Florida LP Gubernatorial Candidate John Wayne Smith on Debate Between Fellow Contender Adrian Wyllie

John Wayne Smith is a contender for the Libertarian Party of Florida’s nomination for governor in 2014, running against former state party chairman Adrian Wyllie. The two recently sparred in a debate organized by a county affiliate. 

John Wayne Smith

2:43 PM June 20 2013

I just woke up (I slept for 14 hours) from a nightmare. I have been having anxiety attacks ever since the Libertarian Party of Florida’s state convention last month. They have been getting worse each day from the results what transpired in Naples. I have seen the face of pure evil. It is called the Libertarian Party of Florida. An institution I organized in 1986.

I have tested my resolve two days in a row. I went to two county LP meetings. At the Polk meeting I had to look at Lynn House and Scott Allen for 2 hours. I was weak when I got home and had a hard time sleeping. Last night I went to the Orange county meeting. Only 6 of the people there were Libertarian. The rest were Republican or so called Liberty People.
… The bad part was that I again had to look at pure evil. Adrian Wyllie, who I was supposed to debate, and Danielle Alexandre. Being in a room with the two of them made my skin crawl. It did not help that the majority of the room was people who wanted to restrict my rights and life.
On top of that I have to understand that they are the representatives of the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee. A very evil organization.

The next 2 years is going to be rough but I will make it through it. I do not use drugs or alcohol so will have to rely on my strength of convection that not all people are evil.
I will continue to fight the fight for responsibility and real freedom though out numbered. I will not abandon the precepts I have lived with all my life.

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12 thoughts on “Florida LP Gubernatorial Candidate John Wayne Smith on Debate Between Fellow Contender Adrian Wyllie

  1. Follow up

    Also: This was posted to Mr. Smith’s facebook page

    Former Libertarian Committeeman, Alexander George, Endorses John Wayne Smith For Florida Governor

    “John Wayne Smith is the best man for the job. We need a REAL leader in the Governor’s Mansion”

    PRLog (Press Release) – Jun. 19, 2013 – OCALA, Fla. — Ocala, Florida June 18, 2013

    Contact: Beckie Angela Cooper

    Earlier today, former Libertarian State Committeeman, Alexander George, formally endorsed John Wayne Smith for the office of Florida Governor. Mr. George, a former Republican Senatorial Candidate, first joined the Libertarian Party in 2008. He served on the party’s state executive committee, and as Chairman of the Polk County LP.

    George currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pan Atlantic Enterprises and Consulting, Inc. “I constantly have to deal with clueless pencil pushers who couldn’t run a hot dog stand” said George. “The next Governor needs to clean house. By that I mean, he must dismiss the worthless political appointees who gained their six figure positions via campaign contributions”. George went on to express his disgust with “needless government over-regulation”.

    Mr.George feels that the infighting within the Libertarian party is “ridiculous and absurd”. He respects and admires the other gubernatorial candidate, former State Chairman Adrian Wyllie. “Adrian is a great man, but we need someone who can defeat Rick Scott. Adrian is not that man”.

    George described Mr. Smith as a “man of honor who will stand up for our state”. He emphasized the fact that we need less government intervention. “Governor Scott had an excellent sales pitch.. but that’s all it was” said George. “What has he done for our state? He has hurt pubic school teachers, lied about tax cuts, and has made a of joke of his own job creation program”.

    “Most pundits agree that the Democrats will trot out Charlie Crist next year” said George. “This is going to be a tough campaign and we need a tough man to fight for the citizens of Florida! John is that man!”. George went on to express that former Chairman Wyllie will be crushed by the “Scott and Crist circus”. “While Adrian has the best of intentions, I feel that this is not his time. We need someone who will fight back”.

    George went on to express that this will be a three way race that requires a strong defender of libertarian values. “This will be an historic race” said George. “So let us make history with a strong and tested candidate!”.

    “I run a small business” said George. “This nation was created by hard working people who cared about liberty. I want someone in Tallahassee that respects those principles”. In addition to John Wayne Smith, George went on to praise state representative candidate Franklin Perez who has steadfastly stood up for libertarian values. “The voters have a clear choice” said George. “Politicians or public servants! I know where I stand. Join me in supporting John Wayne Smith for Governor!”

  2. Lynn House

    JWS wasn’t the only one that came out of the meeting in Polk County with strong feelings. At that meeting, where we had four new people, John lost his temper and shouted loudly, in a very angry voice, “God damn that Adrian Wyllie” This culminated a tirade of nonsense which had continued for a short period and ended when John walked out to collect himself. This outburst was completely unprovoked.

    John blew the chance he had to gain support for his campaign – most there hadn’t been introduced to Wyllie and had no opinion of either candidate, until then.

    A couple of the new people stopped me after the meeting to tell me how upset they were to hear a Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate conduct himself so. They were offended by his language and the tone he used in a public place.

