NYU Libertarian Event Was Sort Of Insane

NYU Local reported on the Libertarian event hosting Judge Andrew Napolitano, former Governor Jesse Ventura, “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, and Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson.

The crowd, composed of about 200 NYU students and members of the general public, filtered into the Rosenthal Pavilion after noon yesterday. While the crowd claimed seats and various city politicos mingled with the student group’s officers, New York-based singer/songwriter Tatiana Moroz performed from a front corner of the room. With an acoustic guitar and a clear, high voice, Moroz shared her original, liberty-themed songs before closing with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War.”

Read more: Yesterday’s NYU Libertarian Event Was Sort Of Insane · NYU Local http://nyulocal.com/on-campus/2012/09/19/yesterdays-nyu-libertarian-event-was-sort-of-insane/#ixzz2732wKD8U
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10 thoughts on “NYU Libertarian Event Was Sort Of Insane

  1. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    I heard Lisa Kennedy Montgomery on Los Angeles talk radio several years ago, when Bush was still president. She was as pro-war as any talk radio “libertarian.”

    She is a skilled media hack. Her opinions were indistinguishable from other L.A. talk radio conservatarians. She knows what the L.A. talk radio audience wants to hear, and she faithfully regurgitates it (socially liberal, conservative economics, stridently pro-war).

  2. Birds of a Feather

    You could say the same thing about Jesse and the Judge.

    Ventura’s Conspiracy Theories suggested that Marina took the doctored photo of Lee Oswald with the multiple shadows and cropped head and body.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FThU-vwRJkU — 12 minute mark

    Napolitano theorized with the c.i.a. counter intel agent and creator of Al Qaeda – Scheuer – that the Jews were wagging the dog on the Fast and Furious sting to kill the Saudi Ambassador. When in reality, it was a DEA/DOJ sting to deflect attention from Fast and Furious and start WWIII.


    One good disinformation hack deserves another.

    Seems the cognitive infiltrators are very busy – but also transparent.

    Birds of a feather flock together…

  3. Birds of a Feather

    Great defenders of Liberty don’t get shows on Murdooch’s FauxNews. Napolitano is a cognitive infiltrator. Sorry to burst your bubble. His only job is to con the Liberty Movement into trusting him so that at a key moment, he can lead them astray. Controlled opposition.

  4. Austin Battenberg Post author

    His show WAS on FOX Business, not FOX News. Further the show has been canceled. Murdoch is first a man who wants to make money, and he probably thought that Freedomwatch would have high viewership. By putting it on a channel that no one has, it had no chance to become popular.

    And we of the freedom movement are a lot smarter than the average sheeple. If he were to truly be an infiltrator, once his true colors are shown, then the people who once admired him will reject him. But that is beside the point, he is an ally, and I think you are making absurd claims.

  5. JT

    Austin: “By putting it on a channel that no one has, it had no chance to become popular.”

    No one has Fox Business? Maybe where you are. It’s part of a lot of basic cable packages.

  6. Birds of a Feather

    The freedom movement is slightly smarter than the general public, but still susceptible to cognitive infiltration. Murdoch runs the neocon network. He wants most of all a NWO. He doesn’t spend all that money propping up neocon talking heads to make money. The sheeple will watch whatever is on the tv. Apparently so will some of the freedom movement. He’s a Wayne Root. He’s just smarter and without the cheap salesman tactics. Starting FOXBusiness on the net was a way to attract the liberty movement which is on the net more than the average FOX viewer without risking the average FOX viewer hearing too much about freedom. The show – the whole network – was an attempt to co-opt the liberty movement, not to make money. While it was getting more popular – and able to make more in revenue – it was replaced – precisely because it was starting to reach a larger audience. It’s not about money for Murdoch. It’s about power and control. I do agree with you on one point, eventually those who infiltrated and betrayed the Revolution will pay the price in the end. I wouldn’t want to be him when the clock strikes 1775.

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