Lee Wrights Considering Run for Texas Governor

From Thomas Hill:

Yes, the rumors are true. Lee Wrights is interested in seeking the LP Texas nomination for governor. We are gauging interest and collecting pledges of support. Lee has made himself perfectly clear to me. He will not seek the nomination without serious and substantial support up front! Help me show Lee your love and support. You can post your pledge here on this page and inspire others to do likewise or feel free to contact me directly with your pledge.

Let’s make this happen folks! It would be an honor and a privilege to manage Lee’s run for Texas governor!

Thomas Hill
Campaign Manager for Wrights For President 2012

A Facebook page urging Wrights to run was started today. Wrights ran for the 2012 Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination and was runner-up to Gary Johnson with 25.55% of the vote. He is currently serving as the vice-chair of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).

48 thoughts on “Lee Wrights Considering Run for Texas Governor

  1. Steven Wilson

    Fresh ideas and a new voice of common sense. I am happy to see lee get in this one. I just hope that Texas voters have not dummy downed and Perried themselves into nothingness.

    Good Luck!

  2. Shane

    Sorry, Lee, but you’re no Texan . . . yet. Being from NC, I doubt you will ever admit that brisket is better than pulled pork.

    That aside, to be governor, you need a few other qualifications:

    — A Texas accent (Badnarik could never pull it off).
    — You must have caught an Armadillo with your bear hands as a child.
    — Have the ability to not sweat in 102 degree heat at 90% humidity while campaigning in Houston.
    — Be able to speak in broken Spanish just to mock your Southern neighbor.
    — Take joy in the NEA labeling Texas dead last in education — because the Lone Star state dominates in High School football.

    Note that none of the above are required if your last name is Bush.

    Joking aside, Texans, for good reason, are proud people with an amazing and independent history.

    Texans are industrious, having an independent power grid and being the 11th largest economy in the world.

    Texans are also fierce when provoked. Nearly all Americans know the battle of the Alamo, but few know the subsequent Battle of San Jacinto where the entire Mexican Army was defeated in 18 minutes.

    If led in the direction of liberty, Texas could lead the nation.

  3. Gene Berkman

    Ron Paul was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    George H W Bush was from a prominent Connecticut family – his father Prescott Bush was a Senator from Connecticut, but GHWB was elected to Congress twice from Houston.

  4. Steve M

    with respect to pulled pork or brisket….. I think that depends all to often on the capability of the chef. The image that Lee puts forth is that he is capable of doing both…. And if I was in Texas…. And Lee were to demonstrate his bbq capabilities as a fund raiser… I would walk miles to attend…. But I am not… but if Lee decides to do so anyway…. I will happily help fund the event.

  5. Steven R Linnabary

    I am impressed. Most “leaders” lead from the rear and tell the rest of us how we should do it. Maybe this will catch on and other LP “leaders” will follow suit.


  6. Thomas Hill


    A chicken shit who is either extremely ignorant of libertarianism or worse, a fraud purposely misrepresenting the philosophy?

    Either way spells loser…

  7. Thomas Hill

    Sorry I fed the troll. I did include a healthy dose of Ex Lax so maybe that will relieve some pressure on CC’s pea brain. ;^P

  8. Richard Vanier

    As someone who supported Gary Johnson for LP Presidential Nomination, I think Lee Wrights will make an excellent candidate for Governor of Texas. He will make an ariculate case for Libertarianism if he runs. Run Lee Run!

  9. Concerned Citizen

    @15 I wouldn’t use that strong of language to describe Wrights or his views, but I do note that he takes an internationalist view akin to Jimmy Carter.

  10. Concerned Citizen

    @16 Why are you calling me “pea brain?” I am not a Wrights supporter and did not mean anything positive by the “hobo governor” comment. I am not the one diminishing myself by calling him a “chicken shit” for not being in line with my ideology as you did to Wrights.

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  12. Texas Watch

    How long has Mr. Wrights lived in Texas?