    The next day one member wrote John to tell him that the member will walk out of the next meeting John attends.

    Way to build the Party? I don’t think so.

    The odd thing is that Chuck and I are just as old school as John. We both joined the Party in 1980 and would welcome a principled, balanced, educational campaign from a respectable candidate. John is not doing this and what he is doing is more destructive to the radical effort than beneficial.

    Chuck came out of the meeting shaking his head and muttering “That guy is sick.”

    So, John, if you are having nightmares, maybe it’s your guilty conscience telling you something.

  3. Dana Cummings

    The first time I met John Smith was during my successful campaign for state chair. We both were scheduled to speak to the crowd regarding our campaigns. Mr. Smith spoke first and began with speaking very aggressively about me. “I hope Dana Moxley Cummings knows how to read the law because I am going to watch her like a hawk and i’ll have her thrown in jail the first time she makes a mistake”, is what he said, followed by a similar attack on Adrian Wyllie. As far as I’m concerned, the way Mr. Smith behaved that day, with his aggressive unfounded threats , violated the Non Aggression Principle.

    Shortly after that event, Mr. Smith began publishing attacks against me and anyone else that he could not control. These aggressive outbursts of his are apparently continuing.

    While I cannot speak on the motives of Mr. Smith during his entire tenure as a Libertarian in the State of Florida, his behavior recently makes it very clear his mission is to destroy the party.

    Adrian Wyllie will undoubtedly win the primary contest against Mr. Smith and be the LPF’s candidate for Governor. In the meantime, the current leadership of the LPF can only hope that someone close to the man gets him the mental health counseling that he clearly is desperate for.

  4. Ad Hoc

    Regardless of any political issues involved, I am sorry you were treated in a manner that felt like aggression to you. All joking aside, Libertarians should treat each other with more courtesy.

  5. Adrian Wyllie

    While it pains me to have to air this in a public forum, I feel I must set the record straight.

    Mr. Smith has, on numerous recent occasions, threatened violence toward me and other LPF members. In a live radio debate in 2011, he threw a microphone at me, narrowly missing my head. In a public debate we had earlier this week, he not only shouted that I was a “liar, thief, and a bastard,” but he also berated audience members for asking what he called “retarded” questions. When asked a question from the audience on how Mr. Smith would deal with taxation for entitlement programs, he shouted, “It’s none of your damn business!”

    By majority vote of the LPF EC, he was stripped of his delegate status for violation of his Non-Aggression Principle oath in 2012, because he threatened to shoot the LPF secretary and burn down the house of the LPF treasurer. The decision to remove him as a delegate was upheld by vote of the 2012 delegates. There are numerous other incidents of Mr. Smith’s aggressive actions toward LPF members over the past three years.

    Mr. Smith has a long history of great work in the Libertarian Party, and I commend him for that. He has earned the respect of his peers for his accomplishments.

    Unfortunately, in recent years, Mr. Smith has become increasingly violent, irrational and highly unstable. Many LPF members now fear him, and will not attend any event where he is present.

    It is sad to see a man who was once a pillar of the LPF descend into this mental and emotional state.

  6. Drama Llama

    If you think that saying “Stay off my property. If you come on I’ll shoot you.” is a violation of the NAP then you may not be a Libertarian.

    The current and former State Chairs don’t even understand what the NAP is. Shaking my head.

  7. Adrian Wyllie

    @9 Drama Llama

    At the time Mr. Smith made that threat, he was in possession of LPF trade show booths which he refused to return. The LPF was planning a a major outreach event, and needed the booths. The LPF secretary offered to come to Mr. Smith’s home to pick up the booths, so as not to inconvenience Mr. Smith. When the secretary made the offer to come pick them up, Mr. Smith threatened to shoot him. Mr. Smith later relented and allowed the LPF secretary to pick up the LPF property from him. However, the situation was extremely tense.

    As far as the threat to burn down the treasurer’s house, there can be absolutely no rationalization for that.

  8. LarryW

    I am very close to changing my registration from Republican to Libertarian. I went to the debate and was shocked at what I saw. Made me think of all the times people said “those libertarians are crazy”. I think maybe once upon a time John may have been a good libertarian but what saw was someone who loved to clean his nails, pick his nose, and check the wax color coming from his ears. I think Adrian is doing well and has a much better image to represent. No one is perfect but I trust that he represents my principles and values and therefore I will support him. Last night at 912 meeting there was a huge turnout and so I am hopeful Adrian can do something no one else has done, beat the GOP and democrats. Definitely worth the effort.

    I do believe that a person of principles is more valuable than a person who just looks nice like your average politician who says one thing and does another. But to win this election it will take many people more than what is in the Libertarian party. There are many people right now blaming both parties and it is a golden opportunity for the Libertarian candidates and for growing the party. I need to know the Libertarian party wants to be taken seriously.

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