August 2013 Edition of Liberty for America Released

Published by former Libertarian presidential contender George Phillies, Liberty for America is a monthly newsletter covering news and views about the Libertarian Party.

From Professor Phillies, August 11, 2013:

The August Liberty for America is out. Readers will note that we are covering expenses of Johnson 2012 a month at a time, and by and by for the entire campaign.

Table of contents:

Editorials: Congress Declares War! War on America!, Innocence is No Protection, “Libertarian Populism” = Republican Lie.

National Party News: Libertarian Presidential Poll; Mack Out as LNC Region 3 Representative

State and Local News: Connecticut Team Runs to Free Norwich, Other Connecticut Candidates,  State Executive Directors, Virginia Libertarian Candidates, Ohio Governor/Lieutenant Governor Campaign, New Jersey Campaigns, Wrights’ Texas Campaign, Diaz to Run for Governor, LP-Michigan News, Nebraska Liberty Events, New England State Conventions, Other Political Coverage

Where Your Money Went: Libertarian National Committee, Barr 2008, Johnson 2012

Political Strategy Charles Wilhoit’s Political Strategy, Payment for Ballot Access, Petitions & Petitioning the LNC

LNC In Action….It’s still only 2% of a building.

The full issue is available below:

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