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LPPA Chair Tom Stevens Says He Has Lifted LPPA Facebook Page Moderation


From: Dr. Tom Stevens []
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 3:39 PM
To: A number of people
Subject: LPPA Facebook Page Moderation Lifted


It sickens me to read the lies, misrepresentations and defamation posted daily by the same core group of malcontents who enjoy creating problems within the party and it is also true that these lies have influenced people while I have devoted my time to productive work. Do you have any idea how many hours a day it would take to post a response to the continuing drumbeat of misinformation that is being posted in the social media, here and in national LP outlets like IPR.

 In this last month of my responsibilities as State Chair, I am going to open the floodgates on our LPPA Facebook Page located at:

 I have already deleted the posting guidelines placed there by the former managers, which set forth many potential policy violations that would cause posts to be deleted. I did not change those guidelines and enforced them to the best of my abilities – but no more.

 Everyone is free to join that page and post whatever they want in whatever manner they want. Do you wish to call a fellow County Chair a “dick-hugging bitch”? Type away!

 Another lie is that I have gone around banning people from social media sites. I went into the Facebook Page and have unbanned all the individuals I previously banned from that page.

 Who were they, you ask? TWO PEOPLE were banned in the last year. BOTH WERE NOT LPPA MEMBERS. I banned James Ogle and James Babb (a former member). THAT’S IT!!

 I really would urge LPPA members to open their eyes as to how some people have run a campaign of lies and destruction over the past few months.

 As the convention comes closer, they are trying to get every strategic advantage they can by asking me to resign or to step aside as Convention Chair, which was my duty and responsibility according to the bylaws, just affirmed by the Judicial Committee. So why did I step aside in favor of Mik? Because some people in the non-Scheetz camp started to cave in to the pressure and the posts.

 I am very glad I am leaving office and I wish everyone well but when my own friends start to believe the bullshit that is posted, it is time to find new friends.


In Liberty,


Dr. Tom Stevens

LPPA State Chair

About Post Author

Krzysztof Lesiak

I've been a contributor for IPR since January 2013. I consider myself to be a paleoconservative. I'm also the founder of American Third Party Report. Email me at


  1. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 27, 2013

    Can you provide details and evidence about this?

  2. Joshua chaires Joshua chaires April 27, 2013

    Tom Stevens is a creep and a weirdo. He verbally harassed me as a way to gain a sexual favor from me. Completely 100% wrong and disgusting. And than he goes ahead and claims I had no right to vote at the meeting two weeks ago. Well if he were so concerned he would off been there himself to vote.

  3. Richard Schwarz Richard Schwarz April 3, 2013

    I’m still banned too.

  4. paulie paulie April 3, 2013

    Perhaps we need a spin-off website called “Independent Tom Stevens Report

    Perhaps. Anyone want to take the lead on starting one up?

  5. Erik Viker Erik Viker April 3, 2013

    I’m still banned from the “Pennsylvania Libertarian Activists” group. I was banned back when it was called the LPPA group, after I asked how efforts to recruitment efforts for Tom’s new Pennsylvania Libertarian Alliance project might be impacting efforts to have LPPA members renew in 2013. But no loss, because when I look at the Pennsylvania Libertarian Activists group from my other other FB profile I see a lot of right-wing extremism getting posted there, and not so much Libertarian material anymore.

  6. paulie paulie April 3, 2013

    Tom’s is telling a half-truth here as there are, or should I say were two (2) LPPA presences on Facebook. A Facebook “Page” and a Facebook “Group”

    There was also a previously existing facebook group which Tom Stevens threatened with a lawsuit and had shut down, because he claimed he was the only one authorized to run an official LPPA facebook group, which was the one he turned into a private group with a different name after he successfully shut the other one down.

  7. Murray Hill Murray Hill April 3, 2013

    I received the following forwarded email from Ed Reagan:

    My fellow Libertarians and one Objectivist,

    Tom’s is telling a half-truth here as there are, or should I say were two (2) LPPA presences on Facebook. A Facebook “Page” and a Facebook “Group”

    The Facebook “Page” named “Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania”, referenced in Tom’s email below, located at: .