    What kind of executive experience does he have?

  13. Human Wrights Watch

    Looking at his wikipedia page it looks like he has only been in Texas for five years or so and has no significant executive experience.

    Sounds like a loser of a gubernatorial candidate, frankly.

    While Wrights might be an adequate candiate for Congress or state legislature; Texas LP should try to find an actual Texan — maybe a successful entrepreneur/CEO — to run for governor.

  14. Agorism Project

    @25: Do you even understand why third party candidates run? The Texas LP doesn’t want some tea bagging statist just because they have a big name.

  15. Steve M

    concerning CC and HWW I am reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote…

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Guess you turkeys are running scared.

  16. Reality Watch

    @27 — I understand why third-party candidates lose. Do you?

    The “name” isn’t at issue — what’s at issue is

    1) demonstrated competence — One can be a successful entrepreneur without being a “tea-bagging statist.” And without being particularly famous, either.

    and 2) not being a carpetbagger. C’mon, there’s no Libertarian in Texas who has been there longer than the Perry Administration? Or even the Obama Administration?

  17. Han Shot First

    @30 gubernatorial candidates don’t run to win under third party banners.

  18. Thomas L. Knapp


    While I understand Texans’ deep suspicions of anyone whose ancestors arrived there before 1836 or after 1837, I think “carpetbagger” is a little much. Wrights didn’t move to Texas to run for governor. He’s been in Texas for several years.

    “Newcomer” by some standards, sure. “Carpetbagger,” not even close.

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  20. NewFederalist

    Why all the venom regarding a candidate who won’t win anyway? If Lee carries the libertarian message clearly to whomever will listen I don’t care if he has a Brooklyn accent! Why would it matter if he is not a “Native Texan”?

  21. Human Wrights Watch

    @31 – gubernatorial candidates don’t run to win under third party banners.

    This statement only applies to losers. Winners run to win. Gov. Ventura won.

    @34 – Why all the venom regarding a candidate who won’t win anyway? ,/i>

    No venom here. Just agreeing with the simple truth of your point. He won’t win. He’s a loser; and the prospective campaign is a loser.

  22. Deran

    @35 anonymous poster/troll/…Watch. You seems so certain Mr. Wrights’ gubernatorial campaign is a losers campaign and of no merit. I can’t help but wonder what form of useful, “winner” political action you have been up to?

  23. Mark Axinn

    I am delighted to hear my friend Lee Wrights is considering this race.

    I will definitely contribute to his campaign.

  24. NewFederalist

    @35… then the Democrat is a “loser” as well? He or she will almost certainly lose too. In one-party states (CA, TX etc.) they are all losers if not a member of the dominant party.

  25. Mark Axinn

    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph….

    I say, let’s have 49 more Lee Wrights run in each of the other states too.

  26. Reality Watch

    @38 — If the Democrats nominate someone who …

    1) Has never won an election to public office
    2) Has no executive experience
    3) Is a carpetbagger
    and 4) Has supporters who yammer on about how great it is the nominee plans to run a losing a campaign

    Then, sure, that person and his campaign could both fairly be called “losers.”

  27. Deran

    @40 I can only rrepeat, knowing you won’t answer. What useful political actions are you doing? Other than trash talking other people?

  28. Steve M

    Losers are hose t hat throw up their hands and quit!

    Reality is reality until it changes… Every one thought Newton was indisputable until Einstein came along…

    Then everyone though Einstein was indisputable until quantum physics came along.

    What you think is indisputable, I think is balanced precariously waiting to fall off when the right new idea comes along.

  29. Steve M

    by the way….. Bill Gates didn’t graduate college, nor Steve Jobs, nor Mark Zuckerberg, Einstein was a Patent Clerk when he work out Relativity… My point is don’t be to quick to put down people that you think don’t have the right credentials. They just might be on to something more important.

