Gary Johnson Crowd Surfing Videos Going Viral

Following a successful Salt Lake City Townhall (crowd estimate of 350) also streamed online, with Governor Johnson answering over 20 questions from the audience, DJ Schanz asked the Governor if he would be willing to crowd surf . . .


20 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Crowd Surfing Videos Going Viral

  1. Joe Buchman Post author

    Napolitano is calling it the best entrance by a candidate ever.

    (Although it was at the end of the Town Hall).

    And yes, I was there supporting the Governor in EVERY sense of the word.

    So was my wife who has now gone from being a reluctant Libertarian voter, to full on enthusiasm.

    If only every American had been there . . .

  2. Joe Buchman

    Trent — that’s 2,000 views in less than 20 hours. And of only one of several versions, I think.

    But yeah, if it slows down and doesn’t pick up, it was more sneeze than a full virus. . .

  3. Joe Buchman

    Trent @ 12 — 13,000 views now; what do you think?

    What if it’s 100,000 by the weekend?

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