Shawn Hipskind Will Seek Libertarian Party Nomination for Arkansas Governor

On May 17th, Shawn Hipskind, a small business owner,  announced he would be seeking the Libertarian Party of Arkansas’ nomination for  Governor in 2014. So far, he is the only known candidate in the race. In January 2013, Ivan Lewis announced he would be seeking the nomination, but he withdrew from the race on May 8th.

He outlined his position on money in relation to his campaign:

Money in politics creates a vicious cycle. Large corporations purchase politician, then politicians pass legislation to favor those large corporations. Something has to change.

I am running a zero dollar campaign. All of my advertising will be done through social media. You will not see signs and billboards that say Shawn Hipskind for Governor. I will be relying on you to share my information.

I want every person to be free to live their life, as long as they do not wrong another individual in the process.

His key positions:

I was asked what are three main issues I would like to address as governor. Here is my response.

#1. I will be a good steward of tax dollars. This would be accomplished through cutting unnecessary spending and using vetoes and line item vetoes on unnecessary new spending.

#2. I will eliminate subsidies for businesses wherever possible. Eliminating subsidies for businesses allows smaller businesses to compete in a free market. This act may be perceived as negative, but it would be countered by creating a more desirable business atmosphere through eliminating unnecessary regulations and reducing tax burdens.

#3. I will push for the legalization of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is an amazing product that could bring money into the state of Arkansas. Crops do not have to be rotated for several years and they are not dependent on the use of pesticides. This could save forest and eliminate plastics that are harmful to the environment. Industrial hemp is an environmentally friendly product that has many uses.

These are three issues that I feel strongly about. They might not be the most important issues, but it gives you an idea of my political beliefs.

I also believe that the drug war does more harm than good, and I would like to see the national guard return home from unconstitutional foreign wars.


Here is his campaign Facebook page:

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