  30. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Wrights is awesome, but I can’t imagine anything more depressing than being a third party candidate. You pour in your heart, time, energy, money, everything into a campaign, and then there’s an excellent chance you won’t even break a measly 3% of the vote. I mean, I’ve looked over a lot of election results- A LOT – and third party numbers are not getting any higher.

    Take Gary Johnson surpassing 1 million votes. By all accounts, it was a failure. He couldn’t even get 1% after setting a 5% goal. Ralph Nader got around 2.8 million votes in 2000. If you look at the percentages that voted third party for POTUS in 2008 and 2012, they are roughly the same, with maybe a 0.1% difference at best.

    The LP once had over 600 elected public officials. Today, it has 142 IIRC.

    The problem is some folks in third party land (well, many of them at least) legitimately believe they can win. They are delusional. If you run third party, you’re going to lose. Unless it’s for a local nonpartisan race or something of that caliber, your chance of winning is zero. Zip. Nada.

    You don’t necessarily have to be a political whore to get into public office in the USSA (Ron Paul is living proof of that, as are Justin Amash and Thomas Massie today, among a few others). But you do need money and an “R” or a “D” next to your name (unless you’re Bernie Sanders or Angus King, who are de facto Democrats anyway). Even wealthy third party candidates who self-finance or have considerable establishment support (not many examples of that really) America is a two-party state. That’s how it’s been for a while and it’s going to stay that way.

    It’s not going to change. Personally, I really, really don’t find it exhilerating at all to view the returns on election night wondering whether a solid third party candidate is going to get 1.56% or 3.95% of the vote. It’s not fun – at all.

    That’s why I’m working to elect a great libertarian, Ron Paul Republican running for Congress in Illinois. He’s all but assured the GOP nomination, and I know for a fact he’s going to receive higher percentage of the vote in the race than any Libertarian congressional candidate, in history, even though it’s a liberal district. BTW, the candidate’s name is David Earl Williams III.

    I think third party candidates, specifically Libertarian candidates, provide a great public service. They offer disenchanted people something to do on election day, vote for a non-statist candidate. It’s a great sacrifice on their part, running to provide such a minuscule fraction of the population some satisfaction and someone to vote for, rather than against. But I can’t imagine how depressing it must be for these candidates. “Oh look honey, I cracked 1% for the first time! 2,000 people wanted me to be their congressman! I did this without spending any money or even having a website!”

    Why anyone would want to run for office as a third party candidate is beyond me – but good on them. They are doing, like I mentioned before, a great public service. They will never destroy the duopoly, but at least they put themselves out there.

    I will vote for Libertarians in the future, you bet. Support or campaign for them? Maybe, though probably not. Donate to them? Hell no. That money can be better spent on becoming one with the universe, i.e. purchasing some high quality ganja.

    The point of running for office SHOULD be to win. That should be the intention of every candidate. Not so with third party candidates. They say they want to win. Randy Stufflebeam, the Constitution Party’s vice chairman, told me that if he ran for Senate, he’d “run to win”, not just break 10%, which I thought would be a gigantic accomplishment in and of itself. How are you going to win WITHOUT dolare$ and WITH the extreme pervasive affliction of the Wasted Vote Syndrome? News flash: you’re not.

    There’s plenty of Ron Paul Republicans running in 2014. They deserve all the support they can get. A number of them have viable chances of winning their primaries, and either way any run advances the cause of liberty. For third party candidates, most people have NO IDEA they even exist until they actually see their ballots for the first time on election day. And if they do ever hear about third party candidates – it’s because they get blamed for costing a Republican some race. Which in many cases is probably true. I’m not saying that’s something to be concerned about though. Even if the media did give third party candidates fair coverage, it STILL wouldn’t matter. Nothing is going to compel people to pull the minor party candidate lever. You can’t argue with the fact that third party candidates can’t win, because they never win, so it’s damn right impossible to convince average Joe six pack that his vote for a non-duopoly candidate isn’t a “wasted vote.” That’s just the reality.

