New Venue for “Unofficial” LP Nevada Convention on Saturday to be Announced Tomorrow

Brett Pojunis posted the following in the LP Nevada Facebook group:

So Jason Smith contacted the Suncoast to reserve meeting space for us. All was good, we reserved a room that would hold 40 people (seated) and ordered coffee, tea and water all for $380! They asked the name of the room and he said Nevada Libertarians. He then received a call from a supervisor who said that room was no longer available, the only room they had was for $750, Jason Smith called me up and we agreed that we would get the room anyway. When he told this to the supervisor she put him on hold for a few mins and came back and said that she could not reserve a room for our group, he then asked if there was other space available and she said “we don’t have to do business with people we don’t want to do business with.”

This is getting out of control… Stay tuned, we are working on anther venue which we will have by mid-day tomorrow in the same general area. We were going to try to get space under a different name for the group, but we wouldn’t put it past them to have security waiting for us.

Message to current Executive Committee: Keep putting up obstacles and we will keep knocking them down! No matter how hard you try, we will try harder. Nothing will get in the way of us growing the party in Nevada.

22 thoughts on “New Venue for “Unofficial” LP Nevada Convention on Saturday to be Announced Tomorrow

  1. Stewart Flood

    This is really sad. I disagree with Mr Pojunis on a number of issues and I believe that his message to the membership was inappropriate and self-serving, BUT the reaction of the current leadership of Nevada was not right.

    For the sake of discussion I will go under the assumption that what Mr Pojunis reports has not been exaggerated and the hotel really treated them the way he says they did. The only likely reasons they could have for doing this would be either that someone pressured them, possibly with the threat of legal action if they did business with a group called “Nevada Libertarians”, or someone on their staff is a close friend and/or business associate of someone in the current state party leadership.

    This is starting to look bad. Really bad.

  2. Rev fatsax

    Nicki is the director of sun coast catering, and she said the decision came from above her. She would not tell me who, but i am not done digging.

  3. Rod Stern

    Do they really think they can stop you by forcing you to change venues? Pathetic.

  4. Stewart Flood

    Well they can’t really do anything at their meeting anyway. If they had it at the same venue, you “might” be able to make the argument that the notice to call off the convention wasn’t given far enough out so delegates showed up anyway. Then if you bang the gavel down without the current chair present you just have the issue of whether it is a legal convention.

    Not sure how it works in Nevada, but in South Carolina the convention does not need any of the existing officers to be present once the meeting location is set. And since 60 days notice is required, that type of cancellation at the last minute wouldn’t count here.

    But then we haven’t had anything like what Oregon, Pennsylvania and Nevada have had since we ousted our “dictator” back in ’06.

    I remember the first time I met one of the more “prominent” LNC members at the ’06 convention and he shook our hands and congratulated us for getting rid of our previous chair. 🙂

  5. Rod Stern

    They could conceivably meet somewhere other than a meeting room, still at the Suncoast or just outside.

  6. Rod Stern

    “Well they can’t really do anything at their meeting anyway.”

    Pojunis on FB:

    I have never said anything about a “faux convention.” After speaking with a lot of members who have already taken time off, traveled, etc. I felt it would be a great opportunity to get people together to try to get the party back on track. I would like to leave this meeting with specific goals and working groups to achieve each goal. The spirit of this is not negative, it is all positive.


    We want the meeting to be held in a professional environment which is why we are working on reserving a room. The people who attend will be motivated to build the party.

    In closing, I consistantly take the high road and act as a professional. It is really upsetting that my name gets dragged through the mud for accusations without any proof. Thank you for trying to get all sides of the story without jumping to conclusions.

  7. S Rowan Wilson, MBA

    Folks, you have a convicted child molester from another country as treasurer ‘in bed’ w/ the longtime corrupt chair who has run off any and all members, is known for his temper tantrums, wife divorced him, has been suspended on various occasions from teaching, gone after other LP members and even gone after little old ladies (apologies to Isabel Isherwood;-)…

    Really, what else do you expect but more turds to be lain from the Kurt & Joe power faction?

