Libertarian and Constitution Party Candidates Included in Missouri Special Congressional Election Debate

The special election for Missouri’s 8th congressional district will be held on June 4th. On May 28th, a debate was held featuring all four candidates on the ballot: Republican Jason Smith, Democrat Steve Hodges, Libertarian Bill Slantz and Constitution Party candidate Doug Enyart.

After the debate, Bill Slantz commented the following on his Facebook page:

This past Tuesday I participated in the first and only official debate during this special election. I’ve provided the link below if you would like to watch a replay of that debate online. It was no surprise to me that the duopoly party candidates continued to dodge questions and give no concrete solutions to any of the problems that we face in this nation. It is no wonder that we see so much stagnation in Washington D.C.. The petty and childish arguing between Smith and Hodges is the quintessential example of why nothing is getting done. I on the other hand gave viable solution after viable solution, and the solutions that I gave are not being talked about in the mainstream political arena. Why is the philosophy of liberty being ignored? Who is to blame? Well we can start with the mainstream media. For instance, take a look at this article in the Southeast Missourian newspaper:

This article gives little attention to myself or my Constitution Party opponent Doug Enyart. It is written in such an irresponsible manner that I question the motives behind the structuring of this article. No self-respecting professional reporter would ever take such a blatant bias and outright ignore half of the candidates on stage. I must make the conclusion that my message is being ignored intentionally. We as a nation cannot stand for this kind of reporting anymore. This kind of reporting is enabling our current self-destructive political system. We need a new mainstream media, one that upholds its duty to inform the public in an objective manner. One that provides facts and serious intellectual discussion. What we do not need is establishment party reporters scrambling so desperately to find any difference whatsoever between a Democrat and a Republican. News flash: in this day and age, there is no difference.


Doug Enyart made the following statement on his Facebook profile:

My special thanks to Randy Stufflebeam, National Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party for attending the Missouri 8th Congressional District candidate debate last night. Your support means more than you know.

I thought the panel had some very good questions and gave a large viewing audience the opportunity to see us all in one place for comparison. The sound system was a challenge for all the candidates though. We had difficulty hearing the questions.

One of my main points was that our political system has been dominated by the two major parties for far too long. They created the mess our nation is in, and we cannot allow ourselves to believe their story line that they are the ones able to fix the problems they are responsible for.

They are two sides of the same coin and, though they put on a good show, always seem to be able to agree on bills that limit the rights of the people and usurp the authority of the states, as Senator’s McCaskill and Blunt just did in the Farm Bill, blocking Missouri’s right to require GMO labeling.

In my closing I pledged to refuse access to all paid lobbyists, and challenged my fellow candidates to match my challenge. I also pledged to write a bill removing my own lifetime retirement benefits as a member of Congress after serving one term.

Please vote on June 4th.

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2 thoughts on “Libertarian and Constitution Party Candidates Included in Missouri Special Congressional Election Debate

  1. NewFederalist

    At least they got to participate. I think a little more time showing appreciation to the debate organizers for inclusion rather than pummeling the media would be in order. Alternative nominees have to take every chance they get to appear positive. Just my $0.02 worth.

  2. David

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but sometimes candidates don’t say those things that gather attention and Bill is right also that journalist have their own agenda. How many times have we seen at the end of an article, “also at the debate or also running are…”

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