    As well as a Facebook “Group”, the one that was named “Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA)”, which Tom renamed to “Pennsylvania Libertarian Activists” on Sunday, March 31, 2013 which is located at: . This was the one where Tom did most of his posting and banning in his official capacity as State Chair & moderator, in fact I was banned from this group, and even with the rename I am still banned from this group. Thanks for one on the non-banned members for sharing information about this group being repurposed.

    That name change was followed by the group description being modified on Sunday, March 31, 2013 to read:

    “This is a Facebook Group for Pennsylvania Libertarian Activists.
    If you have pro-liberty events you know of, feel free to post them. If you have issues of interest to Pennsylvania Libertarian Activists, let us know what they are.
    This page is run by Dr. Tom Stevens”

    What concerns me and should also concern the LPPA Board and membership is the use of fraud by Tom Stevens. Fraud when he sent this email to try to pull the wool over your eyes. Fraud when he used a group he owns and named “Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA)”, instead of using the existing Facebook page “Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Fraud when he got unsuspecting LPPA members to join the “Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA)” Facebook group, in place of the other group. And finally fraud when he after collecting LPPA members on Facebook who voluntarily joined an what they thought was an official LPPA Facebook presence, that was in actuality Tom Stevens using the LPPA intellectual property to trick people into joining a group he controlled and planned on taking with him when he left the LPPA.

    Greg Teufel’s Legal Action Committee reported the following to the LPPA Baord:

    “It is important for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania to maintain and defend rights it may have in a mark that has value and to be vigilant against infringement generally. The State Chair holds the opinion that the words “Libertarian Party”, “Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania” and the name of all local County Committees, Regional Committees and proposed local chartered affiliates must be protected but the word “libertarian” in most circumstances cannot be defended as a service mark or trade mark because of its general usage to describe a philosophical perspective and ideology. If an entity other than the trademark owner uses a mark, the mark’s ability to function as an indicator of source is diminished. For this reason, all third-party uses of a mark should be licensed, and monitored carefully. Unlicensed uses, or unmonitored third-party licensing, can result in a finding that a mark has been abandoned. Trademark infringement also ! diminishes the source-identifying capabilities of marks. When marks are appropriated unlawfully by unlicensed third parties, consumers are likely to become confused regarding the source or origin of goods or services. Therefore, trademark owners should take steps to discover, and prosecute, adverse users. A trademark owner’s failure to prosecute known infringers of a mark, may result in a finding of abandonment of trademark rights. The State Chair has been vigilant in monitoring the unauthorized use of our marks on social media sites and has been acting to defend our marks since he was elected Chair. If any LPPA members observe any infringement of our marks, please bring the situation to the attention of the Legal Committee and the State Chair as soon as possible.”

    I respectfully as request that the LPPA Board of Directors to please add the misuse of LPPA intellectual property, service mark, and trade mark to the list of charges filed against Tom Stevens to be addressed at the emergency LPPA Board meeting scheduled for April 13, 2013.


  8. Erik Viker Erik Viker April 3, 2013

    When it became obvious that 70% of the anti-Tom complaints were about the way he was managing the Facebook page, Facebook group and Yahoo email Board Business group, members suggested it might be better to turn moderation over to a less divisive figure. This suggestion was unfortunately met with considerable resistance from Tom.

  9. Murray Hill Murray Hill April 3, 2013

    “Another lie is that I have gone around banning people from social media sites.”

    Is Stevens claiming that he hasn’t banned any current LP members from other social media sites, or just this one?

  10. Steve Scheetz Steve Scheetz April 3, 2013

    “Another lie is that I have gone around banning people from social media sites. I went into the Facebook Page and have unbanned all the individuals I previously banned from that page.”


    If tom was sincere, he would have removed himself from any administrator role on those pages.


    Steve Scheetz

  11. Ben Smith Ben Smith April 3, 2013

    He has opened up one social media page that was the least censored, but he continues to censor and ban people on multiple other social media, including county chairs and candidates for party positions on official LPPA communications.

  12. Barry Kotsis Barry Kotsis April 3, 2013

    This is not true. He has changed the name of the facebook group to something like Libertarian Liberty alliance of PA and banned people from that as well.

  13. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 3, 2013

    “when my own friends start to believe the bullshit that is posted, it is time to find new friends.”

    If this were me, maybe, just maybe, I might wonder if there might be some truth in what’s being said.

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