Libertarian Christopher Sullivan running for Delegate in VA-55


Virginia is for Lovers of Liberty! Meet Christopher Sullivan, who is running for Delegate in Virginia’s 55th District to cut big government and offer a choice above and beyond the 2-party duopoly.

Learn more about him at Christopher Sullivan – Libertarian for VA House of Delegates, 55th District. You can learn more about the Party of Principle at:

“A fight for liberty anywhere is a fight for liberty everywhere.” -Jack Spirko

My name is Christopher Sullivan and I am running as a Libertarian for the Virginia House of Delegates, 55th District. Like many in my district, I am dissatisfied with the typical “choice” offered by the two-party system or, worse, only having one unopposed candidate on the ballot in November. I am running to give the people of our district a chance to vote their conscience and vote for liberty rather than the status quo.

I believe that the government that governs least governs best and that the pursuit of liberty and individual freedom is the path to prosperity for our state and, most importantly, that it is the only moral path. While there is much about Virginia of which we can be proud, there is certainly room for improvement. I propose meaningful cuts to taxes (including the abolition of the state income tax), the nullification of unconstitutional federal laws, and rolling back laws that infringe on the liberties of Virginians.

I am a husband, a father of three wonderful girls, a homestead farmer, an eight year Marine Corps veteran, an unapologetic gun owner, and advocate of liberty for all as our country’s founders and revolutionary Virginians envisioned. I hope you will help me change Virginia for the better, helping her reclaim her reputation as a bastion of freedom.

For Liberty,

Christopher Sullivan

P.S. I would be more than happy to discuss my background, my stances on any host of issues (to include the two-party duopoly) at any time. Just send a message!

Virginia Military Institute ’02
BA, Modern Language

High School:
Newtown High School ’98

14 thoughts on “Libertarian Christopher Sullivan running for Delegate in VA-55

  1. Mike Kane

    He’s a future leader in Virginia. I’ve spoken with him extensively and he’s a great candidate. I can’t decide which issue he’s promoting that I like more, food freedom or the elimination of Virginia’s income tax.

  2. paulie Post author

    Comment exchange on facebook and email:

    Me: There’s supposed to be a national strategy to have ALL posts on the national facebook be quotes from candidates on the benefits of Libertarian solutions. If so, that needs a lot more active coordination to get candidates (and staff, where there is any) actively involved. has a long list of issues to address, and I would also add . Some people use facebook more than others, so we should figure out the best ways of coordinating with the different campaigns, including FB but not limited to it. Also, how much of a list do we have as to who all the candidates are, and are we only focusing on 2013 or equally on 2014 or somewhere in between (more 2013 but some 2014)? If we actually want this to happen we’ll need to actively and repeatedly contact candidates and staff.

    Leeann Hutson Solice 11:22am May 8
    Jeff and I are compiling a list of candidates as they are nominated, but we only have a list of about 15 at this point and a couple of those have no facebook and no website.

    Leeann Hutson Solice 11:22am May 8
    Communication with the state nominating parties is . . . . challenging.

    I’ll check with HQ to see if they have a better list.

    Me via email:
    Do we have a better list already made?

    Staff response:
    6 candidates are officially on the ballot, and are listed on the LP website candidates page.

    There are another 30+ that are potentially running this year, but aren’t on the ballot yet.

    Probably half of them are in NJ and VA, and the filing deadlines are on the first and second Monday of June, respectively.

    Several more in PA (8/1) and NY (8/20).

    Me: please send any/all lists you have for 2013 and separately 2014, as well as any info (do we know their sites, are they on the ballot or still need to be put on, what states, what offices, contact info if possible.

    Staff response: You’ll have to ask Carla if she’s okay with that.

    Me: It’s for the facebook team which is trying to get candidates names and pictures on memes. The new strategy for facebook is to get all the posts to be about this, having candidates giving libertarian solutions, but at this point the team that is working on it does not even have much of a list of candidates yet. Seems to me to be a waste to have them/us duplicating effort which has already been made by you all.

  3. Andy

    I’d like to bring to the attention of IPR readers that there is a Libertarian Party candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates that should be on the ballot in a head-to-head race against a Republican (as in the Democrats do not have a candidate, and there is no other minor party or independent candidate that is running in this race). I can’t recall this candidate’s first name, but his last name is Keegan. Assuming that he makes it on the ballot, which he probably will, this is a race which Libertarians around the country ought to target, because it will be a winnable race, and electing an LP member to the Virginia House of Delegates would be a big accomplishment.

  4. Andy

    It looks at though Keegan may actually be his first name. His campaign site lists his as Keegan Sturdivant.

  5. Mike Kane

    Virginia will have around 10 candidates this year for State Lower House of Delegates. Most are running in 2 way races, and I don’t think there’s one that I wouldn’t feel comfortable representing the LP.

  6. Mike Kane

    Also, This is a great ad and Mr. Sullivan also mentioned to me that he plans on focusing on food freedom as well during his campaign. He lives in a rural area in Virginia and many of his potential constituents are farmers.

  7. Lavvra

    I’ve been incredibly impressed with what Mr Sullivan has put out so far on his Facebook page. Seems like a very well-rounded, professional candidate, with killer memes!

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