Live Updates: New York State LP Convention Being Held Today

The Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) state convention is being held today. So far, we know the results of the officer elections:

Chair – Mark Axinn
Vice Chair – Gigi Bowman
Vice Chair – Chris Padgett
Secretary – Blay Tarnoff
Treasurer – Gary Triestman
At-Large Commitee Member – Audrey Capozzi
At-Large Commitee Member – Chris Garvey
At-Large Commitee Member – Michael Houze
At-Large Commitee Member – June Smith
At-Large Commitee Member – Brian Waddell

More updates to follow…

14 thoughts on “Live Updates: New York State LP Convention Being Held Today

  1. Ed Reagan

    Great slate of speakers too!

    Jason Sorens – Founder of the Free State Project and Assistant Professor Department of Political Science at State University of NY, Buffalo.

    Karen Straughan – Public c0mmentator on Feminism and S0cialism, #1 watched essayist on Youtube on the topic of Feminism [aka GirlWritesWhat], Contributing Editor and Co-host for AVFM Radio.

    Joanne Naughton – Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Retired NYPD Lieutenant, Manhattan Legal Aid Defense Attorney, and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at John Jay and Mercy Colleges.

    David Gay – Central New York Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul Syracuse Campaign Coordinator, Candidate for Syracuse Common Council, and Commentator on the NY S.A.F.E. Act.

  2. Deran

    “Karen Straughan” And supporters of the LP ask why there are not more women involved with the LP. I realize Straughan is not a spokesperson for the LP, but she is a contributing editor for A Voice For Men Radio, but having her as a central speaker at their state convention seems a good starting point for that query.

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m delighted to have Mark and Gigi as chair and vice-chair! I expect great things from the New York LP .

  4. Rod Stern

    “but she is a contributing editor for A Voice For Men Radio”

    So what do you draw from that fact? Please explain.

  5. Rod Stern

    Well, men can be feminists without getting castrated.

    Here’s from the Voice For Men website:


    The dissemination of information that will expose misandry on all levels in our culture.

    To denounce the institution of marriage as unsafe and unsuitable for modern men, and to promote awareness of information designed to protect men who are already married.

    To promote an end to chivalry in any form or fashion.

    To promote the legal and nonviolent antagonism of all agents of misandry, from members of academe, to holders of public office, to law enforcement and other state functionaries, to popular bloggers and to corporate agents who promote misandry for profit.

    To support peaceful acts of civil disobedience when necessary

    To educate men and boys about the threats they face in feminist governance and to promote an end to that governance.

    To debunk the lies and distortions of misandry and feminist governance wherever they occur.

    To offer a more reasoned, cogent and intellectually honest view of sexual politics.

    To address the variety of problems faced by men and boys under feminist governance and attempt to ameliorate those problems.

    To push for an end to rape hysteria, DV hysteria and false allegations.

    To promote a culture that values equal treatment under the law for all human beings.

    The Values

    AVfM regards gender ideologues and all other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would klansmen, skinheads, neo Nazi’s or other purveyors of hate. We will educate them where they are willing to learn, but hold them accountable for their ignorance as much as their actions.

    We take no side at all in partisan political struggles and, after weighing the evidence at hand, generally tend to view all organized mainstream political options as misandric.

    We support and endorse only non-violent reactions to feminist governance and in fact are trying to head off future acts of violence that feminist governance is sure to foment.

    We oppose all state authority over or interference in the private lives of consenting adults engaged in any form of sexual or romantic relationship.

    We oppose any state authority over or interference in the commercialization of sexual relations between consenting adults.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    So, in other words, I shouldn’t expect to go to a Voice for Men event expecting to do a lot of socializing?

    BTW, We’d love to hear about any of the other conventions that were held today.

  7. Rod Stern

    The list I have for today IIRC


    PA – rescheduled for June 8
    NV – postponed indefinitely

  8. Mark Axinn

    Thanks for your kind words of support.

    This will be my fourth term as LPNY Chair, which has only happened twice before in our 41-year history.

    Our meeting was a rousing success. No acrimony, just good times, superb speakers, all in a lovely setting.

    We had approx. 60 people in total in attendance for a terrific day.

    I am looking forward to continuing to build our chapters (we have nine and soon will have 10) and state affiliate.

  9. Mark Axinn

    We will have youtubes of the chief speakers available soon which I will post when available.

  10. Mark Axinn

    Here are some notes from at-large committee member Michael Houze, for which I am deeply grateful.

    Jason Sorens Free State Project

    2001 Concept of making a difference with libertarian principles. Areas of the world that were looked at for reference were Catalonia, Quebec, Scotland Basque region.

    New Hampshire beat Wyoming 58% to 42%. Jason notes that 20% of NH statehouse is in libertarian(small l) caucus.

    Same sex union recognition passed.

    Medical marijuana legislation passed waiting for gov to sign.

    Home schooling laws loosened.

    Quite a bit of more detail was discussed as to the pros of the goal of the Free State Project in NH coming to fruition in the near future.

    Karen Straugham

    Spoke concerning Ideological feminism

    Karen shared with us, quite in depth, concerning the problems with Ideological feminism and corresponding under cutting of male rights. I would highly recommend the review of Karen’s presentation as it was, as noted before quite in depth, and very revealing concerning what many would consider more than a quest for equality. I would look forward to further discussion on this list of her presentation after everyone reviews the video.

    Joanne Naughton of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

    Spoke concerning the fight that LEAP is engaged in for sensible laws concerning drugs.

    112 million in 2005 used drugs in this country.

    A total of 41 billion estimate between federal and state money is used in the ‘war on drugs’

    LEAP notes that 46.7 est tax revenue would be available based on rates comparable to tax on tobacco/alcohol and savings by shutting down the war on drugs.

    She noted that 13 1/2% of users were black but were 10 times more likely to enter prison on non-violent drug offenses.

    The drug policies of Portugal and Switzerland were discussed and contrasted with US policy.

    David Andrew Gay from the Syracuse area

    Spoke on liberty and virtue and his campaigning as a libertarian minded Ron Paul republican. Most notable was his recent ardent defense of the 2nd amendment and opposition to the SAFE act passed here in New York. He does not see the SAFE act being repealed but sees nullification as a very viable option.

    David’s current campaigning and his future were discussed in the Q&A period.

    We also heard from Chris Edes of our party who has announced that he is running as a candidate for governor in 2014 seeking the libertarian nomination.

    Gigi Bowman, who is running for state senate in 2014, spoke of our need to work together as a party. This is due to the many new members and potential members coming into our party from the Ron Paul movement. Along with a general dissatisfaction amongst members of the two major parties due to the downward direction of our country.

  11. John Macy

    Good thing it went smooth. After I read what happened in NYC on April 9 I was concerned about the state convention, but I’m glad I was wrong.

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