Former Harlem Globetrotter Elected to AR Legislature As Green Party Member

In Arkansas, former Democratic state legislator Fred Smith has won election to the State House as a nominee of the Green Party. Smith is also a former Harlem Globetrotter. Fred Smith was elected in the 50th District House race because his only opponent on the ballot, Hudson Hallum, was forced to resign from the ballot after an indictment. The Democratic Party of Arkansas essentially gave up trying to find someone to write-in and therefore Fred Smith cruised to victory. He is currently the only third party state legislator in the country outside of Vermont.

4 thoughts on “Former Harlem Globetrotter Elected to AR Legislature As Green Party Member

  1. paulie

    LPAR. AK is Alaska.

    Libertarians did pretty well for having non-presidential candidates on the ballot for the first time ever in Arkansas (last state to do so!), with I believe 14 candidates – including one of our best in a more-than-2 way US House race (I haven’t checked all the results yet ).

    However, it is true that we did not have candidates in every state house district. It is simply not easy to find someone willing to run in every little district. They did try to find as many candidates as they could.

    The Greens have been a force in Arkansas – they elected another legislator before, posted high totals in numerous races, ran large slates of candidates, etc. This is at least their fourth straight time on the Arkansas ballot as a full party.

  2. paulie

    BTW, it turns out that Smith was the former Democratic legislator who was forced out recently under corruption charges, and then the next legislator was also forced out under corruption charges, so now it’s Smith again, this time as a Green.

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