    I’m glad Brett & the rest are moving forward building the party. The most disconcerting part is the LNC not having the gumption to do something a few years ago. It’s time to move on and vote in a new crew. Hopefully the LNC will grow-up, mend their ways and credential the new slate.

    On with the convention!

  8. David Colborne

    One possibility that was aired on FB and is a little less nefarious than the “Silvestri is pressuring the Suncoast” conspiracy is the possibility that the LPNV might owe the Suncoast money for cancelling the venue and management wants to make sure the LPNV isn’t trying to sneak around the exit charges.

    Or, alternatively, Silvestri & Co. registered a security complaint. We’ll find out on Saturday – unless someone miracles a restraining order to my hotel on Friday, I’ll probably swing by the Suncoast for a bit and see what’s going on before I go to our venue.

  9. Stewart Flood

    It is good to see that they aren’t planning to try to hold a convention. A meeting just to get together to talk about moving things forward is always a good idea.

  10. Rod Stern

    “How long has Silvestri been the state chair?”

    Ten years is what I have seen mentioned on facebook.

  11. Marc Montoni

    I hope that someone will be wandering around the Suncoast with a sheet inviting Libertarians to the “alternative” meeting. I *would* suggest calling it a convention, however – but check with a lawyer.

    It may not even be legal in NV to cancel the governing meeting of an organization once called, without an Act of God, or of the state, or an enabling provision in the organization’s bylaws — and it’s already been shown that there is no provision for canceling in the LPNV bylaws.

    I suspect if the alternative convention is held and “shadow officers” elected, a lawsuit to declare them the valid leaders of the LPNV might have a chance of success.

    It’s pretty obvious that Silvestri knows he’s headed for the door.

    What I don’t understand is why these people hold onto their infinitesimally tiny fiefdoms of power so desperately. Do they have no other source of support for their self-esteem?

    When I felt I couldn’t depend on the support of the rest of the leadership in Virginia any more in 2001, I simply did not seek re-election.

    But when the people took my place (the same individuals who had gotten me to leave) screwed their duties up so badly it became *their* time to leave, they argued and fought and attempted to use extra-legal means to cling to their positions.


    What in the HELL do these people think they’re winning?

    If it’s clear that you’ve lost the support of most of the members of your state party, just resign. Take a break. if your opposition really becomes that bad, you can come back later.

    But stop scratching and clawing desperately to your position. There’s tons of other things to do.

  12. wes wagner

    MM @15

    They are often very very low quality sociopathic narcissists and it is all they have.

    If you think that makes no sense … that is why they call it abnormal psychology.

  13. David Colborne

    UPDATED – sent full e-mail with details to Jill:


    Here is the game plan for Saturday, April 27th, 2013:

    8:00 AM Suncoast Casino
    Please show up at Suncoast Casino to ensure nothing is going on. The address is 9090 Alta Dr Las Vegas, NV 89145.
    We will be meeting in the lobby.

    9:00 AM J.W. Marriott Hotel – Andalucia Room
    We have secured space right next store to the Suncoast at the J.W. Marriott Hotel. The room is called Andalucia Room. The address is 221 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89144

    If you park at Rampart Valet, go to the door to the right of the sports book. Please be professional, I know it is tough due to the way we have all been treated by the current Executive Committee however it is important our long term success. We would appreciate it if you could use a small portion of the refunded money to help chip in for the room, it was $550 and we will be charged for the refreshments we use.

  14. David Colborne

    Just 86’d from the original venue – apparently, the Executive Committee didn’t cancel the convention space and instead hosted an “invitation only free speech conference”. They called security when we showed up to crash.

  15. David Colborne

    Correction: We did not “crash” the event. We attended an event at the planned convention venue, which was hosted by known Executive Committee members. We were informed that the event was “by invitation only” and that it was hosted by “Free Speech Coalition”. Attendance at the invitation only event was sparse – no more than 10.

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