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Libertarian Party of Colorado Seeks to Expand

From the Libertarian Party of Colorado Facebook page, June 19th: 

The LPCO is busy working on a lot of ventures! We’re in the midst of a redesign of our website, and will also be ramping up our social media presence. We will eventually be asking for volunteers regarding these efforts, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in being more active with the LPCO! In the meantime, we’re also looking to expand local groups. Please take a moment to read the attached note. We really appreciate any input from Colorado Libertarians!

Hey, all… Amy Lunde-Provines here.  At the Convention this May, I was elected to a new position within LPCO — Regions Director.  I will be overseeing the County Development Groups and Affiliates within the eleven regions we’ve designated for Colorado.  I re-awoke El Paso County last November, and they are well on their way to becoming an Affiliate (way to go, EPCLPDG!) so now I am setting my sights elsewhere in the state for creation of new LP County Development Groups, and hopefully future Affiliates.

There are many regions that do not have any LP presence currently other than having individuals who are registered Libertarians.  Ideally, I would like to start at least one new group in the Denver metro area (the only existing group is LP of Arapahoe County, but since ~14k out of the ~24k Libertarians in the state are in the seven-county Denver metro region, we really SHOULD have more), and one somewhere outside the metro area — within the next couple of months.

I know a lot of you would love to see an LP group in your area, and would like to have local events to attend and be social with fellow libertarians.  Believe me, I would love for you to be able to do that, too.  However, these types of groups need folks to step up and become leaders!  It isn’t that difficult of a position to take on, and without people actively willing to handle the day-to-day operations, a group will tend to fall apart (not to mention if you eventually want to become an Affiliate, you MUST have certain Officers). 

What I would like to hear from YOU: 

  • Where do you think we should expand next within the Denver metro area, as well as outside the metro area?
  • More importantly, if you live in the area you’ve specified, are you willing to put some effort into keeping a group active in your area?

Feel free to comment here, or  if you wish to send me an email, please do so

Thank you! 

Amy Lunde-Provines

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