Constitution Party National Chairman: The More Things Change…

August 7, 2013 at 4:13pm – posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page 

Dear Friend of the Constitution Party:

The more things change the more they stay the same. That’s so very true in the political arena. Here are some recent news items that underscore my point:

• An Associated Press headline: “Britain’s governing Conservatives have hired Jim Messina, President Obama’s former campaign manager, to advise them ahead of the 2015 general election.” The Constitution Party has long said that the elites can cross party and ideological lines at will.

• The neo-con magazine, National Review, reports that, “Senate Republicans and Democrats Agree on Syria: Red Line Has Been Crossed.” The article backs the idea of US intervention in yet another Middle East hotspot—in this case it means siding with “rebels” who have the full, open support of Al-Qaeda. The Constitution Party knows you can’t impose “democracy” at the point of a gun.

• Former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman wrote an editorial in The American Conservative (of all places) stating that, “civil unions” and marriage “equality” were a “conservative cause” and should be supported in the name of “civil equality.” Even the GOP has joined the “gay rights” movement—the Constitution Party supports the traditional concept of marriage as understood by the Founding Founders.

George Wallace used to say, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats. Today, the distinction between “Conservative” and “Liberal” will get you change for a nickel.

That’s why the Constitution Party is the only party to live up to its name. Our pledge is to support the right to life—from conception to natural death. We believe that US borders must be safe, that the security of American workers be the highest priority in foreign trade policies, and that Washington power brokers must not risk national sovereignty via entangling alliances.

I’m reminding you of what the Constitution Party stands for, what we fight for every day, because … it’s August.

You see, the hot summer months mean supporters are on family vacations. Perhaps home projects take their attention away from politics. In any case, funding for ongoing Constitution party activities is down. I have no other way to say that the Constitution party needs your help.

Please consider a generous donation of $50 or even $25—and please let me hear from you right away.

It’s urgent that we build a new website, print literature, and plan for ballot access drives. That work cannot wait until the slow summer months go by. Please invest what you can, $20 or $200, so we may stay in the fight.

If you believe that our fellow citizens need to hear the patriotic alternative to the establishment duopoly, then send a gift today. A $100 donation will go a long way this month. If we could count on active patriots to pitch in $25 it will help so much. Your support in August, in the next few days, will make a difference.

“Conservative” and “Liberal” labels are a fraud. Only “Constitutionalists” offer America real solutions … help us make that known.


Frank Fluckiger

National Chairman


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