Special Message from Constitution Party National Chairman: Support Doug Enyart for Congress in Missouri!

Dear Constitutionalist:

This year is important to our party as we build our base, develop new political action tools, train campaign personnel, and recruit candidates.

In addition, we have a very high profile special election for a Congressional seat where a Constitution Party candidate is running a terrific campaign.

Permit me to introduce you to Doug Enyart, our candidate for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. A Marine, small businessman, father off our, he and his wife—Doug’s high school sweetheart—will celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary on June 4th, the day of the election.

That’s right, Doug has less than 30 days to go in his campaign, and I’m asking you to give him some help to get across the finish line at full speed. Doug is unashamedly pro-life, campaigns on a platform of repealing Obamacare, scraping the current tax codes, and closing down the Department of Homeland Security which he calls a national police force.

Before you decide to support Doug, I hope this picture is worth a thousand words:

Doug has 50 big 4’ x 8’ highway signs, and more than 750yard signs!

He has been included in three debates, and receives fair media coverage. You should be proud of what the Missouri Constitution Party and their candidate have accomplished in so short a campaign season.

Now here’s specifically, is how you can help.

Doug’s campaign is doing a radio ad blitz throughout the District. The average cost for a 30 second ad in this mostly rural area is just$16.

So I’m asking this: please buy a radio ad for Doug. Your donation of $16 (one ad), or $32 (two ads) or $64 (four ads) will mean that the platform of our Constitution Party will be heard through the voice of an outstanding candidate.

Go directly to Doug’s attractive, professionally-designed website to contribute. No need to send it to the national office so we can forward it to him. There is not enough time.

We have less than 30 days to support Doug Enyart’s radio ad project. Won’t you please donate $16 for one ad or $32 for two ads or even $80for five ads or $160 for ten?

Here is a direct link to Doug’s website, or you can send a check payable to “Patriots to Elect Doug Enyart,” PO Box 176, Piedmont, MO63957. Consider this appeal urgent, and please invest all you can—Doug is bravely waving the Constitution Party banner and we should join his fight.


Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman

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