Reform Party NYC Mayoral Candidate Carl Person Announces “Excluded Candidates Debates”

Here is something which may help all 3rd party candidates – joining forces by third party candidates and their parties to hold a series of EXCLUDED CANDIDATE DEBATES.

I’m attaching the form letter I’m now mailing to high school principals (there are 328 public and 302 private high schools in NYC) to obtain locations for the debates. The debates will be non-overlapping as to the audience unless the main media covers one or several of the debates, in which case the excluded candidate debates may no longer be needed. What should we do if the main candidates want to join our debates? There are pros and cons for this question.



Carl E. Person
225 E. 36th St. – Suite 3A
New York NY 10016-3664
Office:  212-307-4444

Cell:    917-453-9376

Fax:     212-307-0247

View the press release below: 


4 thoughts on “Reform Party NYC Mayoral Candidate Carl Person Announces “Excluded Candidates Debates”

  1. Deran

    This does seem like a good idea, I wonder how it would work if say there are ten candidates in the forum? Would there be any requisite for those who would be included?

    I haven’t heard about a Green Party candidate for Mayor? Anyone else hear anything?

  2. mARS

    The GP nominated some guy I’ve never heard of. I’d have to look up his name.

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