    Also keep in mind, voting is not an obligation. People shouldn’t feel compelled to run just to be the provide an alternative to two (or one) shitty statists. A better investment of their time would be working to elect liberty Republicans across the country. They don’t have to be 100% purists – I mean, Justin Amash and Thomas Massie are really awesome, for example, carrying the torch of liberty passed on from Dr Paul. But the fact of the matter is this: once you win a GOP nomination, you are guaranteed right of the bat a certain percentage of voters who vote straight ticket Republican, and through an effective campaign you can build on that. With a third party race, you’re seconding guessing yourself as to whether you will get 2% or 3% of the vote. Like I said before, how in the world is that a fun experience? For me, it would be unbelievably depressing.

    The duopoly is not going to be destroyed, ever. LP has been trying for 40 years, and their numbers have stayed that same, if not dropped slightly.

    So if you want to have at the very least an actually feasible shot at victory in your campaign for public office, run in the GOP. They have a libertarian wing that is rapidly growing. The GOP is overall obviously a statist anti-liberty New World Order organization, hell bent on preserving the power of the elite while keeping the serfs (us) downtrodden and enslaved. However, that doesn’t mean that liberty candidates can’t use it as a vehicle to win elections. They should. And they are.

    I haven’t given up on the Libertarian Party. It’s the only party in the U.S. the represents my views. I’m sure it’s an excellent way to connect with like minded individuals. As an electoral vehicle, however, it’s – pointless. And unbelievably frustrating. I’ll be able to vote for the first time in my life next year. I don’t want to really spend any time volunteering for broke candidates who are all but assured low single digit performances. It’s something that would just be disastrous to my sanity – and I imagine that’s why the clear majority of the Ron Paul rEVOLution is working within the GOP. In order to achieve victory, there aren’t really any other options.

    It makes sense now that the LP’s former presidential candidate (1976 I think?) Roger MacBride founded the Republican Liberty Caucus in 1991, right? Winning elections is better than getting smacked down with an incredibly disenfranchising 2% of the vote. Does anybody really want to dispute that?

    I’ve been frequenting IPR long enough to know that the LP is far better at infighting then they are at winning elections for anything. Let’s fight about some pointless bullshit, let’s fight about some dumb bylaws and whether or not they say the convention minutes must be released on this date at this time or on that date on that time, let’s brawl bitterly over who gets to the title of chair of a county affiliate that has 25 likes on Facebook. Yes, because all of this is being done to advance liberty in America.

    I’ve probably come off much more harsh than I intended to, so forgive me for that. I’m tired though and I’m not going to read over the post again tonight. Maybe in the morning.

    In a nutshell: I’m not sure why I should join the Libertarian Party dispite the fact that it represents me ideologically, because the whole electoral thing never works out, never, and I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams think of launching a third party bid for public office. Races against only one duopoly candidate make sense, such as Joel Balam’s respectable 31.4% showing in a Kansas congressional election in 2012 against the incumbent GOP’er. Other than that…eh, I don’t think so.

    End of rant for tonight. To be continued tomorrow. Maybe.

  31. NewFederalist


    “The LP once had over 600 elected public officials. Today, it has 142 IIRC.”

    To be fair to the LP the larger number counted everyone who was elected to anything even if a non-partisan office as well as all libertarians appointed to various local boards or commissions. After getting a lot of flak they took out the appointed office holders and even made a list of elected officials in partisan office which is considerably less that the 142 you cite. That figure must include all elected officials.

  32. Darryl W. Perry

    “Randy Stufflebeam, the Constitution Party’s vice chairman, told me that if he ran for Senate, he’d “run to win”, not just break 10%”

    As a third party candidate, you run saying “if I’m elected” and you must act like you have a shot at winning!

  33. Thomas L. Knapp

    “As a third party candidate, you run saying ‘when I’m elected’ and you must act like you have a shot at winning!”

    There, fixed that for ya.

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