Paul Bowers: Long-shot Green candidate Eugene Platt brings fiery idealism to SC-1 race

The following was published on the Charleston City Paper website on May 1st: 


The special election for South Carolina’s District 1 Congressional seat is next week, and Green Party candidate Eugene Platt has raised less than $5,000 for his campaign. To put it another way, Platt has raised less than 0.7 percent of the combined totals of his opponents, Republican Mark Sanford and Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

“I have received some contributions but have no inclination to emulate the corporate party campaigns with their highly polished fundraising and their obscene levels of spending,” Platt says by way of explanation. A 74-year-old Episcopalian James Islander with a passion for social justice, Platt is not known for his gladhanding or sugarcoating skills. He opposes the war in Afghanistsan and called the war in Iraq “a recruiting campaign for terrorists.” He thinks Obamacare doesn’t go far enough and favors Canadian-style universal healthcare. And, as you might have guessed, he thinks the courts should overturn the Citizens United ruling, which lifted limits on political contributions by corporations.

He knows why the Democrats resent him. “After the May 7 election, if Sanford wins and the margin by which he wins is less than the number of votes I received, I’m going to receive some hate mail,” Platt says. But in Platt’s eyes, the First District progressive votes aren’t Colbert Busch’s to be stolen. “We feel that in this country, no one owns the vote of anyone else.”

Let’s state the obvious: Platt is a long shot. In poll results released by Public Policy Polling last week, he took just 3 percent of the vote, compared to 50 percent for Colbert Busch and 41 percent for Sanford. “My strategy is to let them tear each other apart, as they’ve begun to do,” Platt says.

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Here is an unscientific online poll between Platt, Sanford and Colbert-Busch:

14 thoughts on “Paul Bowers: Long-shot Green candidate Eugene Platt brings fiery idealism to SC-1 race

  1. Green Party Voter

    The Green Party candidate Eugene Platt is the short of wonderful American we all root for.

    A Green Party southern gentleman. Wrote wonderful poetry about his wife. When they were young. A widower now. The great loving drama of every human life. A noble, dedicated Green Partypublic servant. For decades elected as a Green to local office. Now seeking the greater American Green Party good. Federal office.

    The sane among us can only wish the Green Party patriot Eugene Platt success. God bless him for trying. As our friend Howard Phillips said, we lose when we fail to fight. Eugene Platt fights on….and like Green Party founder Petra Kelly….gives us courage….May God bless those Greens.

  2. John Macy

    SC has the straight party voting scheme IIRC…bad for non-duoposlists.

  3. Sam Kress

    That’s a good point. He’ll probably do significantly better than the usual case for non-duopolists in SC.

  4. Stewart Flood

    I believe that you will still see a majority of people just punching D or R on the touchscreen rather than selecting the candidate.

    Mr Platt is a nice guy. Mr Platt has integrity, Mr Platt is, as said above, a “Southern Gentleman” who brings a level of idealism that is lacking in many candidates.

    But I can’t vote for his ideals. He wants government mandated and controlled health care. He wants more taxes. He wants more intrusion into our lives. He LOVES big brother!

    We agree on foreign intervention, but not too much else. Can’t vote for him. Can’t vote for Sanford. Can’t vote for Colbert.

    I may cast a write-in vote for Donald Duck. Or, more likely, I will do as many other will and simply chose to not vote.

    If there is no one worth voting for, how can you vote?

  5. Sam Kress

    I would think you would agree on a lot of social issues too. Even a few economic issues, corporate bailouts for example.

  6. Stewart Flood

    His view of social issues is socialized medicine, socialized care and feeding of anyone who doesn’t feel like working, etc.

    But yes, probably on corporate bailouts. Not sure his exact position, so I have to say probably.

  7. Sam Kress

    Those are economic issues. Social issues would be things like gay rights, immigration, drug laws, separation of church and state, sexual freedom, rights of the accused, privacy rights, etc.

  8. Stewart Flood

    No, socialized medicine and welfare are both social and economic issues.

    He is against immigration, wants a border. (Yes, I read that on his website).

    I could go on, but trust me…he wants the nanny state. And the nanny state is concerned with both social and economic control. They want you to do what they tell you. They want to tell you how to think. And they’re very sincere about it. They actually believe that they are helping you.

  9. anon

    >No, socialized medicine and welfare are both social and economic issues.

    No, they’re not.

  10. Stewart Flood

    Yes, they are. The objection is to the taxation to support morality imposed by the government. Those against usually argue on economic reasons, those for usually argue that we have a moral obligation to provide for others.

  11. Mike Koch

    What are you are arguing about? Social issues, as in the first half of the world’s smallest political quiz.

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