Jill Stein Campaign: Join us to Occupy the CPD in KY, NYC


occupy_the_cpd.jpgWith four weeks to go until Election Day, we are ratcheting up the pressure to get Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala into the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) televised debates. Read on for an update from Fair Debates Organizer Carl Gibson about upcoming actions in KY and NY:

Join Green Party VP candidate Cheri Honkala to Occupy the CPD Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky on Thursday, October 11!

Occupy activists around Kentucky and Southern Ohio are organizing some really fun street theatre highlighting Paul Ryan’s devastating budget plan that would redistribute wealth upward from the poor and middle class to the wealthy. We aren’t counting on Joe Biden or the debate’s pre-approved moderator and format, tightly regulated by both campaigns, to bring up that issue – or any of the other issues we really want to hear more about. Instead, we’re going to take things into our own hands. Here’s how to get involved:

What: “Paul Ryan” Austerity Wagon protest with Cheri Honkala
Where: 317 W. Main Street, Danville, KY (6 blocks from Centre campus)
When: Thursday Oct. 11, 7 PM
(action starts at 8 PM sharp)

We need as many people as possible to get our message out at the VP debate Thursday night. Click here to RSVP and our Fair Debates Organizer Carl Gibson will contact you about how to get involved!

The austerity wagon will consist of “Paul Ryan” on a flatbed trailer, being pulled by 5 or 6 volunteers dressed as teachers, construction workers, firefighters, nurses, and so on. Every so often, “Paul Ryan” will stop the wagon and hoist a bag labeled “RYAN BUDGET” and make those pulling him put something in the bag. This will continue until those pulling Paul Ryan are left with nothing but some shorts and t-shirts that read “99 PERCENT.” With your help, it’ll be a fantastic visual aid for all the nation’s TV cameras. Speaking of fun visuals…

Join Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein to Occupy the CPD Presidential Debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on Tuesday, October 16!

There’s no way the Commission on Presidential Debates would willingly allow Jill Stein on the same stage as Obama and Romney to speak about the issues they don’t want to discuss… so on Tuesday, October 16th at 4 PM, Occupy Wall Street activists are teaming up with other groups on the ground, including Money Out/Voters In and United NY, for a 99% March on the Debates. The march will start at 4 PM, and will be at the heart of Hempstead, just 1.5 miles from Hofstra. The march will be joined by the Big Bird Bloc, an army of activists dressed as America’s favorite Sesame Street character, to protest the threat of cutting off aid for public media not beholden to corporate interests. Stay tuned for more details as the date gets closer. Here’s how to get involved:

What: 99% March on the Debates
Where: Hempstead, NY
When: Tuesday Oct. 16, 4 PM

Click here to RSVP and our Fair Debates Organizer Carl Gibson will contact you about how to get involved!

As badly as the establishment parties and the corporate media want to ignore and undermine us, we’ll show them over the next few weeks through our voices and our actions that we’re stronger than ever, that we’re fed up with the two-party duopoly on our Democracy, and that we, the people, want a White House that works for us instead of Wall Street.

Thanks for everything you do. See you in the streets!

~ Carl Gibson, Fair Debates Organizer

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