Constitution Party of Tennessee: Splitting The Vote REALITIES

From the Montgomery County (TN) Constitution Party Meetup page

Propaganda uses a lot of statistics… you know, lies, damn lies and statistics?

Without a strong viable third party we will just continue electing people like Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker. I used to call them rinos, but that would only be true if the way these two operate were out of the norm for the Republican party as a whole. True they do not well represent the GOP Platform, but that is nothing new in politics. The GOP (progressives of both parties ) have sold us all a bill of goods. They do not represent anything but BIG GOVERNMENT, both parties do. Look at the last seven Democrat and last seven Republican administrations. Each has grown government, yes including the Gipper. They have no time for and do not give voice to those of us who believe in limited government, constitutional adherence or any standard for that matter which MIGHT hold them accountable.

Furthermore I can tell you from experience, as former elected GOP leadership, there is little chance of many true conservative limited government constitutionalists ever surviving the gauntlet laid down by the very tightly controlled progressive elitist SECs. Do you know what the SEC is? Very few voters are even aware who they are or what they do. A hand full of elites run the Republican and Democrat SECs (State Executive Committee). The SEC controls who gets funding and support from the party. I have seen it with my own eyes. They would rather let a Democrat win than a conservative republican.

The Constitution Party of Tennessee is quite different. Our SEC includes voting members includes the chair person from every seated county in the CPOT (Constitution Party of Tennessee). By design local voices have greater representative force than district or state level positions. The Constitution Party is a “people up” based party, both Democrat and Republican parties are top down elitist controlled organizations.


For the record it isn’t about weakening the GOP it is about empowering “the People”, who are the true source of authority in our REPUBLIC. If, that is, we can have the courage of our convictions.

The TRUTH is even on liberal surveys self identified conservatives out number liberals by about TWO TO ONE. The reason why we don’t win more conservative seats is they rarely ever make it through the GOP gantlet designed to weed out conservatives and Constitutionalists. When they do make it up there the GOP machine grinds them into dust MOST OF THE TIME.

The assumption that everything always remains fixed is incorrect. We are at a point in history like none that has existed before. The left, supported by the GOP who fakes to the right during elections always seems to cave to what the left wants in the end. The left has gone so far left even life time Democrats are starting to wake, but many can’t stomach the way the GOP panders to the very things they now find undesirable themselves.

When there are only TWO PARTIES they tend to become more and more alike over time. When you have a solid 3rd party you have a force that minimizes that amalgamation AND you have an environment where each party can play out its true values and be clearly seen for what they are.

This is the best time in all of history for a true conservative party to emerge. The GOP can have the middle of the road, as most of us know that is a loosing proposition. With two to one odds in favor of conservatives I am VERY encouraged by the Largest and Fastest Growing 3rd Party in America, The Constitution Party.

Remember, voting for

Note: The Constitution Party of Tennessee has won a federal case against the State of Tennessee Regarding Ballot Access. This is the best time in history to take advantage of it. READ MORE HERE

6 thoughts on “Constitution Party of Tennessee: Splitting The Vote REALITIES

  1. Cody Quirk

    “…With two to one odds in favor of conservatives I am VERY encouraged by the Largest and Fastest Growing 3rd Party in America, The Constitution Party.”

    Uh, is this a accurate statement?

  2. JD

    No it is not. If conservatives outnumber liberals two to one then why did Romney lose by 5 million votes to Obama?

  3. JD

    That argument has been had before. The fact of the matter is, to our national detriment, the country is getting more left wing. If we exclude the Republicans from the conservative equation just because they selected Romney over Paul or Santorum or whoever you have to acknowledge that the gap is even larger.

    As a microcosm just look at Evansville, IN. The Democratic party is very strong here and always has been. The Republican party while always smaller was able to be competitive and win some races. Now people are leaving the party right and left while the Dems continue to grow. There are times when the Libertarians out pace the Republicans in meeting attendance.

    If there really are more conservatives than liberals then why did less than one million people vote for explicitly conservative candidates in the presidential election? I think the answer is that there just are not that many conservatives. People had ample opportunity to remove Romney and they didn’t take it. Was it fear? Real conservatives aren’t supposed to be afraid, right? Or was it that people genuinely like Romney better in that camp because they are at best right of center themselves?

  4. JD

    To clarify paragraph 3. I am speaking first about the general election with people such as Goode, Hoefling, and Tittle. I then allude to the fact that those voting in the Republican primaries did actually vote for the “liberal” Romney.

  5. Cody Quirk

    Hey Chris, I need to talk to you- hit me up on facebook, text, or via email when you can, please.

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