Who Is Gary Johnson and Why Is The GOP So Mad At Him?

In an article with a title reminiscent of the classic Admiral Stockdale rhetorical question:

Time Magazine has published an online analysis of the Gary Johnson campaign titled:

“Who is Gary Johnson and Why is the GOP So Mad At Him?”

The author, Joel Stein, writes:

“The GOP isn’t ignoring him anymore . . . Republicans are doing whatever they can to limit his appeal . . . The experience has left Johnson, 59, alienated from some of his old comrades—which, it turns out, he doesn’t mind at all.

“Going to Republican events . . . I cringed at a lot of what they said, whether it was abortion, the terrorist threat, the homophobia, the ‘illegal immigrant is the source of all our problems’ — man, that stuff made me crazy. The kook element of the Libertarians gets up, and I don’t cringe.”

The full article is available HERE

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