Constitution Party National Chairman Addresses Recent Controversial CP Illinois Facebook Posts

From Peter Gemma:

Constitution Party Nat’l Chairman frank Fluckiger sent this message out to state party leaders and members of the CP Nat’l Committees …

There have been some recent comments on some sites that are damaging to the party and totally irrelevant to what we as a party should be doing to grow our numbers and influence.

Facebook pages promoting the Constitution Party have proven very successful. I encourage all parties, local and state, to have one. However such pages are the official representation of the party and postings and comments should reflect that fact. Articles and comments that are offensive and politically damaging to the Constitution Party should not be part of our official web presence. Facebook is meant as a personal page of expressions, and no one can stop that under First Amendment rights, but a Facebook page using the Constitution Party name must meet certain standards. There must be an editor to ensure our party is not linked to comments or people who can do us harm—calls for killing Muslims was recently brought to my attention as an example of how the freedom to post on a state Constitution Party Facebook page was being abused. There is no room for haters or hate talk within the Constitution Party.

It may be that the person posting such items is a plant and not even a member of the party. I just don’t know and have not yet been able to find out. It has been my experience that such tactics are often employed by those who do not agree with our political philosophy to detract us from what we should really be doing to build the party. Conservatives seem to fall for that time and again. We can not let such things sidetrack us from what we should be doing. Unless we keep our focus on addressing issues that people are concerned about and that really matter and promoting positive solutions to the problems our nation faces, the party cannot attract good people from all walks of life (Christian or non – Christian) who are in basic agreement with the principles espoused by the Founding Fathers.

I am therefore asking that each of you in state and national positions of influence to take immediate steps in the areas of your jurisdiction to correct this problem.

My sincere thanks to each of you,

Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
Constitution Party


Note: IPR recently chronicled some of the Constitution Party of Illinois’ recent Facebook posts:

Here is the CP Illinois Facebook page:

10 thoughts on “Constitution Party National Chairman Addresses Recent Controversial CP Illinois Facebook Posts

  1. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    I love it. I feel personally responsible for this for screen capping the thread and sending it to the CP. this is fucking hilarious.

  2. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    “It may be that the person posting such items is a plant and not even a member of the party.”

    Their page was hacked! It’s a conspiracy!

  3. T. Lee Ryde

    Pretty sure there are quite a few CP activists who genuinely hold these view. It could be that some of them are plants, but there are people who actually do believe this and so why would they all have to be plants?

  4. Don

    Krzysztof has admitted he misunderstood the Bible and was never taught by his priest about 1 Samuel 15:3. KL admitted he made a mistake and misconstrued the comments made by CPI. I will accept his apology when he confirms on this forum what I have just said. He wasn’t intentionally lying, he just didn’t understand the facts. The CP does not condone the genocide of Muslims, we merely warn that Muslims will commit genocide on us if we don’t face the truth.

  5. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    All I did was post that. In the Facebook group, I implied things that weren’t necessarily correct, but thankfully that thread was deleted and is history. So I’m sorry for wrongly jumping to the conclusion that the CPIL wants all Muslims killed. However, what I posted on IPR was merely a screenshot of what the CPIL posted on its Facebook page.

  6. Cody Quirk

    Don, was that you that made those comments?

    If so, does your state affiliate officially support the views of those comments too?

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