LP Colorado Convention and Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) Conference Held in Denver May 17th-19th

From the Libertarian Party of Colorado Facebook page, May 19th: 

We’d love to thank everyone involved in the combined LPCO State Convention and LSLA Annual Conference — all the volunteers, our great speakers, and of course the attendees. Board elections occurred this morning, and the new Board is as follows:

Chair – Jeff Orrok
Vice Chair – Nick Sarwark
Treasurer – Mike Spalding
Regional Affiliate Director – Amy Lunde-Provines
Communications Director – Matt Hess
Legislative Director – David Jurist

The positions of Outreach, Membership, Campaigns, Fundraising, and Records Director are up for appointment. If you are interested in one of these positions, please apprise the Board of your interest by sending email to: board@lpcolorado.org

 The following is a May 20th email from Brett Bittner, LSLA chairman: 

Fellow Libertarians,


We had a great weekend in Denver.

I’d like to thank the Libertarian Party of Colorado for their efforts in hosting such a great conference in conjunction with their annual state convention. Specifically, I’d like to thank Jeff Orrok, Mike Spalding, and Amy Lunde-Provines for their hard work.

There’s was the fourth state LP convention (with a fifth upcoming in 3 weeks in North Carolina) I’ve been a part of since the 2012 National convention, and as I posted on Facebook last night, I am impressed more and more with our level of dedication and professionalism, as well the progress and growth I see. Thank you guys for making that happen.

I’d also like to thank everyone who made the trip to Denver to participate. Extra special thanks to Pat Dixon from Texas for bringing the largest group to the conference from his state.

We also had some great presenters and speakers, such as the LNCC’s Evan McMahon, The Advocates for Self-Government’s Sharon Harris, LNC Executive Director Carla Howel, LNC Chairman Geoff Neale, LP Texas’ Rob Lapham and Nathan Kleffman, LPNH’s Rich Tomasso, LNC’s Michael Cloud and several others who made the conference quite a learning experience.

I posted (and tagged) a few pictures of the presenters in action here, if you’re interested in seeing them.

I also have some GREAT NEWS for those who couldn’t attend!

Victor Kocher from South Carolina provided an awesome service by recording video of many of the presentations for attendees who couldn’t attend. We’ll be working on editing and posting these videos over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those.

If you do find value, or you just think you will, please consider rewarding Victor’s efforts with a contribution to the SC Libertarians. I know that LP Arkansas committed some funds yesterday at their Executive Committee meeting after hearing about the videos. Rob Lapham from Texas also coordinated a pledges and contributions as well.

THANKS! You guys rock.

I really do hate to rub it in for those who couldn’t attend, but you REALLY missed an excellent opportunity to socialize, learn, and make your efforts in the LP that much better.

We also had a GREAT time!

I hope that you’ll all be there in Columbus for our business meeting and the events we’re able to put on in conjunction with the 2014 National Convention.

Live Free,
Brett C. Bittner
Executive Director
(Pictures and captions courtesy of Brett Bittner)
LPNH Chair Rich Tomasso and LNCC Executive Director Evan McMahon discuss how to achieve legislative success at the LSLA Conference.
LNC Executive Director Carla Howell discusses getting back to basics.
LP Texas members Rob Lapham and Nathan Kleffman share the importance of a CRM and how we can pay for it. —  LPCO State Convention and LSLA Conference
My favorite Libertarian Sharon Harris sharing why “It’s a Wonderful Liberty”
Michael Cloud shares some fundraising tips.

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  1. Dave Terry

    Congratulations All.

    But are there no comments on the big news that 50 Colorado Sheriffs are suing the state for it’s passage of radical gun control???????????????

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