C-Span’s Video of Free and Equal Foundation’s First Third-Party Debate

Here is a link to the debate between  third-party presidential candidates on October 23, 2012. It was put on by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation (founder and chair, Christina Tobin); host was Larry King; and the participants were Rocky Anderson, Justice Party, Virgil Goode, Constitution Party, Gary Johnson. Libertarian Party, and Jill Stein of the Green Party.

You can find the video here .

14 thoughts on “C-Span’s Video of Free and Equal Foundation’s First Third-Party Debate

  1. Eric Sundwall

    After decrying the top-two system as the dubious first question of the third party presidential debate, Free & Equal than creates a top-two system for their next debate? Don’t vote at all on this one folks . . . Just say’n.

  2. paulie

    Not a fan of either top 2 or irv, but i want to see my candidate advance in the F & E debates. As Tim Doran put it in forwarding my email a few minutes ago:


    Please email this link (and explanation) out to your state volunteers and post on your state facebook pages. We need to make sure we get Gary into the next round.

    It will look really bad that we have been complaining about being left out of National Debates by CPD and then don’t even advance in the third party debates!


    Tim Doran
    Regional Director of the South

  3. Nick Kruse

    “Not a fan of either top 2 or irv”

    I understand why you don’t like top two, but what is wrong with instant runoff voting?

  4. just libertarian

    Voting is closed…. I didn’t get a chance to watch/hear the whole thing til about 25 hours had passed.

    Pulling for Johnson and Goode in the second round, though.

  5. Matt Cholko

    IRV requires ranking candidates that one may not want to rank. In other words, if I have no preference between Goode and Stein, there is no way for me to express it, as I must rank one of them above the other.

  6. Nick Kruse

    @9, I think all of us would agree that IRV is better than what is in place now. I believe that baby steps in the right direction is better than no steps in the right direction. IRV isn’t as good as approval voting, but IRV is better than the plurality voting we have now. We should be supporting IRV as one of many options to change the way we vote.

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