Darryl W. Perry: ‘Giving Libertarians a Bad Name’

By Darryl W. Perry at Free Press Publications:

It seems the past few years have seen an increase in the number of people calling themselves “libertarian.” Normally this would be excellent news for people who support a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

It becomes a problem when people who call themselves libertarian begin advocating for a more intrusive government. Some so called libertarians support gun control, humanitarian wars, the continued us of foreign aid, higher taxes on “the rich,” universal health care, a massive welfare program, stricter immigration laws and many other non-libertarian policies.

Glenn Beck is among these unlibertarian-libertarians.

He is now claiming that he will be relaunching ‘The Blaze’ as Global Libertarian Network. The problem lies in the fact that Beck’s network will misrepresent libertarian ideals and promote his message of false-libertarianism.

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36 thoughts on “Darryl W. Perry: ‘Giving Libertarians a Bad Name’

  1. Reed E

    On an unrelated note, if Paulie keeps posting articles at this rate, they will need to change the name of the site to Independent Paulie’s Report (IPR) 🙂

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m glad someone spoke out about this. Glen Beck may be more libertarian than some of the other media personalities, but I’m horrified that he’s defining himself as a libertarian (although at least he’s using a small ‘l’.)

  3. paulie Post author

    On an unrelated note, if Paulie keeps posting articles at this rate

    Actually, I’ll probably have little internet access over the next four weeks or so.

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    Most of us writers seem to write in spurts. Hopefully, there will be enough interesting stuff out there to keep you folks entertained.

  5. paulie Post author

    I don’t actually like being photographed, but I’m sure I’ll be unable to avoid it. I expect photos to end up here sooner or later. Probably sooner. I’ll write if I get a chance, but I’m not sure I’ll have a computer to do that from, or much time for it even if I do.

  6. Steven Wilson

    Buying a brand comes with leverage. Glenn Beck has that right now. The national party would need a cosigner for a pair of shoes.

    With money and a distribution channel that offers television, radio, website, and social media Glenn Beck can alter the term all he wants. Root tried to use the party from the inside. Beck is doing so without construct or authorization.

    Since the death of Harry Browne, the word Libertarian has been diluted and transformed so many times it would be ineffective to battle over semantics or pronunciation.

    Leverage offers a future, even if used poorly.

  7. marzak

    I was told years ago that if we gain acceptance that the party would be “watered down” ,corrupted and ruined.

  8. The Dylan

    I would like to object strongly to all the negativity towards Glenn Beck. I have been a reader/listener/viewer of his for some time now and I think libertarians misrepresent his basic credo even more than those on the left. Having had the honor to work with Glenn & his team at The Blaze I would like to put it on the record that Glenn Beck & most of the people who work for him strongly oppose the following: a more intrusive government, gun control, humanitarian wars, foreign aid, higher taxes on ‘the rich’, universal health care, welfare programs, stricter immigration laws, DHS, the TSA, the Patriot Act, and Real ID.

    There is a good reason why Glenn had to walk away from a sweet contract with Fox News. Yes, he is a more conservative libertarian than I am but he understands the dangers of an ever-expanding federal government, globalism, inflation, stimulus spending, and a robust foreign policy of propping up dictators & forcing regime change. Take a look at who he is surrounded by & what is happening at The Blaze network. Other libertarians like Penn Jillette, Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, Andrew Napolitano, Brian Sack, and Matt Welch have already caught on to the significance of what The Blaze can become.

  9. Darryl W. Perry

    Beck has defended the USA PATRIOT Act, who do you claim he opposes it?

    I wonder how many things that Beck now claims to oppose he will once again support when a Republican gets back in the White House?

  10. Catholic Trotskyist

    Hopefully the conservatives and libertarians will continue to infight so we can continue our quest for the global New World Order and 80% taxes on billionaires.

  11. Tom Blanton

    Beck pounded the drums hard for the Bush wars and for a war on Iran. He never questioned the rise of the police state, the surveillance state, or the national security state – he applauded it.

    Beck never complained that Bush was a socialist and never seemed to bothered about the budgets, the deficits or the national debt during Bush’s terms.

    He once said that he could never be a libertarian until the second coming of Jesus, because people can’t be trusted with freedom unless the world was made perfect under the reign of Jesus.

