Gary Johnson Says Ohio Is Best Organized LP Affiliate In Nation

Thanks to Brad Lowry for sending in this information – KL.

This link should bring you exactly to the point in the video, if not, jump to 53m49s.

“We had the pleasure of meeting you at the Libertarian Party convention in Columbus, Ohio.”
Gary: “Ahh, very good. I think Ohio has the best organized Libertarian Party in the country. Hats off to you.”

Gary Johnson feels this way because of the immense success and quantity of events he has had in Ohio. It has been a true team effort across the state. If it wasn’t for the organization put into place by Kevin Knedler, we would never have been able to pull off these events.

– On his recent 8 stop college tour, the event at Miami of Ohio was the highest attended event.(350 people) Brad Lowry, Field Development Director for the Libertarian Party of Ohio, organized and planned this event with the Miami, OH YAL chapter.

– During the campaign season, he had 2 high school visits of over 600 people each in Centerville and Beavercreek, OH.
– Largest college rally attendance at University of Cincinnati of 450 people. Stated it was the highest energy event he attended. Field Development Director for the Libertarian Party of Ohio, organized and planned this event with the University of Cincinnati YAL chapter.
– Over 250 people attended a lunch time stop in Bowling Green, OH. Wood County Libertarian Party, consistently the strongest county affiliate in Ohio, arranged for over 8 different major media to be there during his stop. This resulted in the 2nd highest vote percentage for Gary Johnson in the state of Ohio.
– The largest single event attendance was held in Streetsboro, Ohio with 720 people. This was a direct result of Debbie Dean and her amazing work.

30 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Says Ohio Is Best Organized LP Affiliate In Nation

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Goddamnit, I missed a new Gary Johnson Google Hangout?! I’ve been wanting to talk to him on one of these for a really long time. I’m disappointed IPR missed this.

  2. Rod Stern

    This was brought up in a previous thread. Other states with well-organized affiliates that I remember being mentioned were Texas, Indiana, Kansas, Colorado and Virginia. Any others?

  3. Rod Stern

    “Goddamnit, I missed a new Gary Johnson Google Hangout?! ”

    You probably wouldn’t have gotten through. Way too many questions get asked, far more than Johnson has time to answer. Or maybe I’m mixing this up with the reddit chats.

  4. Rod Stern

    Either way, your best bet if you want to try to get an interview with Johnson is to contact Ron Nielson and see if there is a way to set that up.

  5. Rod Stern

    What is their budget and dues paying membership compared to population? How does this rank with other states?

  6. Wes Wagner

    RS @4

    Jill mentioned Oregon… but no one wants to talk about us. Having a record number of candidates and a per capita candidate total that is nearly first in class is apparently something to keep hush hush.


  7. Rod Stern

    Oregon has some good points to be sure. But I would hardly call it problem free.

  8. Wes Wagner

    Our convention on May 4th looks like it will have a higher raw attendance than California… which… if I recall correctly is a far more populous state.

  9. Rod Stern

    Also, I can’t very well remember every state that was mentioned. I just now recalled Washington State.

  10. Wes Wagner

    RS @10

    Correct, there is still a small rag tag group of people running around suing us using the Oregon GOP counsel that got his start with funds stolen by Mark Hinkle during his last term as part of a failed attempt to run a national LP Starr-aligned junta to push our state into vassalage.

    I am pretty sure if you shutdown the national party, we would be relatively problem free.

  11. Wes Wagner

    RS @14

    For some… maybe… but for us… all our problems stemmed from national and people ambitions there.

  12. Rod Stern

    Given that the national party is not funding your opponents’ lawsuits at this point, I don’t think you would be problem free in that regard even if the national party disappeared today.

  13. Wes Wagner

    RS @16

    At this point no… the horse has left the barn. But given that we are a top tier state in terms of performance in spite of the previous administration calling out a political hit on us … I think that is worthy of note on multiple levels (most of all, just how terribly corrupt and wrong the LNC Inc is)

  14. Wes Wagner

    Imagine what our state organizations would be capable of if the membership of the national LP/LNC Inc were to actually elect ethical and competent leadership. 😉

  15. Richard Winger

    I agree with Gary Johnson that the Ohio LP is well-organized and a very good state affiliate. But it only seems fair to mention that Johnson’s percentage in Ohio in 2012 was .89%, whereas in the nation as a whole Gary got .99%.

    Among the 7 most populous states, Johnson’s best were Texas at 1.11% and California at 1.10%.

  16. Mark Axinn


    They are a bunch of casserole-eaters in Ohio.

    And I sat next to Knedler at a AAA baseball game in 2012 where the Bufallo Yankees clobbered the Columbus Clippers.

    Those buckeyes can’t compare to the LP in the Evil Empire State!!!

  17. Jill Pyeatt

    Ohio has “casserole-eaters”!!! Omigod! Hide the women and children! Make sure the salt-and-pepper shakers are outlawed! You must get this under control!!!

  18. Kevin Knedler

    Good Golly Mark, get the team name correct. It’s the Buffalo BISON. They were the AAA team for the Cleveland Indians and now the NY Mets if memory serves me well. The Columbus Clippers are AAA team now of the Cleveland Indians–keep it in Ohio.

    The context of the GJ comments appear to be around the organization and nothing more. OK, so we have the organization built which should lead to more candidates and higher vote counts in the future.

    As for “membership”, we follow Ohio Revised Code Law. A “Member” is somebody that votes in the party primary in the Spring–generally in even-numbered years. There is literally no other way to party-register in Ohio other than running for Partisan office. So we don’t charge “dues”. We sure do ask for the contributions though.

    See you all at the National Convention in Columbus, Ohio in 2014.

    Thank you.

  19. Rod Stern

    “Yeah well Oregon has lots and lots of beavers…”

    Mmmmm. Beavers. [/homer simpson]

  20. Mark Axinn

    KK @23–

    Details, details. Bison, Yankees, Mets. The important thing is that New York won the all-important battle over those casserole-eating buckeyes!

    On a serious note, the organization in the Ohio LP is a role model for every other state, but the reason it’s there at all and works so well is because of the exemplary leadership the Ohio LP has enjoyed for the last half-dozen years.

    I speak with quite a bit of knowledge on this subject, even if I cannot get my AAA teams straight: Every state’s LP is only as strong as its leaders and members and Ohio has been blessed to have terrific people in both roles.

    Nevertheless, I will have to have a few words with Gov. Johnson when he is in NYC next week concerning his judgment! 🙂

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