LP Colorado Convention And LSLA Conference: Freedom in America Starts With Freeing Your Children

The following video was recorded at the Libertarian Party of Colorado state convention and Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) conference in Aurora, Colorado, held May 17-19th. From the video description:

How can Libertarians support freedom for children in education? Find out about Alpine Valley School, where children ages 5 to 19 engage in self-powered education and are afforded independence from coercion. A group of students, alumni, and parents answered questions about the Sudbury model of education.

8 thoughts on “LP Colorado Convention And LSLA Conference: Freedom in America Starts With Freeing Your Children

  1. Dave Terry

    With all due respect to the Colorado LP, I simply can’t understand why they would focus on an issue
    such as public education, at the time 55 Colorado Sheriffs have stepped up to defend the 2nd Amendment.

    Come on, Guys, SURFS UP!
    THIS is a wave the LP generally AND LPCO
    particularly should be “ridding”

    The right to defend ourselves from our enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC is the absolute most important right we have!

  2. Seebeck

    With all due respect to Mr. Terry (which is not much), stick to your own state.

    LPCO did its own booking for this convention (and I had nothing to do with it) so take it up with their convention committee.

    Amendment 64 was also on the agenda as well.

    The point is well-taken, but the only Libertarian sheriff we had in Bill Masters (Telluride) went Democrat years ago, otherwise it would have been likely to have him speak on it.

    Besides, when building for the future, what better place to start with the youth and educating them now while they haven’t been brainwashed by the state?

  3. Seebeck

    @3: government employees? What are you talking about? Alpine Valley School is private.

    @4: No idea about the session attendance because I didn’t attend them. Maybe ask Starchild because I think he might have been at a couple of them? There was a business session but it was sparsely attended, and the only business was 2 proposed Bylaws changes, one of which I wrote, elections, and one resolution that failed. The longest part was the Bylaws, but the rest was supposed to take 3 hours and was done in less than 30 minutes.

  4. Seebeck

    @3, Nevermind, realized you were referring to the sheriffs, not the school. My mistake.

  5. Seebeck

    BTW, a CCW course was part of the convention as well. If Mr. Terry had bothered to examine the convention schedule he would have seen that.

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