    Granted, I am not personally acquainted with Beck, but I have listened to his right-wing propaganda for years on the radio. Much like Wayne Root, Beck seems to think all problems related to government began at the moment Obama was inaugurated.

    If, in fact, Beck is a closet libertarian, when will he come out of the closet and renounce his former enthusiasm for wars and his fear mongering? Would that hurt his ratings among the rubes that support him?

    It was no secret that Beck preferred ALL of the Republican nominees over Ron Paul precisely because of Ron Paul’s views on the warfare state and the national security state.

    Did Beck ever proclaim Romney to be a Marxist because of Romneycare, as he did with Obama over his version of Romneycare?

    Did Beck suddenly transform into a secret libertarian after his boy Romney was rejected as Imperial President?

    Has Beck ever publicly stated he is against foreign aid for Israel?

    Beck was also against the Bush bailouts before he supported them and he was against them again after Obama took over the administration of the funds.

    Beck was also completely in favor of propping up Mubarak when the shit hit the fan in Egypt, otherwise the Muslim Brotherhood would take over and try to implement a global islamofascist caliphate.

    It isn’t a surprise that libertarians or semi-libertarians who earn their livings as pundits seek publicity and agree to be interviewed by Beck or write op-eds for the Blaze. But, how often is Beck invited to participate in libertarian venues?

    I can’t recall Glenn Beck being featured or mentioned in a positive light on any prominent libertarian websites – unless you consider Dondero’s blog a libertarian site. I don’t remember any prominent libertarian writers reviewing any of Beck’s many books.

    But what the hell do I know? I’m not a libertarian. I’m a radical anarchist absolutist. Beck, Root, Barr, Boortz, Dondero and people like that are the real libertarians. With Beck as a superstar libertarian spokesperson, I’m sure libertarians will be able to sell more Freedom McNuggets.

    The question now becomes:

    What kind of sauce do you want with your Freedom McNuggets?

  12. Dave Terry

    They say that IF you turn the lights on all of the cockroaches scurry out of sight!

    So where do creatures like Stephen Wilson come from and HOW do you get rid of them?

    The Libertarian Brand is NOT FOR SALE, by
    Glen Beck or anyone else!

  13. Thane Eichenauer

    “The problem lies in the fact that Beck’s network will misrepresent libertarian ideals and promote his message of false-libertarianism.”

    That is quite a claim. Is the claim true or false? I don’t know.

    As for Beck’s position on the Patriot Act if this post of May 2012 is an indication I would say that this post is supportive of a limited government position.


    As for John Stossel, he was interviewed by Glenn Beck in February 2012.


    Does either page above indicate that Glenn Beck is a libertarian? I don’t think even the magic eight ball has the final answer to that question.

    Do libertarian ideas and Libertarian candidates receive a fairer shake by Glenn Beck’s news organization compared to CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC or Fox?

    Does Glenn Beck agree 100% with me or Tom Blanton or Darryl W. Perry? No he doesn’t. Each Libertarian (or libertarian) has their own set of positions. Glenn Beck has positions that differ from other libertarians. Does that make him an un-libertarian?

    I have my own answers to these questions. Other libertarians may have answers that differ from mine.

    As I and Eric Cartman and Glenn Beck have said “I am just asking questions”.


    Does Google.com have the answer?


    I don’t think that the answer that Google.com offers today is particularly favorable.

    Will that answer change for the better a year from now?

    I don’t know. I am just asking questions.

    [If you want a really mathematical answer to the question {I know you do.} ask Wolfram Alpha.]


    [Don’t blame me if you don’t like the answer. I am just asking questions.]

    I might however speculate that if one were to ask the Magic Eight Ball if Glenn Beck is becoming more libertarian every day the answer I would receive would be “Ask again later”.

    Your mileage may vary.

  14. Bob Tiernan

    People like Richard Burke give Libertarians a bad name due to his hypocrisy, particularly when he’s seen in strip clubs taking pictures with his cell phone — and this is the turd who for years has been claiming to be leading the effort to “clean up” the party’s image and reputation from the so-called long-haired pot-smokers and what he calls “counter-culture” types, trying to avoid the situations that are used by the press against numerous Republican candidates.

    B. Tiernan
    Assistant Secretary, Yamhill Libertarians Against Dave Terry and Steve Dodds

  15. Dave Terry

    Well Hello Bob Tiernan, haven’t heard from you in a long time. I heard that you had died and went to Hell. Couldn’t get along with the Devil either, huh?

