’t they also elect the governor of Florida? It might have been in fusion but I thought they did.

  9. NewFederalist

    I just looked it up… Sydney J. Catts won the governorship of Florida in 1916 on the Prohibition ticket. He had lost the Democratic primary earlier in the year. No “sore loser” laws then I would guess!

  10. Steve

    NF – from his posts on other stories, “Henry” is obviously a Republican spammer. But since he mentions illegal aliens in a Prohibition Party thread, perhaps what he means to say is that Obama’s modern day support for marijuana prohibition is creating chaos south of the border and driving Mexican refugees to the US.

  11. paulie

    Yes, it got deleted because it was off topic spam that got put up on multiple unrelated posts.

    Anyone want to post anything on topic?

  12. Curt Boyd

    I remember hearing the Prohibitionists were going to try for seven ballots this year, yet only got on one. What’s that all about? Still tension between the Dodge and Amondson groups?

  13. paulie

    They contacted me very late in the season to inquire about a couple of neighboring states here (TN and MS) but I gave them a realistic assessment of what a very last minute campaign might cost (especially since we would be busy ourselves in Alabama, as it turned out until last minute literally) and I think that scared them off. At least, they did not call me again.

    Or maybe they researched me and found out I’m a lush, LOL.

  14. NewFederalist

    Paulie- Do you have any idea just how many Prohibitionists are left? I know there are a couple of endowments that basically keep the party alive but are there more than just a few dozen activists left?

  15. paulie

    Not to my knowledge.

    They do have some support out there, but not much that is actively organized with the party.

    The last national convention had fewer attendees than some monthly county LP meetings, and not everyone there was a Prohibitionist.

  16. Darryl W. Perry

    Three cheers for A Toast To Glory
    By: Darryl W. Perry

    Darcy G. Richardson proves, once again, why he is the leading expert of minor party history. In A Toast to Glory: The Prohibition Party Flirts With Greatness Darcy pops the cork on some little known back story of the 1932 Presidential campaign, as well as giving insight into the 1920, 1924 & 1928 elections.
    Even though I’m considered “dripping wet” by Prohibition Party standards, I became drunk with knowledge of the “bone dry” Georgia Congressman turned Prohibition Party Presidential nominee.

    Anyone who thirsts for knowledge, should seriously consider popping open a long-neck and spending an afternoon reading Darcy’s newest book.

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