Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates Laura Delhomme Endorsed by Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party candidate for Virginia House of Delegates in district 47 Laura Delhomme was endorsed by Gary Johnson on April 30th. From the Libertarian Party’s Facebook page today:

Congratulations to Laura Delhomme, who is running for the Virginia House of Delegates, on her endorsement from Gary Johnson!

Like her page here and see the video of her endorsement: Laura for Delegate

Learn more about other Libertarian candidates who “Run with Scissors” to cut big government

Here is the video of the endorsement:

Also see:

20 thoughts on “Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates Laura Delhomme Endorsed by Gary Johnson

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Have you tried clicking on embed? That brings up a different code than if you click share.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    Nevermind, I see there isn’t a separate code. It must be some setting on your computer, but heck if I know how to fix it.

  3. paulie

    I would like to have the ability to embed videos someday. lol.

    Easiest thing in the world. Just take out the a href= … /a part. Put the URL in like you would type it in the URL window or in a comment, no HTML tags or embed codes needed. Call me, I can walk you through it if you can’t make it work.

  4. Chuck Moulton

    Congrats on the endorsement!

    Laura is a tireless Libertarian Party activist in Virginia:

    • House of Delegates candidate
    • 8th congressional district chair
    • Communications committee chair
    • Virginia rep to the 2014 LP platform committee
    • Virginia coordinator of Outright Libertarians
    • former Virginia co-director of Gary Johnson 2012
    • former chair of LPNOVA (local affiliate)

    You should all like her campaign Facebook page!!

  5. paulie

    Also fyi this was posted on one of the LP FB pages

    “The candidate group is seeking candidates. We have very few candidates to promote (lots from Virginia, though – go VA!) So if you know of any officially nominated candidates, their campaign managers or state contacts, please ask them to message Leeann Hutson Solice or Jeffrey Bathe or others you know on the candidate group.”


    “We will be making our candidates legendary and world famous for being government cutting, liberty promoting badasses. If any event happens, get them to comment, and talk about cutting government. If no event happens, get them to comment and talk about cutting government. If it’s potentially viral, post to the invite only design team, and we’ll try to get a good meme out of it. By this summer, everyone on earth should know who they are, and what they want to eliminate and repeal.”

    “Eventually, our ONLY posts will be original Candidate memes, created by the Invite Only Team, supported by our Cuts and Benefits writing team. Remember all the Ron Paul memes? Multiply that by 1000. We’ll be doing that whole thing for each of our candidates. 9 times a day we’ll be posting a professional, edgy, badass meme from a Libertarian candidate or elected official, with both an article and video in the description supporting his or her point. And when we get there, we’ll start doing it 24 times a day. ”


    If people want to work together on this, I can help coordinate between the facebook groups, candidates and IPR as time allows.

  6. Bill Wood

    Laura is a blessing to the libertarian movement! She has worked hard in helping local LP groups and other LP Candidates. Please help Laura and give her your support. Thank You Laura, You Rock!

  7. paulie

    Laura is a blessing to the libertarian movement! She has worked hard in helping local LP groups and other LP Candidates. Please help Laura and give her your support. Thank You Laura, You Rock!

    All true.

  8. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Liked her page, as well as the other LP candidates in Virginia for 2013.

    I would really like to see AT LEAST one LP candidate elected to the Virginia legislature this year. Last time an LP member was elected to a state legislature in the U.S. was 2000. It’s about time.

  9. John Macy

    You never know where an opportunity may arise unexpectedly. A guy in Colorado who ran as a paper candidate last year ended up almost winning because the incumbent was caught in a scandal and there was no Democrat in the race.

  10. Mike Kane

    Laura is a hard working activist. Her efforts in the LPVA are incredible

  11. paulie

    Re: 12 Making some progress, not enough yet though. There is a group I didn’t know about, Libertarian Party Candidates and Key Staff ….. I could use some help getting a list of all the candidates and contacting them.

    Here’s what I posted there so far:

    “There’s supposed to be a national strategy to have ALL posts on the national facebook be quotes from candidates on the benefits of Libertarian solutions. If so, that needs a lot more active coordination to get candidates (and staff, where there is any) actively involved. has a long list of issues to address, and I would also add . Some people use facebook more than others, so we should figure out the best ways of coordinating with the different campaigns, including FB but not limited to it. Also, how much of a list do we have as to who all the candidates are, and are we only focusing on 2013 or equally on 2014 or somewhere in between (more 2013 but some 2014)? If we actually want this to happen we’ll need to actively and repeatedly contact candidates and staff.”

  12. Starchild

    If you’re collecting endorser quotes and would like me to say something further, let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.

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