    I see you are still picking up specimens from off the grass. But everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

    I see that you have worked your way up to the position of Assistant Secretary of my Fan Club.

    NOW I know why the Secretary NEVER misses a meeting.

    Look me up when you get back to Oregon, but be careful, the State Troopers know what you are driving, and we still have drunk driving laws.

  16. Slingblade

    I noticed Gary Johnson was tagged on here Darryl Perry.

    Was this because he advocates for the fraud tax , humanitarian wars, FEMA, and the FDA?

  17. Bob Tiernan

    Dave Terry:

    I see that you have worked your way up to the position of Assistant Secretary of my Fan Club.


    Speaking of the duties of secretaries, remember when you were filling in as one at the 2007 Sunriver convention but you weren’t taking notes so that when something important came up and we all needed to know what exactly had been voted on you had no clue and thus got away with lying about what was voted on?

    By the way, you should get back into that thread about adding Wes Wagner to some state chair list or something, for I’ve sent in some comments that of course disputed what you’d written (which is very easy to do, what with your inability to get your facts straight).

    Bob Tiernan

  18. Mark Hilgenberg

    More and more I think we need to re-brand ourselves, especially when reaching out to the youth. The name libertarian is so tarnished and tied to conservatism, I am not sure what else we can do.

  19. NewFederalist

    Mark @ 26… I thought so, too. I even proposed a party name change to accommodate a re-branding (although it wasn’t called that in 1985) at the Phoenix national convention. I didn’t have much success.

  20. paulie Post author

    Changing the party name would create a lot of issues, from ballot access to ordering all kinds of materials to be reprinted (and not only at the national level). The right and/or left would work hard to co-opt the new brand, too, especially if it started to take off.

  21. Steven Wilson

    The birth of small groups within a parent can be organic or manufactured. The original tea party were libertarians fighting against eminent domain law. Look where it ended up.

    Beck or anyone else with leverage can re-brand at will because they can. No one here has the money, reach/impression, or distribution channels to stop it.

    Do you think Goldwater would even recognize this Republican party?

    Every time you go big tent, you must adapt the premise to fit all within the tent. American voters wouldn’t know the difference between a classical liberal and a marxist. So how should they defend themselves against Beck or even Darryl Perry from telling them “this is how to be free”.

    American voters don’t require logic or proof, so what is the point of arguing with actors like Beck? It is his show and his time.

  22. NewFederalist

    “Changing the party name would create a lot of issues, from ballot access to ordering all kinds of materials to be reprinted…”

    Far more so today than in 1985. Plus the name I was suggesting was eventually taken.

  23. Mark Hilgenberg

    I am thinking more along the lines of a marketed (I know, sorry Starchild 🙂 name, kinda like a DBA.

    Along the lines of how we used to be either “Enough is Enough” or TANSTAFL but not so abstract.

  24. Mark Hilgenberg

    The Utah LP started using “Ending Coercion, Promoting Free-Agency, Self-Reliance, and Peace” over the past year.

    Agency is an LDS term, it is basically the idea that “the privilege of choice which was introduced by God the Eternal Father to all of his spirit children in the premortal state”.

    Outside of Utah we would need to find a different term but one with a similar meaning.

    I do know that the difference between the 2011 and 2012 Pride fests using the new slogan vs the old was radically different.

    Using the old banner we had dozens of people very angry at us, they assumed we were the Tea Party and wondered why we would be at an event full of people we wanted to oppress.

    Last year we had a completely different reaction, people were very welcoming and positive.

  25. Michael H. Wilson

    re @ 20 Dave Terry I haven’t seen Bob Tiernan in a number of years but the last I knew of him he never touched anything stronger than coffee. What about you?

  26. Thane Eichenauer

    Glenn Beck is purported to have said “I’m more and more libertarian”. I personally think that Glenn Beck is at least as sincere as 99% of the folks I see on the TV (though we all realize that is a rather low bar) as far as describing his political beliefs.
    Recently I read an article on the DOMA decision where Beck was reported to have said “For context, it’s worth noting that Beck went out of his way to say that he is not against state recognition of same-sex marriages. He’s just asking questions…:”
    If Beck continues examining political issues with a skeptical eye I have little doubt that Beck will become more and more libertarian every day.

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